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  1. On 6/4/2020 at 3:05 AM, FX6000 said:

    It would be cool if LEGO decided to produce "color change kits" for their Ultimate series 

    Here you can see a lot of color variations:

    Those are some nice pictures.
    Could you use a couple of official pictures to make a Bright Light Orange version ?

    I think that could be nice looking.

  2. 1 hour ago, syclone said:

    Guess we as a community and consumers are the ones mainly at fault...


    And doing videos of unboxing saying "OMG this box is so beautiful" certainly doesn't improve the situation...

    I never care about the packaging of a set when I write a full review.

    No matter how great/poor the packaging of a product can be, it will never influence me in any way on how I rate the actual Lego model.

  3. 7 minutes ago, allanp said:

    What does make a big difference for me is to reduce the size of the pile of parts you are looking through at any one time by having more numbered bags. So instead of having 20 bags numbered 1 to 4, have 20 bags numbered 1 to 20. Basically, take the number of pieces in any given set, divide that number by around 200 or so, and that's the number the bags should go up to ideally.

    You forgot that, for most users, numbered bags works once only : when the set is new.
    Very few users unbuild their sets by taking the instructions backwards to get parts sorted like day 1.

    Not to mention that doing so is even more complicated in Technic than in any other theme. For example, sometimes you just can't pull out an axle the way you inserted it into several other elements of the build.

  4. Just now, LvdH said:

    It might not even be LEGO’s choice not to make a B model, but rather the brand’s (Land Rover, Ducati, Porsche) to not allow a B model. All of the non-licensed sets of 2020 had a B model.

    It may be a mutual agreement.

    An alternate model has always more compromises than the main model.

    On one hand, the brand is reluctant to have one of its designs too much compromised (even though sometimes they are totally ok with some silly issues ; who said Bugatti suspensions ?)
    And on the other hand, TLG is glad not to have to spend more ressource to release final product.

    Bingo ! No B model and everyone but the customer is happy. :D

  5. Hi guys !


    I just discovered that website :

    It is very obvious that all the plans they are (re)selling have been stolen from Lego fans.

    It was quite surprised to see that it is not a Chinese website but German...

    I sent a message to warn the owner and tell him what I think he is doing...

    May I ask you to take action on this so that this scam stops this situation immediatly.


    Thank you.