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  1. Dorek

    Is Constracion Dead?

    This, right here people. You want to see something pure constraction? You create something GOOD on Ideas and market the hell out of it. My frequent suggestions to marketing of another Master Builder type kit notwithstanding, something huge and towering would be lovely...
  2. Dorek

    Action Figure Forum Discussion

    If anybody's still interested in earning one of those artbooks, BS01 has an MoC Contest going on now :)
  3. Dorek

    Little Set Tweaks

    One thing I've done with nearly every CCBS set to date (where applicable) is swap the locked elbow joints for ones that have better range of motion. It might not be adhering to design principles, but it makes posing way better and just more fun to play around with in general. Obviously if they have really heavy weapons or whatever I don't do it, but most Toa-sized figures get the treatment.
  4. Dorek

    Future Constraction Lines

    Given that they were prizes for things that occurred during BIONICLE's launch (the website building contest, that skateboard stuff, etc.), one would imagine shortly before the launch itself. Ignoring the fact that incorporating gear functions heretofore unseen in Hero Factory was a huge leap in constraction design, and paved the way for 2016's waist articulation, none of that really has a bearing on marketing; not that the two departments don't work together, but it's not like a set designer is going to get paid less because marketing wants to make a solid gold mask. Citation needed! Preach. Whether or not solid gold masks was an effective marketing technique is a different debate altogether; the actual cost is a negligible factor.
  5. Dorek

    Future Constraction Lines

    Those twenty golden Haus notwithstanding, clearly. ReBrick is a separate division that works with the product themes based on collaboration. The product themes are the ones to come up with the ideas, bring it to ReBrick, and ReBrick executes it, generally speaking. I really don't think marketing takes away from design. If you didn't like the sets, that's a whole different ball game. I'd actually totally be willing to debate that, but more on principle than anything else. Even as an adult, I'm certainly not buying $800 Millennium Falcons =P
  6. Dorek

    Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Yeah, that's probably the one I'm going to go with, just not really sure of the materials to use. I don't mind spending a little extra, I just wish there were in-hand pictures of everything... maybe google will be my friend today.
  7. Dorek

    Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Might not be the right place, but I don't think it's worth a new topic... I'm finally getting around to building the G2 Makuta (ironic, I know!) and I'm finally looking at getting one of those Shapeways MOUPs. Any recommendations on the best one? There's way too many options, and then further types of materials etc. within those options. What's worked out for everybody else?
  8. I want to ride my chocobo all day... Love it. Cloud looks a bit like a cyclops, but it's cool. No way it can hold that Buster Sword up without a little help, though. The wolf armor pauldron is a great touch. Maybe smaller eyes would have worked better for the Chocobo? Doesn't really matter, it's great.
  9. Dorek

    [MOC] Aranya

    I like this, very BIONICLE-y, it works well by condensing various Technic bits that could have been expressed more basically otherwise. The underbelly also seems pretty clever, I'd like to see more angles on that. (not a huge fan of tires on the arms, but that's just personal preference)
  10. Haha, I dig it. Lord knows I might put in a creation in Category 2. I don't think I even have any Galidor parts? Maybe some spare from random purchases. (you can keep that art book though, I still need to organize giveaways and contests for my remainders...)
  11. Dorek

    Future Constraction Lines

    Only tangentially related (i.e. video games) but I always want constraction Kingdom Hearts. It'd basically be in the same vein of Star Wars constraction (Disney license etc.) but y'know, colorful. Constraction Mickey Mouse with a Keyblade, man. And for non-humanoids there's all the enemies (Heartless, Dream Eaters, whatever). #goals But yeah, I'd prefer something original over anything else. One can only hope soon.
  12. People always give the so-called "Inika Build" a lot of crap, but they actually moved on from it pretty quickly; 2007 had a lot of diverse body types and structures even when using those pre-fab torsos. But, to be fair, the Mistika Toa were much blander in terms of build than the Phantoka Toa before them (except for Onua Mistika, who I will absolutely defend as one of the most impeccably balanced sets of all BIONICLE) so I get the criticism in general.
  13. More or less the 2001 Rahi, right? I loved those, but even in today's Technic landscape, it would be hard to nail down the scale, since a lot of constraction's marketability (broadly speaking) came from impulse buys; I'd love to see an attempt though. Mostly I just want something original and colorful. Star Wars was awfully drab and dull.
  14. Oh you sweet summer children. I also liked the 05-07 playsets, even if I didn't collect many of them (after 05 they were too much of a budget breaker); they were this really fun, quirky way of fusing a bit of System and Technic/CCBS to interesting results. When you compare them to certain architecture and building sets that LEGO has done I can see why people might not be as amazed, but they definitely felt like BIONICLE sets, and a three year run is actually pretty impressive. Not to mention that LEGO also does plenty of sets at that price point to this day with the same amount of depth or features.
  15. So... RIP constraction then? Damned shame, but the writing was sort of on the wall for Star Wars figures. Hoping we get something original sooner rather than later. So much for that 4chan rumor that made the rounds earlier last year? =P