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  1. JadeIceGreen

    Exhibition: Vestas cooperating with LEGO (Feb 2008)

    Damn, I was at Changi Airport 3 times in February, how did I miss this!
  2. JadeIceGreen

    WWII American Airborne Pathfinder

    Awesome work! This is one of the best custom minifigs I've ever seen!! The details that are found on this are simply superb.
  3. JadeIceGreen

    Fort Brighton East

    Magnificent! This is easily the best lego church I have seen in my life. And the fort is coming along very nicely too!
  4. JadeIceGreen

    Dutch VOC ship the Prins Willim, minifig scale!

    And update as often as you can! I bet many are checking this thread daily just to get a new glimpse of this beauty.
  5. JadeIceGreen

    Advanced Building Techniques

    This is crazy stuff.. Before this, I felt that my Lego skills were pretty decent but after viewing all this.. man.
  6. JadeIceGreen

    Super Brickbeard's Bounty

    This looks pretty good! I am looking forward to more updates!
  7. JadeIceGreen

    Presenting my current WIP: HMS Victory

    I just realized how big the ship is really going to be. The hull is already super amazing, but the structure on top of it is going to be even bigger and the mast, oh my goodness, how are you going to make that? This ship deserves to be traveling the world when its done, I really admire building skills like yourself and CGH has. Fantastic.
  8. JadeIceGreen

    MOC: Tug O' War

    What I love best about this MOC is the faces on the minifigs (esp the pirates!) and the way you did the cliffs. And bravo for the tiled water! Very creative effort.
  9. JadeIceGreen

    PC Game - Empire: Total War

    I've just played the demo too.. The naval battle was pretty awesome. As I have always been a fan of the total war series, I will be getting ETW, but having proper naval battles this time round is so exciting. Haha.
  10. JadeIceGreen

    2009 Sets Speculation

    I am hoping that lego will finally produce a decent Imperial Ship, at least comparable to the BB.
  11. JadeIceGreen

    REVIEW: 8397 Pirate Survival

    Is there a mistake here?
  12. JadeIceGreen

    How many rowing boats do you have?

    I have one red and one brown, a measly two.
  13. JadeIceGreen

    Your First Pirate Set!

    My first and only pirates set is the Imperial Outpost 6263 which I got in 1995. Sadly, it is now in pieces in my lego box.
  14. JadeIceGreen

    Presenting my current WIP: HMS Victory

    My goodness, that is just so awesome, the scale of that is incredible. I can't wait to see it finish!