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  1. Great model, really. Clever idea to perfectly reuse 10317 inventory, and very clean design. It can't be any better.
  2. Anio

    [MOC] MS-FS01: Flight Sentinel

    I like it. :) It totally reminds me of Jehuty.
  3. A grudge about what ? You guys need to get beyond Eurobricks and Instragram sometimes. The side gates angle do not match the angle of the rear body which makes like a random MOC found on Brickshelf : Some gaps are filled in a way that is not even close to what a 4+ City product would achieve : The top of the side bay has some terrible stair effect. How hell that thing made it on the final product ? The small yellow details next to the cockpit are stickers. They could totally be made out of bricks. The "forhead" of the ship is plain ridiculous with 2 huge white 6x6 tiles. So much for the "UCS" label : The black stand is a joke (nothing to do with minifigs which I don't care much about) The model is structurally weak. If you handle it, some parts will fall off inside the "big slope" The 4L missile launchers are undersized. And worse,they lack details, textures. The launchers cones are blocky AF, which is beyond terrible : The wings are huge but have virtually no details to offer. Just loooooong and big plates. The greebling in the laser turret are hilarious. They are made of 7 parts ROFL : The only thing that is worth the UCS treatment is essentially the panels under the wings. They truly have a perfect adjustment : and People are dazzled with 75309 because the Republic Gunship a beloved ship, and because 75309 is big. But from a Lego perspective, it is quite a poor design, with very little details to offer and meh finish compared to its size.
  4. I can see you are struggling; Here is a hint : the model is ugly.
  5. With the image I could get, it seems that the UCS X-Wing is using part 68327 to make the engine air intakes.
  6. Anio

    [MOC] UCS Cloud Car

    Oh my godness. Guybrush is back.
  7. Much better indeed. The design has more flow now.
  8. I sense the Grohl style in these builds. :o
  9. Anio

    Scale Model - Neuschwanstein Castle

    So much dedication to reach such a result. :O You nailed it !
  10. Agreed. It is the first thing that came to my mind.
  11. That's the next level of Lego Supercar. Sad (but understandable) that it goes with a chinese toy manufacturer.
  12. Anio

    UCS Desert Skiff

    EDIT Professional instruction now available for sale : SCROLL DOWN ! You can email me at /EDIT Hi, This won't be a crazy UCS model. But well, I had fun doing it. And I think the final result is reasonnably interesting considering the original model. So I thought it was well worth to show it to you. Here : UCS Desert Skiff by Anio, sur Flickr Some close up shots. I like the rear section. It was the trickiest part of the model. It had to be a stable build and as round as possible. UCS Desert Skiff by Anio, sur Flickr Of course, the plank can retract : And as always, the UCS sticker : It has 615 parts. I also did a video to show the model : As I said, nothing fancy with that model. But I still like it when I compare it to the real Desert Skiff. Edit : FlickR gallery : Brickshelf gallery :
  13. Very nice. 42144 has a lot of potential. Pretty much like a universal kit.
  14. Hopefully next time it won't be a bad surprise.
  15. Anio

    UCS Desert Skiff

    Hello !! The instructions for the UCS Desert Skiff are finally available ! Frousmoul did it like he did before. And so, the instruction comes with modular build, detailed steps, inventory and UCS sticker. A few more pics : As always, we ask a symbolic price - 10€ - for these instructions. However, if you want to give more to encourage our work, you are welcome. :) You can reach me by PM on EB, but also on Youtube, FlickR or Rebrickable (I also uploaded the MOC there). Or even better and simpler : email me directly at If you reproduce the model, do not hesitate to share some pictures. :) Anio
  16. I can barely see if there are any Lego parts under all those stickers.
  17. Thanks. It was one month ago. Here is the link for those who want to have a look. @Jim Are you sure ? I mean, postponing a flaship is quite a big move for the Technic line.
  18. Anio

    Custom UCS Stickers

    I'm a bit into UCS. Three things come to my mind with your stickers : - make STAR WARS (and maybe the rest of the writing) a bit closer to the upper edge - clean the reflection on the windscreen to make the model look more sharp - print on a glossy paper
  19. My review of Lars Family Homestead Kitchen #40531 :
  20. I don't care much about what car they pick. I just hope that we won't get a 3rd model with the same transmission/gearbox than Chiron and Sian. I want something new.
  21. Ok, I get what you mean. The sticker causes the trouble. As I do not apply the stickers, the model just feels correct in my eye. I just consider the DNR lever to work the other way, and the ratios of the gearing are correct (except for reverse).
  22. I was feeling a bit lonely here... Finally someone who pointed out this very major flaw. Neutral is obviously between 1st and 2nd, like real bikes. And starting from neutral, 1st gear is when you push the lever down, like real bikes as well. Then twice up to get 2nd gear, then once up to finally get 3rd gear. But ratios are wrong. Not to mention that on my model 3rd gear tends to crack if I drive the bike just a bit too fast. All in all, this bike is the new Porsche 42056, but with 2 wheels only. :-/ edit : previous setS ? I can only think of 42056 that got the ratios wrong.