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  1. Thanks for your kind words ! :classic:

    Great work. It's pretty similar to Bossk's who I think had the same inspiration as yours. Great work :wink: .

    Yes, Bossk and I exchange some ideas on my (French) Lego forum. It is useful to improve our MOC. :classic:

    Edit :

    Yes, the legs are already built. Here is a photo :


  2. EDIT :

    Professional building instruction available here :

    You can email me at



    Hi !

    Here is my second MOC : a UCS AT-TE.

    First, I must say that it is inspired from Reto Geiger's one, especially for the chassis. Nevertheless, there are a lot of modifications, to make the model as accurate as possible.

    6021211019_f78b40cd03_b.jpgUCS AT-TE by Anio, sur Flickr

    6021765400_53ca107517_b.jpgUCS AT-TE by Anio, sur Flickr

    6021211399_84b0af021e_b.jpgUCS AT-TE by Anio, sur Flickr

    The model is very big : 69cm long and about 3600 parts.

    The roof of the cockpit and the body can be opened to see the interior.

    6021212835_7155366329_b.jpgUCS AT-TE by Anio, sur Flickr

    6021767208_ccdf7bdcb8_b.jpgUCS AT-TE by Anio, sur Flickr

    6021213439_80f59f9d7c_b.jpgUCS AT-TE by Anio, sur Flickr

    2 more pics :

    6021211701_db678d77e1_b.jpgUCS AT-TE by Anio, sur Flickr

    6021212107_a33e2de12f_b.jpgUCS AT-TE by , sur Flickr

    A video to see the model in flesh :


    Instructions to come...

  3. That's a really good MOC!! I especially love the wings and the cockpit they are really well done. I reckon it could become a UCS because its that good. I think that the connection between the wings and the cockpit could be a little bigger but i couldnt make anything like that

    You are right. But I couldn't use Technic pin, like on the 10175. This kind of connection was too big.

    But with the brackets, it is quite strong (more than I tought). :)

    Very well done. I think the scale is perfect, the wings and the parts that connect them together are very well done. I think most of those parts can be found in the UCS Vader's TIE avanced set, so this would be a good sort of alternate model for that set.

    You are right too.

    I buy the parts I used for my TIE. Then, I will rebuild the 10175.

    The 2 big parts of the cockpit were very expensive... :cry_sad:

  4. Great work.

    I've taken the liberty of resizing the pics and added them as deeplinks.

    Also this has been indexed.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for even adding an instruction for this beauty :thumbup:

    Thanks a lot for your kind words. :sweet:

  5. An email from TLC, read on FBTB :

    Thank you for your interest in LEGO® brand toys. We are always delighted to hear from a loyal LEGO enthusiast.

    What a great debate!! I was so happy to review your email and be able to provide you with an official LEGO end to your LEGO Star Wars debate.

    The basic answer to your question is that only sets marked as "Ultimate Collector's Series" items are apart of the UCS. This does not necessarily mean they do or do not include a plaque or stand, it simply will say "Ultimate Collector's Series." In addition, we also have several sets that are collector

  6. Edit, fine, you win, ATOT is NOT UCS, even though lego made it, and sell it, and designed it, and put it in the UCS section of the website, and is supposed to be S@H, its still not UCS, you win, im done splitting hairs.

    This thread has become so anal.

    Lego designed the 10195 like a UCS. :thumbup:


    The section where the model is sold doesn't mean anything.

    Otherwise, 10144 is also UCS. -_-'

    So, 10195 is not UCS. :classic:

    Actually, the section on S@h regroups the Collector models.

    There is a difference between a Ultimate Collector model (13 models), and a Collector model (10188, 10144, 10195, 10186, 10178 and many others), even if they are sold in the same section on the website. ;)


    I agree with you : a UCS mustn't be a CW model. CW models are so boring. -_-

    I hope that LEGO comes to the fantastic idea to release a real UCS AT-AT in the correct minifigure scale like the Falcon.

    With the 10178, it seems to be impossible that TLC release a new AT-AT. :sadnew:

    Edit : the 10026 is AWESOME !!!! :D

  8. I read many discussions about the number of UCS. In my point of view, there are 13 UCS : 7181, 7191, 7194, 10018, 10019, 10026, 10129, 10030, 10134, 10143, 10174, 10175 and 10179.

    Sets like 10144, 10188, 10178 or 10186 (and may be some other sets) are juste Collector models. TLC also confirmed this list. I read it some days ago on FBTB. :classic:

  9. Thanks !

    The model is 1:28 scale. So the wing have the good size.

    For example, the true model is 6,3 meters long. My MOC is 28 studs long.

    And 28*0,8*28=6,27 meters.

    Actually, the cockpit is too high. But I can't build in an other way with the parts I use (especially the 2 big parts). :sceptic:

  10. EDIT :

    Professional building instruction available here :

    You can email me at



    Hi !

    I would like to present you my first MOC. It is a TIE Fighter UCS. :)

    6021707212_6183ce9975_b.jpgUCS TIE Fighter by Anio, sur Flickr

    6021707364_7e29f1669b_b.jpgUCS TIE Fighter by Anio, sur Flickr


    6021154153_f3d7a533d0_b.jpgUCS TIE Fighter by Anio, sur Flickr

    Interior :

    6021708388_3f615af135_b.jpgUCS TIE Fighter by Anio, sur Flickr

    The model is not that complex from a building techniques perspective.

    A short video :


    I hope you like. :)

    Stay tuned for my next UCS model ! :-)

  11. Hello

    I made this model last year. I hope you'll like it.

    One of my friends contacted you some weeks ago for you to add some photos of your MOC on BS. So, he can reproduce it. I follow his MOC...

    One day, I will reproduce it too. Sure. It so beautiful ! :cry_happy: