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  1. Ickelpete

    Friends "Controversy"

    My first thought on the new Friends line was that it was very similar to Polly Pocket in both scale and design. I am sure as the real target purchaser of this product is parents of girls between 6 and 12 it will sell very well. On a personal note I asked my daughter if she would like any of the Friends sets and she said no she did not want any however she is excited about the lord of the rings sets coming out next year, I am glad she does not fit the typical marketing stereotype!! PeterS
  2. Ickelpete

    20,000 Members!

    20000 members that is a great number, I can remember when we hit 1000 members that seemed massive. I joined after my dark ages and preferred Eurobricks over Lugnet as that was very American biased. I don't post as much as I used to but I still visit most days to see what is going on. Peter S
  3. Ickelpete

    Review: 8157 Ferrari F1 1:9

    Thanks for the great review I was wondering whether to get this now it has been reduced I might have to visit the Lego shop at the weekend
  4. Ickelpete

    8294 Technic Evacuator

    Great review It was good to see the instructions for adding the PF motors included. Although the only reason I bought this set was to get the Linear Actuators.
  5. Ickelpete

    TLC Customer service is really good

    I have always had great service from TLC. I once had a faulty part in a set that was no longer produced and they managed to replace it however the best deal i got was a free Darth Vader key ring with one of the replacement packs.
  6. Ickelpete

    VW Beetle

    This is a must buy for me I cant wait till it hits the shops
  7. Ickelpete

    Any Formula 1 racing fans out there?

    It was an amazing race the best so far this year Monaco is always exciting in the wet. I was really dissapointed when Sutil was shunted out finishes like that mean so much to the smaller teams it can be worth millions in sponsorship
  8. I will be there Monday I will drop in on the brickish display.
  9. Ickelpete

    GBC module: Ring with deer scarer

    Thats a great GBC module I really like the colour scheme Lets hope you get a video camera soon I would like to see some more film of this
  10. Ickelpete

    REVIEW: 8291 Dirt Bike

    Thanks for the Great review Sinner I like the Technic bikes I wonder how it would look if you replaced the gear on the back wheel with a smaller one?
  11. Ickelpete

    REVIEW: 8292 Cherry Picker

    Great review Sinner I bought this set a few weeks ago personally I prefer the alternative model of the flatbed truck.
  12. Ickelpete

    Fifties Modelteamsized truck

    Thats a great truck I quite like the colour scheme. *y* I would be interested to see how you did the steering it is not clear form the photos? Sorry to hear you broke a gear I have tried to build several models with the XL motor only to find it destroys itself if you get stuck on something the new motors definetly powerful.