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  1. It is virtually the same transmission as the Chiron. The 2 main gear differences are close to the differential and just a bit before the engine.
  2. On my model, push right = upshift, and push left = downshift. Not sure that reversing the whole thing by a simple mistake is possible though. Don't you think that a mistake when calculating the gear ratios is more likely ?
  3. 42110 gearbox is correct. Just the sticker is wrong.
  4. They do. You have to call Customer Service. If necessary, provide a couple of pictures as proof.
  5. And yet, it works so, so much better... It is the same. But it is not.
  6. Chiron 42083 was no different. I think it is a very clever trick from a design perspective. If you are looking for an exact/accurate replica of the real gearbox of the real car, then Lego is not the right place to look for. And it has never been for any vehicle. Not to mention that Sian gearbox works so nicely. With all gears you can see, you can hear. You can even feel how the transmission reacts when you push the car by hand. Considering it as a Lego model, it is a trully a piece of art regarding engineering. Not to mention all the other features of the car. They are very well designed too. The last time I got so impressed with a Technic Supercar was with Nathanel Kuipers' Predator.
  7. It is a review in which, for example, the reader knows if the car has 7 or 8 gears when he is done reading it.
  8. If you want a real review of the Lamborghini Sian :
  9. Those are some nice pictures. Could you use a couple of official pictures to make a Bright Light Orange version ? I think that could be nice looking.
  10. Today, all big sets come with numbered bags.
  11. Or maybe TLG finally figured out that most motorisable sets with 8293 were silly when not motorized ? Pointless gearboxes in many sets : 42039, 9395, 8053, 42029, 42068, 42000.
  12. Anio

    [MOC] UCS Harrower-Class Dreadnought (WIP)

    75252 structure is both very strong and light.
  13. Anio

    [MOC] UCS Harrower-Class Dreadnought (WIP)

    If I were you, i'd take inspiration on 75252 structure. It is really well thought out.
  14. Apparently, Lego gave up on that possibility for several years.
  15. Definitely. And doing videos of unboxing saying "OMG this box is so beautiful" certainly doesn't improve the situation... I never care about the packaging of a set when I write a full review. No matter how great/poor the packaging of a product can be, it will never influence me in any way on how I rate the actual Lego model.
  16. You forgot that, for most users, numbered bags works once only : when the set is new. Very few users unbuild their sets by taking the instructions backwards to get parts sorted like day 1. Not to mention that doing so is even more complicated in Technic than in any other theme. For example, sometimes you just can't pull out an axle the way you inserted it into several other elements of the build.
  17. Doubt it. That color is too sharp. Metallic Gold (Bricklink name) is more likely.
  18. Debating on who designed what set according to the color of the set, wow, it's been a while I didn't read such BS. Thanks for that. It was refreshing.
  19. No new part here. 29120+29119.