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    I don't like the blue color. But the way you built your MOC is very very impressive ! The shape is juste perfect !
  2. Very good explantion. That's exacly what I meaned. Can you explain your calculation ? On my 8258, it is a bit different. I may have put the gears in a position a little different. Actually, when the first axle is straight, the second is straight too. But my second axle turns more on the left than on the right.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I think it was possible to do something better.
  4. Look, there is no U-joint. PS : thanks @ Seb from SeTechnic.
  5. No, that's not what I mean. The first axle turn more than the second one. That's ok, it is normal on a truck. What I say is that the second axle turn more on the left than on the right. That is due to the fact that there is only 12t/20t, which make a gap equivalent to a half tooth. On the contrary, on the 8421 there is 20t/12t, AND THEN 16t/16t on the first axle. So, there ins't this gap. PS : sorry for the mistakes. But these explanations are technical, so it is quite hard for me to write right sentences.
  6. When I look at the photos, the gear seems to be 1:1 in both mechanism (there are only 16t). So, I would say 26,5 rounds.
  7. That is true for the rear outriggers. The front outriggers are as strong as those of the 8289. So, they work quite well, even if they don't raise up the truck.
  8. That's a very good idea. But may be very though to build. :/ That's right for the rear outriggers. On the contrary, the front ones are more "hard" to move, to go beyond the retreat point (sorry, I'm not sure that "retreat point" is the good word in English).
  9. You are totally right ! The fourth and last default is with the steering wheels. Actually, because of 12t/20t, the parallelism of the wheels is not perfect. But it is still a great model !!!
  10. It is easy to make full motorized outriggers if they are like 8421, or even 8460. But those of the 8258 are very different : there is 2 different moves to make them down. Not to mention I have never seen (MOCs or official sets) a mechanism at the end of a telescopic part that can be controlled from the chassis.
  11. But IMO it is not doable in the 8258 scale (with a nice design I mean). And having the controls on the turret is not more fun than how the 8258 is. :/ The best would be to have all the controls on the truck. But that's not possible. :s
  12. There is already 2 axle through the turntable. So, a third one can't go trough anymore. Ans so, winch or telescoping can not be motorized.
  13. => And I'm sorry but I can't explain my feelings as you may be able to do since I'm French. (I speak English so so ) That's the reason why my explaination are short. But as I wrote above, you are welcome to use a translator on my website. There is a very comprehensive review. So, as Parax explained, and as I tried to do, it can not be denied that this set has many defaults. It doesn't deserve 4,5/5. It's that simple.
  14. Parax, you seem to know what a true Lego Technic and a true review are. Congratulations.
  15. That's a big mistake. The reviewer must be objective. The reviewer mustn't be beating about the bush : if the model is bad, he must say it and explain why. Same thing if the model is good. Many other sets are "reviewed". I just let you use a translator. ;) You add the poll only to have a clear conscience. Because mathematically (I would even say statistically), such a poll always reveals a average mark between 3,5 or 4,5. These polls are definitely not relevant.
  16. Yeah, I totally agree with this. A review can be informative (even if a critical one is better ) But if you do such a review, please, do not give a stupid mark in the end of the review... Because if there are marks, the review is no more informative, but critical.
  17. The 8263 is a 590 part set. And you gave 9/10. Well. Now, let's find a set which is as big as this snow groomer. Hum... I'm thinking. The 8459 ! It is a 582 part set. This model is absolutely perfect. All the functions are perfect. And the design too. And that's the reason why it has been produced while several years (from 97 to 2004, trough 3 refs). So, this set can get 9/10 (I'm not sure for 10/10, it is may be not perfect enough ^^) Now I ask you : Does your snow groomer deserve 9/10 compared to the 8439 ? And so, if you still give 9/10 to the 8263, which mark get the 8439 ? 13/10 ? 14/10 ? That's to say that like many models on EB, your 8263 is amply over marked with 9/10.
  18. I explain with few words : -colors : too much different colors. it is striking. and the chassis is not yellow enough. -linear actuator is missused. the tan 20t is too hard to turn -the steering is too hard too, and not so efficient (with 20t/12t, it would have work better, thanks to the reduction) -the outriggers : mecanism is just stupid. -_- And when outrigger are up, the chimney is not right ; it is ugly) -the design of the chassis is very bad and don't enable to put a decent mechanism for the outriggers. Besides, I had a discussion with Nathanaël Kuipers a few months ago, a very famous former Lego designer (you know him, isn't it ?). We talked about several Lego things. And for 8295, even if he is not the designer of this model, he exactly said : "I didn't have a good experience when I build this model". Full interview in French there : and on the next page.
  19. Whatever you say, it is just impossible that the 8295 get 9/10 (4,5/5). This very very good mark is only for awesome sets. And awesome sets are scarce (may be something like 7 or 8 models in the past 10 years). 8295 is not among these sets. But well, well, well. Keep on posting your reviews. But do not forget to PM me when someone give 9/10 to the 8274 or the 8289. It will be so hilarious, that I want to read it ! PS : I laughed a lot when I see the 9/10 for the snow groomer !
  20. IMO, on the contrary, a review must be critical. It is very important to say what is good on the set, and what is bad. And that for design, functions, and playability. When I read EB reviews, I could think that all the models are terrific, which absolutely wrong. Besides, I don't want to be pretentious, but I have been told many times that the reviews on my website are relevant (certainely because I'm critical).
  21. A review ? What for ? Almost all the models on EB get 8/10, 9/10 or 10/10. A mark is between 0 and 10. So, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (I don't think that a set can get 0) are possible marks. Why are they never used on EB ? (please, do not tell me that all the Lego sets are excellent ). Actually, many of the EB members don't seem to know what is the true purpose of a review. :/ The purpose of a review is not to write a text that TLC enjoy. Unless you get grant from the Company ? O_o
  22. and my next message just below.
  23. May be you are right. But members have to be objective when they write a review. Otherwise, it is useless, and even deceptive for the one who wants to buy the set !! Giving 4,5 to such a model is just nonsense !! 4,5 is a mark for awesome models, such as 8480, 8421, and probably 8258. On my website, I did many reviews. And I think that I'm objective (I try to be, at least). For example, #10143, #8289, #8274 or #8386 don't deserve more than 2/5, for several reasons. And sometimes, B-model get 1/5 (8274-B, 8275-B, etc). A review must be written to inform people in an objective way. Otherwise, it is useless.
  24. The 8295 has a very good inventory. That's all. The model is not playable at all. Steering and the mechanism with the linear actuator don't work well. The mecanism for the outriggers is quite useless (definitely ugly). 8295 is among the worst sets that TLC released. And no comment about the colors. It looks like a Christmas tree (I don't know if this translation is right ; but in French, it is an expression we use ^^ ). As a conclusion, I see that, ONCE AGAIN, models are simply over marked on Eurobricks. -_-'