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    Prussian Border Crossing

    thanks ill try make them 800 by 600
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    Prussian Border Crossing

    This is one of the first MOC Historical Buildings I made, so please comment on what could be done better (also my first post) Lego Reich is a small state which lies on a peninsula at the north of Germany. Its ethnicity is a mixture of Scandinavians (including Danes especially) and Germans. During the Middle Ages, Lego Reich fought with a skillfull, though small army, defending it from attackers both from Viking Norway and Germany. The unification of various Germanic states excluded Lego Reich, and the growing threat of Prussia was becoming a crucial danger to Lego Reich. Skillfully, the monarchs of Lego Reich held their status in Europe by negotiating with the Kaisers and Leaders of Germany. During World War One, Lego Reich kept itself out of the bloody conflict once again by means of diplomacy, but continuing disputes over trade lead to Germany declaring war on Lego Reich, invading it in the end of 1917. The war lasted for 5 months, but excellently deployed Lego Reich soldiers held off against a technologically superior enemy. A ceasefire was signed in May 1918, but there was no official peace agreement. Germany surrendered in November 1918, and Lego Reich soldiers began attacking Germany, moving 2km South of the Pre-war borderline, occupying what used to be a series of fortifications built by Prussia against Lego Reich. (Lego History continues) Prussian Border Crossing Here is part of a wall which was not demolished after World War One. It was abandoned to the forces of nature. Here are seen a platoon of Lego Reich Soldiers by the Prussian Border Crossing. The former border crossing between Prussia and Lego Reich The Weapons store for the soldiers, now just a home for plants and bikes German: Kingdom of Prussia. The signpost which once marked the limits of the German Empire. Something behind the gates!! It turns out to be an artillery emplacement. :D What I enjoy about these small dioramas is trying to make it show detail, because it is the small things which count as well. It would have been nice if I could have more pieces XD. (That is my grey lego gone :( ) Thanks for watching
  3. Hello from New Zealand. There is not a lot of Lego to buy here in New Zealand, and shipping is quite costly (an extra $20 than Australia, meaning $70 - $80 ) !. I have been building my lego with my brother for a near decade. I am sad to admit that at times I neglected it but now my Lego City is growing. (I hope to buy pieces online for the first time in the near future :) My favourite themes: Lego Pirates (for the soldiers), Lego City, Lego Castle/ Kingdoms....anything with historical soldiers I like.