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  1. 24 minutes ago, Gumalca said:

    Right, there is nothing seen connecting the 11L liftarm. A half inserted axle might be still possible. Or it's a separate manual function, but that would be bad/sad.

    I don't think that will work. Does the hovercraft even have parts that only came in the osprey? It sure does not have tapered panels, curved tapered panels or rotor blades or any grey panels. And the rest of the orange panels is easy to retrieve elsewhere.

    The 11L black liftarm is used just to make sure that both engines always stay parallel.

    And I think that each engine is moved left/right thanks to the 3L black beam below (which can be part 32526 or 60484 for example).

  2. 2 hours ago, NKubate said:

    I know exactly what is properly designed and built and what is not, either when structures are not properly braced or when "illegal" principles are used which put unnecessary stress on elements. I put a lot of effort in making sure everything is close to TLG standard [...] But this is not something that is appreciated and noticed when I present my models. All that matters is that it looks great. This is not motivating.

    Let's be honnest : most people and Lego fans just lack the knowledge and skill to appreciate that kind of aspect of a (lego) design.

    We have been discussing this like 1000 times by email. I mean, just look at the comments we can read about the comparison between MOCs and official products...

  3. 26 minutes ago, rm8 said:

    Rear blue soft axle is 11 or 12. Roof pillar black axle is 14 or 16.


    Look at the right rear wheel. It is connected with brown axle. All brown axles are with stop. In the model stop end is inside, and you can't insert such axle in differential. So....model is driven only rear left wheel. It is 4x1 ultimate track car without differential.

    Enjoy the technic, authenticity. Build for real

    It is not reddish brown.
    It is classic red.

    You're welcome.

  4. I bought a copy, built the model and wrote a review of the Osprey :


    I gotta say, now that I have built it, I am very sceptical about all this shitstorm about 42113.

    It would make a lot of sense that TLG didn't cancel that model because of the military BS but because TLG found out very late in the process that the product has a very major design flaw in its core. And so took advantage of the situation to cancel the launch of the product.

    Redesigning and providing customer service for such a product would have been VERY complicated and VERY expensive. Analysing the product to come up with a fix matching Lego building standards, bringing home all sets already shipped, opening boxes, adding extra parts to fix the set, redoing instructions, reprinting them, maybe redoing box design, updating the production lines. And also all costs related to communication about this mess.
    Not to mention that the product would have been delayed a lot to get fixed and relaunched properly.

    Full cancel plain and simple was the simplest way to go.

    @Huw Millington

  5. 30 minutes ago, kbalage said:

    if TLG starts to develop a replacement today then we can have it on shelves in August 2021.

    They could release a replacement set in August 2021.
    But the August 2021 set designs are about to be finished now (August 2020). Adding a 130€ set in the lineup is not a small move (like removing a 130€ set in August 2020 set lineup) . And I doubt they will update the whole lineup to integrate another set.
    So, if a replacement had to be, I'd say 2022.