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  1. captaintau

    Selling most of my collection

    My Bricklink Store: "House of Tau." So far I just have sets from 1999 on there but I'll add more over the next few days. Don't be afraid to enquire (via PM).
  2. Due to problems with space and money I'm selling most of my LEGO collection. Of course, it hurts to do this but I have to be honest with myself and say that although I take pride in my collection and the display I've set up I don't actually look at it all that often. I'm looking to move in the next few months and taking this vast collection with probably won't be feasible. It won't stop me collecting, of course. I just need to make space (and clear some debts). What's For Sale? - Almost EVERY Star Wars set since the beginning - Some Batman - Some Indiana Jones - Some Toy Story - Some Agents - Some Aqua Raiders - Some minifigures What Condition Are They In? Unless specifically stated for an individual set - They've been built once only and then put on display - They're complete - Stickers have been applied - I don't have the boxes - I do have the instruction books kept tidy in plastic wallets in a folder - I will carefully dismantle and pack them in plastic bags prior to sending What Do I Want for Them? Comparable prices to eBay and Bricklink. Take note that although they're second hand and missing boxes, they have been looked after. They are "like new." PM or e-mail me if you're interested
  3. captaintau

    What instruments if any do you play?

    I've got grade 2 Eb Tuba.
  4. captaintau

    24 mosaic

    And there was me thinking that it was something to do with Jack Bauer!
  5. captaintau

    Yo. Legoman31 here

    I haven't seen or heard the word "yo" since about 1990!
  6. captaintau

    大名 お茶屋

    Your logic seems sound, but is flawed. There weren't any left-handed daimyo (or any other rank). The Japanese are a very organised and regimental race. Probably less so now than then. Left-handedness simply wasn't tollerated. Swords were always worn at the left hip. This meant that those wearing swords knew how to pass each other by (right side top right side) without their tsuka clashing. If they did then that would be taken as an insult or a threat and a duel would have to ensue. Throughout the Japanese Martial Arts today, you'll see that all bar one aspect is done ambidextrously (probably thanks to Professor Kano of Judo, Professor Funakoshi of Karate and O-Sensei of Aikido.) The one notable exception is sword work (and other weapons, such as, I think, naginata). All sword work is done right handed. Always.
  7. captaintau

    Eurobricks Traffic details

    Probably 90% of those hits are Hinckley
  8. captaintau

    The what I did today thread ......

    I play Eb Tuba. The trumpet and flute players have no idea just how easy they have it. And who always parks closest to the venue we're playing at? Yes, the ***ing trumpet and flute players! In other news, what I did today was grade some of my Jujitsu students in Kickboxing, sleep for a while and go to a Karate class.
  9. captaintau

    What book are you reading right now?

    Kodokan Judo by Professor Jigoro Kano Order 66 (a clone wars novel) by Karen Travis
  10. captaintau

    大名 お茶屋

    The original MOC: lovely. Simply lovely. One error though: on the inside, the katana is the wrong way around. The tsuka (handle) should point to migi (right), so that it can be brought to bear in an instant. The second MOC: great stuff. Except that he blatantly isn't a Samurai; he isn't wearing niten (two swords)
  11. captaintau


    Hope's version of Umbrella was WAY better
  12. captaintau

    Red Darth Vader Helmet Raffle

    I'm guessing that the raffle won't be drawn on any specific date, just when all of the tickets have been sold?
  13. captaintau

    Review: 4479 Tie Bomber

    I thought it was the "real" bomb release chute represented by LEGO. Because of course the bomb shoudl be released by the port pod, not the starboard pod as LEGO have done it (not that I'm complaining at all, I think it's a great set)
  14. captaintau

    Review: 4479 Tie Bomber

    On a related note, this week I dug out Jabba's Palace to write a review on it. All of the rubber bands had perished. For that particular set, I don't think it did any harm at all for many other sets it could be a big problem. Note to TLC: must find more and better solutions to rubber bands in mechanisms
  15. captaintau


    My fiancee has six of the buggers (horses, that is). They just take all your time and money. Honestly if I knew then what I know now... I'm doing a skydive next year for the horse charity that she works for. Wish me luck