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  1. How much time do you think it will take ? O_o (and many hundreds of hours did you spent to disassemble all the sets and to sort all the parts ?) One whole year ? ^^ Because you may have more than 100 sets... OMG, I would die if I had to do this.
  2. Anio

    Flickr update

    I love your A-Wing and your Snowspeeder ! They really look like mini UCS ! I remember someone did a very similar blue A-Wing. Maybe it was you. ^^
  3. Anio

    MOC: Venator Star Destroyer

    Five months ago, I wrote that : So, here it is ! I still need some parts. But nothing very important. I assume that many people plan to reproduce it. Here is the partlist : And the instruction should be available very soon.
  4. Anio

    REVIEW : Boba Fett Maquette

    I love all of these maquettes !
  5. If the excavator uses 3 channels, it won't work well with the 8275.
  6. Don't worry, here they are (I had saved the images on my laptop) : I agree with Zbjl's comment. Otherwise : For the tracks of the excavator : is it a tan 20t does we can see on the chassis ? EDIT : on the box, it seems there are arrows to drive the model. /EDIT No motor on the mobile crane ! That's good ! Like the models in the 90's ! :p I just hop it is not a 8295 like. -_- The Ampliroll truck : only 2 features (steering and dumper) ? But the design seems to be very nice ! PS : sorry for the mistakes in my post. :-s
  7. If all of it is true, it will probably be a great set. :) It were even better if tracks were motorized (with a subtractor ).
  8. Strange. Pithivier is French and so he is on my forum. He presented us his Case Excavator. But he didn't told us that TLG hired him. I will contact him. :) edit : done. I keep you informed.
  9. On my website I've got the 3 books. And none of them is a scan. I Hope it helps you.
  10. I like it ! Is there any vehicle (car, truck, dragster, or anything else) which have that kind of engine ?
  11. Anio

    UCS sets

    IMO, the MF 10179 is UCS, and the DS is a big play set.
  12. Anio

    UCS sets

    It is a play set, don't you think ?
  13. Good idea. :) Otherwise, you give it for free. And you write in the instruction that you spent a lot of time to do it. So, you would appreciate to get a "reward" with your paypal account. People give what they want. So, everybody can get it. And those who think that this work deserve a "reward" can give some money. For example, 2 years ago I built the FSB002. Instruction was free. I was willing to give money to Fivestarbrick (the one who did the instruction). Unfortunately, I never managed to contact him. I think it is a good compromise.
  14. But I think that the one who do an instruction should be glad to give it. It is sad to see that today we have to pay for everything we get. :(
  15. Yeah, but this kind of request is just stupid. You can ask to have fair prices (example : on Klocki : right prices for right builders), but it is nonsense to ask a 10179 for $20. -_- That is your honor. But if it becomes a financial problem, just don't do it anymore ! ;) Moreover, it does not concern me, but it is hard to believe that you have financial problems with the large quantity of sets you have (all the Technic sets, I guess it worth more than $10000). ;) That means that if you have money you have time, and if you don't have money, you don't have time. Strange, isn't it ? ;) You get recognition. By far the most important, IMO.
  16. Absolutely right ! I designed two UCS MOCs. I spent many hours. Oxycrest, a friend, spent at least twice as much time to make a professional intructions : his instructions are like TLG's one. And we never have had the idea to force people to pay to get these instructions... (we haven't even discuss about this possibility) I really can't understand... Unless you prefer money than recognition... That's just sad...
  17. OMFG !! People have to pay to get the instructions... ??!? @_@ Lego community is strange...
  18. Anio

    Motorized Walking AT-TE?

    Sorry but... what is it ?!
  19. Anio

    Motorized Walking AT-TE?

    EB is a forum about Lego. Were are the Lego in the mechanism of your AT-TE ? O_o
  21. Anio

    Reproducing a SW MOC - my experience (part 1)

    I apologize in advance for the "spam", but it will be available on my website for a while ( ).
  22. Anio

    Reproducing a SW MOC - my experience (part 1)

    I'm very happy to see your reproduction ! And thanks for all your compliments. I am very flattered. edit : I told Oxycrest you reproduced the TIE with his building instruction. He was very happy, and he thanks you for building it. ;)
  23. Something interesting for the MOCers : the new tile 2x4. :) edit : actually, it is not a new part. Sorry.
  24. Anio

    Millenium Falcon...

    Here is my answer to the question asked in the thread : Why don't you build it yourself ? O_o Moreover, 5 MF in 10 years (7190, 4504, 4488, 7778, 10179), with various sizes, isn't it enough ? edit : I love 7778 too. It looks like a mini UCS.