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  1. The Green Brick Giant

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    They are and Mindstorms is listed this time too.
  2. The Green Brick Giant

    REVIEW: 7307 Flying Mummy Attack

    It's average all around for me. The plane has been done 10 times before, and with only 125 pieces for $20 even the wings don't make up for that.
  3. The Green Brick Giant

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    A second wave would already have to be planned for this year, a second year can happen if they sell well. However Aqua Raiders sold very very very well, LEGO didn't think it would and never made a second year of them. Instead they went back and planned out Atlantis.
  4. The Green Brick Giant

    Are you sick of Star Wars?

    What I find most surprising is that the current LEGO Star Wars license ends at the end of 2011 and LEGO hasn't renewed it yet. Didn't the last time LEGO extended it it was a year or two before? I am sick of Star Wars LEGOs and I know parents are too. Children don't care about LEGOs at all, all they want is the special minifigure found in the $100 set. I wish the theme would end with releasing 60 sets, about 10 per movie, just completely start over, make every ship ever, and then end it.
  5. The Green Brick Giant

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    I'm pretty sure LEGO has talked about Atlantis going on for 3 years, that there was a three year plan. The mini episode movie thing showed hints of this. But how about we enjoy the new sets that were barely released in some places last week before worrying about the future.
  6. The Green Brick Giant

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    I doubt we will get interior sets, but we could get a second summer wave, but I'm doubting that too. If the theme was supposed to be more than a one off thing, or a multi year theme I think they would have simply called the sets The Quest. Pharaohs are Egyptian and it's not like Adventures where they can do, jungle and dinosaurs too. I like these theme a lot more than Ninja Go, but I think Ninja will be the set to continue in 2011.
  7. The Green Brick Giant

    2011 NINJAGO sets

    I'm really hoping that the game part fails, for $10 a minifigure it should, and that LEGO will then try harder on some more sets.
  8. The Green Brick Giant

    Review: 7977 Seabed Strider

    This is actually looks to be my favorite Atlantis set yet reviewed. At Target yesterday I could have gotten Deep Sea Striker and the Seabed Scavenger for $10USD each, but I can't stand the Atlantis animals, and the Seabed Scavenger I feel I can wait to see if I still want it during clearance. Atlantis has been on sale for about a month of so now. I feel this set is better for $10 than those to other ones. I like this transforming sub, I love the minifigures, I love the 90s feel to them (even if it doesn't fit), I can't stand the light bley helmet, it looks cheap, but I'll get used to it. I rather spend $10 on this set, than the 2010 ones.
  9. The Green Brick Giant

    2011 LEGO Cars 2 Discussion

    I'm really looking forward to this theme. Can't wait for some pictures.
  10. The Green Brick Giant

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    That's my complaint about all the sets for 2011 besides Atlantis, more so the $20 ones. The plane should be $15, the Atlantis fish is all you get for $20, The City Space rocket and van is $20 and none of them should be more than $15. But that's a call of the times, it's just really sad.
  11. The Green Brick Giant

    Batman returns?

    Marvel is owned by Disney! Therefore if Disney really wanted to they could let LEGO make superhero sets. MegaBlok also held the Toy Story and Car licenses, things change.
  12. The Green Brick Giant

    2011 Atlantis sets

    I have not, and if anyone does, I'd like to know where you live (aka country) and how much is was. I'm hearing rumours / guesses of $70USD.
  13. The Green Brick Giant

    2011 Atlantis sets

    I actually like this year's yellow a lot more than last years green, but the green does stand out more. However I find the color change very strange. They added trans green cockpits to the PaB online so you could make your own subs and now they are changing to yellow? I wish the divers helmet would stay dark bley, it just looks better. or change the whole diver to light bley.
  14. The Green Brick Giant

    Batman returns?

    I thought Superman was DC and Batman Marvel. OK then Batman is very dead then.
  15. The Green Brick Giant

    REVIEW #7976 ocean speeder

    It isn't an Impulse set, but still an awesome cheap set. Impulse sets in 2010 in the USA cost $4, before that they were $3 or $3.50, and also only have 20ish pieces. This set has 54 and only cost $5.