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  1. 8 hours ago, jdubbs said:

    Man, you sure can hold a grudge.

    A grudge about what ?

    11 hours ago, Mandalorianknight said:

    What specifically do you dislike about the design?

    11 hours ago, Flawless Cowboy said:

    Almost no one was or is complaining about the design of the actual set, if anything the only issue people had was that they wished they got a minifig-scaled version but that’s far too small to receive a UCS treatment

    You guys need to get beyond Eurobricks and Instragram sometimes.

    The side gates angle do not match the angle of the rear body which makes like a random MOC found on Brickshelf :

    Some gaps are filled in a way that is not even close to what a 4+ City product would achieve :

    The top of the side bay has some terrible stair effect. How hell that thing made it on the final product ?

    The small yellow details next to the cockpit are stickers. They could totally be made out of bricks.

    The "forhead" of the ship is plain ridiculous with 2 huge white 6x6 tiles. So much for the "UCS" label :

    The black stand is a joke (nothing to do with minifigs which I don't care much about)

    The model is structurally weak. If you handle it, some parts will fall off inside the "big slope"

    The 4L missile launchers are undersized. And worse,they lack details, textures.

    The launchers cones are blocky AF, which is beyond terrible :

    The wings are huge but have virtually no details to offer. Just loooooong and big plates.

    The greebling in the laser turret are hilarious. They are made of 7 parts ROFL :

    The only thing that is worth the UCS treatment is essentially the panels under the wings. They truly have a perfect adjustment : and

    People are dazzled with 75309 because the Republic Gunship a beloved ship, and because 75309 is big.
    But from a Lego perspective, it is quite a poor design, with very little details to offer and meh finish compared to its size.

  2. Hello !!

    The instructions for the UCS Desert Skiff are finally available !

    Frousmoul did it like he did before. And so, the instruction comes with modular build, detailed steps, inventory and UCS sticker.





    A few more pics :

    As always, we ask a symbolic price - 10€ - for these instructions. However, if you want to give more to encourage our work, you are welcome. :)

    You can reach me by PM on EB, but also on Youtube, FlickR or Rebrickable (I also uploaded the MOC there). Or even better and simpler : email me directly at

    If you reproduce the model, do not hesitate to share some pictures. :)


  3. I'm a bit into UCS. Three things come to my mind with your stickers :

    - make STAR WARS (and maybe the rest of the writing) a bit closer to the upper edge

    - clean the reflection on the windscreen to make the model look more sharp

    - print on a glossy paper

  4. 7 hours ago, R0Sch said:

    The Defender also had the gears reversed especially the hi and low shifter. Had to cut the sticker in half and aply them reversed to fix it. Basically all Technic sets have the ratios wrong since they make the engine run faster in higher gears instead of the other way around.

    Ok, I get what you mean. The sticker causes the trouble.

    As I do not apply the stickers, the model just feels correct in my eye. I just consider the DNR lever to work the other way, and the ratios of the gearing are correct (except for reverse).

  5. 16 minutes ago, kbalage said:

    About the gearbox, I think neutral is actually meant to be between the 1st and the 2nd gears, as the set seems to stick to TLG's reversed concept of "gears" when a higher gear means the engine runs faster... This was the case with the sets in the previous years, I don't think they suddenly changed it :)

    I was feeling a bit lonely here... Finally someone who pointed out this very major flaw.

    Neutral is obviously between 1st and 2nd, like real bikes. And starting from neutral, 1st gear is when you push the lever down, like real bikes as well. Then twice up to get 2nd gear, then once up to finally get 3rd gear.

    But ratios are wrong. Not to mention that on my model 3rd gear tends to crack if I drive the bike just a bit too fast.

    All in all, this bike is the new Porsche 42056, but with 2 wheels only. :-/


    edit : previous setS ? I can only think of 42056 that got the ratios wrong.

  6. 2 hours ago, Brikkyy13 said:

    A lot of the people who had review copies definitely would have picked up on that being illegal.

    I saw it when I built the model but didn't mention it in my review as I considered it was kinda irrelevant for most Lego fans.
    I will report it to TLG though. Doubt they will update the product, but well, we never know...

  7. 33 minutes ago, Gray Gear said:

    A design where nothing is left to take away also has no strength to spare. Once you surpass the planned load by just a little it can break. Modular design is nice, but it can also cause weakpoints where the model can flex or even break.

    You missed my point.

    A design that is so "optimised" that it would have weak poinst would just not be optimised.

  8. 3 hours ago, nerdsforprez said:

    And I believe you mean "complex" in positive overtones and "complicated" in negative.  Is this correct? 

    It is correct.

    I see that modularity is being discussed a lot with supercars in mind. But it can be achieved in virtually all kind of vehicle.

    I generally tend to disagree with the statement that modularity adds parts and make the build more dense. I actually think the opposite.

    When properly achieved, the modularity streamlines the working and the engineering in the model. Cause you can't make nice modularity if your modules are a mess.

    I may sound like a broken record, but I think that modularity is one of the aspect of simplexity. Simplexity is sometimes mindblowing. Sometimes, a few liftarms can achieve beautiful results (doors of Lambo Sian 42115 for example). I think it is fascinating how a complex thing can be achieved with so little because the builder found the perfect part adjustement and removed everything that was superfluous. Sometimes, I am litterally out of words when I have that perfect engineering feeling.

    Recently, I built the Elf Club House 10275. I just couldn't believe how the designer deconstructed the various steps of the wafles dispenser mechanism with just some boring tiles...

    Antoine de Saint Exupery said : "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing left to take away".