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  1. ah okay, i will note that. thanks for remind me.
  2. i can open 10,000 bricks. i tried to open nostromo LDD and stoped. idk how much bricks it has
  3. SegaraGeni

    Need your oppinion on building mecha

    actually, thats not his arms. thats the backweapon. i havent finish working with the arms. here i give bigger picture with shoulder i've done.
  4. testing cool!it works.
  5. SegaraGeni

    [Digital MOC] Nostromo

    Thank you for the LXF file, i can learn your frame now.
  6. SegaraGeni

    Space Themes Reloaded

    you just bring back memories. anyway i love the ice planet robot and the eskimo ice planet.
  7. Im building a mecha for the first time, and using LDD. I need oppinion about gravity effect or any oppinion on this design, since i dont have bricks to make real model (i have only LDD)
  8. SegaraGeni

    Space Themes Reloaded

    Blacktron, i love the "B" sign that looks like 13. Ice Planet the last space themed i ever seen. And now here I am, returning as AFOL on LDD
  9. SegaraGeni

    [MOC] Space police 1 - Sector command

    this is my childhood too. you did a very GREAT JOB!
  10. SegaraGeni

    [Digital MOC] Nostromo

    exactly what i'm looking for! im working on huge spaceship too using my LDD, but still thinking about the frame (Chassis). and lookinn at your work, i guess you are using simple frame work, and maybe some technic parts.
  11. SegaraGeni

    Hello from Indonesia

    i live in semarang, for now... Oh and thank you for warm welcome
  12. cool! uploading now!
  13. SegaraGeni

    Hello from Indonesia

    Hello LEGO fans around the world! I live in Indonesia. I dont have LEGO with me, but play with LDD on my PC. Watching all creation in this forum really cool, giving me a lot of new idea what to build next and learning new technique. Great to meet you all here. oops, forgot to mention my name, its Satria (it mean hero )