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  1. Anio

    UCS TIE Silencer

    Hello, The instructions for my UCS TIE Silencer are finally available thanks to Leewan. The instructions feature detailed steps, profesional renders, modular build and the UCS sticker. The instruction is for sale at 30€. You can find it on Rebrickable : You can also buy it directly to me by reaching me by email at Do not hesitate to share pictures if you add that model to your collection. :-)
  2. Anio

    UCS Rey's Speeder

    They are indeed. Both are connected with a string snaking so as to make a 10x19 net.
  3. Anio

    UCS Jedi Interceptor

    Hello ! Professional building instructions are finally available for my UCS Jedi Interceptors. Leewan helped me on that project. And hopefully we will work together to make more projects soon. :) The instructions are available for the yellow, dark red and dark green versions. Each instructions comes at 30€. Professional renders, modular build, detailed steps, and sticker are included in the PDF. You can purchase the instructions on Rebrickable, or directly to me by reaching me out by email at Hopefully you like it. :)
  4. So, year 2023, with "Liebherr" 42146, would be the best Technic year ever ? That's a good one !
  5. No offense, but you kinda make my point. A - the price of B&P is not so relevant B- eventhough the value were relevant, these parts have little value compared to PU element (about 20 or 25€ per element)
  6. Nah. They don't change the value that much. I mean, compared to electric parts.
  7. Very interesting study. However, I think that the weight and the approx value of electronic parts (motors, hubs) should be deducted from the total weight and the price so as to truly calculate the value of plastic. To some extend, the same should be done with pneumatic parts (cylinders, pumps, switchs) as they are expensive parts.
  8. Compared to regular Lego parts, they also have poor quality. If you look closely, you will see some misalignment when they are stacked. This makes me believe that the production of these counterweight parts might be outsourced. Pretty much like electric motors (PF, PU).
  9. Note that by being the same size but much thinner, the set could have resemble the real LR 13000. There is plenty of empty space in 42146 which makes me believe that it could have been the same size, but correctly scaled. Not to mention that if you go for a thinner design, you can also go for smaller motors, etc.
  10. And each copy will sell for 2000€ like 42113.
  11. It's because it is postponed once again.
  12. Anio

    [MOC] UCS Harrower-Class Dreadnought

    Nice model. A fly kinda likes it too. :) Would have love to have a few pics of the internal structure. :)
  13. Ok. I will try to report that to TLG when I review this product (my copy should be on its way soon btw).