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  1. 1 hour ago, Jockos said:

    why Technic can't make models with 4500-5000 parts.

    Because designers didn't need such a piece count for the products they developped so far.

    I asked this question to Markus back in 2019 (designer of 42100). Designers have no limitation in piece count for products.
    If they need 5000 parts for a product some day, they will go for 5000 parts.

    The only limit may be the system itself : when you come to huge models, you face the limits of the system. Friction between gears, structural issues, limits of linear actuator, etc.

    Let's no forget that they are just plastic elements, first made for kids.

  2. Hi there !

    It took quite some time but the instructions for my UCS Rey's Speeder are finally available.

    It is quite an unsual build, and Leewan did a great job to make these instructions.




    The instructions feature detailed steps, modular build, inventory and UCS sticker.

    The price of the instructions is 30€.

    You can buy it directly to me by sending me an email ( ), or you can go on Rebrickable :

    Do not hesitate to share pictures if you add this baby to your collection. ;)

  3. Hello,

    The instructions for my UCS TIE Silencer are finally available thanks to Leewan.





    The instructions feature detailed steps, profesional renders, modular build and the UCS sticker.

    The instruction is for sale at 30€.

    You can find it on Rebrickable :

    You can also buy it directly to me by reaching me by email at

    Do not hesitate to share pictures if you add that model to your collection. :-)

  4. On 1/29/2024 at 5:20 PM, Yperio_Bricks said:

    Looks like two 10x10 square nets connected with strings with a stud on each end.

    They are indeed.
    Both are connected with a string snaking so as to make a 10x19 net.

  5. Hello !

    Professional building instructions are finally available for my UCS Jedi Interceptors. Leewan helped me on that project. And hopefully we will work together to make more projects soon. :)

    The instructions are available for the yellow, dark red and dark green versions. Each instructions comes at 30€.

    Professional renders, modular build, detailed steps, and sticker are included in the PDF.

    You can purchase the instructions on Rebrickable, or directly to me by reaching me out by email at









    Hopefully you like it. :)

  6. 1 hour ago, R0Sch said:

    I disagree. Here are the most expensive Technic elements sorted from highest to lowest from B&P's:

    No offense, but you kinda make my point.
    A - the price of B&P is not so relevant

    B- eventhough the value were relevant, these parts have little value compared to PU element (about 20 or 25€ per element)

  7. 4 hours ago, R0Sch said:

    Here is a quick and dirty summary of price/gramm for all Technic sets from 42000 to 42158 based on the part weights taken from brickmerge (don't know how accurate those are).

    Very interesting study.
    However, I think that the weight and the approx value of electronic parts (motors, hubs) should be deducted from the total weight and the price so as to truly calculate the value of plastic.

    To some extend, the same should be done with pneumatic parts (cylinders, pumps, switchs) as they are expensive parts.

  8. 3 hours ago, R0Sch said:

    Btw, you can get the 41.2g mass of the counterweight elements with a higher density plastic. My guess is they are not made of ABS (since lacking the typical LEGO shine) but made of PA or PC.

    Compared to regular Lego parts, they also have poor quality.
    If you look closely, you will see some misalignment when they are stacked.

    This makes me believe that the production of these counterweight parts might be outsourced. Pretty much like electric motors (PF, PU).

  9. 19 minutes ago, nerdsforprez said:

    There is no way this thing was ever going to appear like the real thing (in scale only) unless it were a totally different scale.  Can you imagine if this thing were to even remotely resemble the real thing, scale-wise?  I think we would be looking at a $1200-1500 price tag instead.

    Note that by being the same size but much thinner, the set could have resemble the real LR 13000.

    There is plenty of empty space in 42146 which makes me believe that it could have been the same size, but correctly scaled.


    Not to mention that if you go for a thinner design, you can also go for smaller motors, etc.

  10. 3 hours ago, Mr Ogel said:

    according to stonewars it is a "photoshopped improvement" of a lifestyle picture in the media kit so they will be definitely dbg


    Someone thought it was relevant to make a full article on that matter while you can see on official pictures that it is clearly DBG. 3.jpg