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  1. kenobi8

    [MOC] Little troublemaker

    This little dog is so cool that he definitely deserve a small scene once in a while.
  2. kenobi8

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A: #3 #5 Category B: #4 #5 Category C: #1 #4
  3. kenobi8

    Purist Arno Dorian

    Dark Blue hood belong to Barriss Offee from Star Wars.
  4. My version of Assassin's Creed Unity main protagonist. Arno Dorian by kenobi8, on Flickr
  5. kenobi8

    [MOC] Wild hunt

    Geralt of Rivia, White Wolf(here he looks more like Grey Wolf :) ). Wild Hunt by kenobi8, on Flickr
  6. kenobi8

    [MOC] Loki's prank

    Nothing like that, I just put mjolnir there. Its not playable but it is enough in the photo.
  7. kenobi8

    [MOC] Loki's prank

    Hi, today i want to show you my new vignette: Loki's prank by kenobi8, on Flickr
  8. kenobi8

    [MOC] Dragon Town

    Smocze miasteczko by kenobi8, on Flickr My newest and biggest MOC in fantasy style. Pictures:
  9. Hi, I want to show you my newest MOC. Exacly like title says, below you can expect back entrance to the Dragon Knights camp. Back entrance to the camp by kenobi8, on Flickr
  10. My first MOC which show only interior: Assassination try by kenobi8, on Flickr
  11. kenobi8

    [MOC] Jump boy!

    My newest vignette: Jump boy! by kenobi8, on Flickr More photos you can find on my flickr: