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  1. Anio

    Small X-Wing diorama

    Yeah, the X Wing is beautiful. It looks a bit like the one we can see at the end of the Visual Dictionnary. :)
  2. Anio

    My street so far...

    Jasper, you should consider to build some of your Modular Houses with Lego Factory. Maybe your MOCs will appeal to TLG... ;) (like the Market street)
  3. Anio

    My street so far...

    This diorama is just PERFECT ! You are very skilled ! I love it so much !! :cry_happy: This is may be the best MOC with modular houses ever !
  4. I have the model. I would like to add a few comments. When the arms behind the tractor are down, the hinge (middle of the set) can't move anymore. So, The tractor can't steer. The tractor don't have a 5.5 axis anymore, at the back. So, you can't put the tool of the 8284 which have a 4L U joint. Indeed, you need a 3L U joint. Unfortunately, this part is not supplied, and not yet very common (2007). The chassis of the trailer could have been designed in order to add the kit 8293. I afford to give you the link of my video :
  5. I disagree. These two sentences don't make sense ! First you say that even if the Technic theme is not profitable, it won't be discotinued. Then, you say that a model can't be produced if there isn't enough people to buy it. IMO, Lego Technic is like the other themes : it has to be profitable. If it is not the case for several years, I would not be surprised that TLG decide to stop the theme. And that don't prevent TLG from using Technic parts in others themes.
  6. TLC do not want to produce Technic sets with studful (and so 10 year old sets), because studful parts are much more expensive thant stuless parts. That's why TLC produce only studless Technic sets now. And also because it enables to make sets which are much more complex.
  7. Anio

    Review: 6210 Jabba's Sail Barge

    This set is great. The review too.
  8. I like your MOC. Especially the mecanism with the rack (a bit like 8868)
  9. Anio

    Playability vs Accuracy

    UCS powaaaaaaaaa !
  10. Among the UCS, the 10134 is absent. It isn't even included in another section.
  11. But when you are an AFOL, you shouldn't aims at making business. The idea of creating a MOC in order to eventually get money strikes me. That's all. The best reward for a MOC is the comments that other AFOLs will post, or other people will tell you during a meeting. But it is certainly not the money you can get from your MOC. O_o
  12. Yeah, he will probably rebuild it in a couple of weeks... Thus, I assume he sells his Lamborghini only to make money. I really don't like this idea...
  13. Anio


    It is big, and so, it is impressive. But IMHO, it lacks a lot of finesse.
  14. Anio

    Motorized Walking AT-TE?

    Woo, waht a mod !! That's normal. AT-TE is a 6 leg walker whereas AT-AT is only a 4 leg walker. As a consequence, it is easier to have smooth moves, since you always have at least 3 legs on the ground. ;)
  15. Not sure ; you still need a battery box.
  16. There is no diff. We can see a black 12t on the right wheel.
  17. The extras are not exactly the same in all the boxes. When I built my MF 10179, I had many extras :
  18. I don't know exactly, but : Those price may have change a bit since we haven't updated them for several months. Now, the pneumatics may cost about 7,5€. The LA is still about 4€, I think.
  19. Studless is far away better than studful, excepted for very large models such as cranes which need rigidity. Call Lego Direct. Then, you will see that the pneumatics are twice as much expensive than the LA. ;) And contrary to LA, pneumatics must be "airtight".
  20. Anio

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle

    OMG ! I discoverd this topic a few minutes ago after reading the frontpage. I'm pleased to see that some people like my MOCs. Then, I read the latest page... I'm very touched by your words...
  21. Anio

    Ar Sparfel is on Eurobricks

    Salut touwa !
  22. On my 8258, the axle used to slide down. To fix the problem, I add the same parts.
  23. And what the Europeans should say about the prices on s@h ?