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  1. 71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    Having just finished it, took me about three days; two six hour days, and one that ended up being a 12 hour day. So expect to sink a fair bit of time if you have to constantly start and stop. Of course, I'm not used to super intensive build periods, so I was probably not being very efficient. The first "third" was the easiest for me, since working with big pieces is always faster. Once it got to the smaller bits it took more time, especially on correcting any mistakes. It's such a great set, though. Hopefully there will be another Disney-esque D2C set; all things considered, I'm not that into Pirates, so if that's what the next one is, I'll probably skip it. Totally down for another CMF line though!
  2. Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Just got Agil from the UK mag (imported). He's super adorable! Not much in the playability department, but he looks awesome when attached to Ekimu, and their inclusion of a shield holder for Ekimu was brilliant too.
  3. Still not loving the face molds, but definitely a lot of new interesting parts in there. Might pick up Chirrut for that bow.
  4. Metru Nui Chutes System

    This is really cool! I always liked the idea of the chutes as a subway system, but you're right, that map never quite covered it. You've done a great job detailing out everything.
  5. Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    Those (gold?) bow pieces, though... I want them.
  6. Finally got around to examining the winners in detail. All great! A lot of under the radar entries that I hadn't actually seen myself when featuring a few. My least favorite was probably the Mask Breaker, but only because his Dread Sorcerer one was way more creative. Still waiting to hear back on the artbooks, myself =P. Edit: Odd request, but does anybody have a link to the intro video? Doesn't seemed like it was saved on
  7. 71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    Mine came a little beaten up, with a gash or two here and there. Personally it doesn't bother me (and I got it for free, so I can hardly complain!), but I've cared about the condition of other boxes, so I hope it doesn't happen to others. Mine was packed with another set, so there was a bit of extra space in the box, which was filled with those large air pouches. Came direct from Billund.
  8. 71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    Didn't realize there was a mistake on the sticker application, glad I checked this topic before building! Got mine in the mail yesterday, very excited to build/review it. The box is enormous and heavy... I honestly don't even know where I'll have room for it.
  9. Shapeways MOUP

    I know there's actually one more guy working on a version that should be up on shapeways in the next few weeks and looks to be even more accurate than the versions out there right now, so I'd wait just a little bit longer, personally.
  10. Makuta, Sorcerer of Dread

    Now this one I like. Strong theme and wonderful mask design. And yes, the Skeletal baddies writhing in the flames are hilarious and awesome.
  11. Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Ooh, very nice, thanks for that write-up. I had thought Agil would go on Ekimu's right arm just to avoid any leftover pieces, but they cleverly accounted for that.
  12. Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    These don't seem to be particularly innovative, which is disappointing. They're all nice figures, but not much we haven't seen. Death Trooper, even though he's all black, seems like he's got a lot of cool add-ons, though, so I'll probably go for him.
  13. I've mentioned it in a few places, but yes, Mask of Ultimate Power aside, it is a combiner. The sets are: LOSS MM vs SG Ikir Tahu Uniter Onua Uniter Umarak the Hunter Umarax the Destroyer
  14. Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    It's the art they were using for the Rebrick contest (I uploaded the hi-res version at some point on BS01, but it's been my wallpaper for a few weeks now :U).
  15. LEGO was kind enough to provide us with detailed models of the JTO model so that it should be easy enough to build it now; at some point I might myself go and create step-by-step instructions, but this will more than suffice. On my Flickr Courtesy of LEGO (obviously), credit to the designers: Nicolaas Vás (Brickthing), Corvin Stichert (Vezok's Friend) and Niek van Slagmaat (who I believe took the photos, so an extra thanks!) Sorry if this does actually belong on the contest page, but I felt at some point this was a big enough issue on its own =)