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  1. Though I totally agree, you dropped a hint about this months ago.
  2. Looking at the comparison, I'm personally feeling like replacing my 2014 version for the new one. It's just far more accurate
  3. Better pics here: Not bad in my book. Decent size. A bit rough though.
  4. They are cannon, and usually can be relied upon to elaborate on things that are confusing in the films. However, though cannon they do hold less weight than films, books and tv shows. All of that said, the t85 has appeared in resistance (and also in a reference book) and it looks nothing like the t70. The nose is bulbous and overall it's way larger.
  5. The January wave: does anyone know when it will hit the shelves? I know that often lego releases them in December, but is that likely to be before or after christmas?
  6. She has her visor up, aside from that it's the same. Has the lettering and markings on the right as well. You cant tell me this isn't supposed to be her.
  7. What cashback schemes? And I thought this new VIP system means you had to apply to use your points prior to a purchase and not during it...
  8. I dunno. Theres the b wings which will be new/updated.
  9. I'm gonna wait for avengers tower promotion now that the double VIP points has ended.
  10. There's no reason why we wouldn't just it appears not today. Perhaps because it's a Sunday? I dunno.
  11. Yea, I wanna know this too. This morning they were listed with no pictures and if you clicked you'd get an error message, but now they are gone completely.
  12. That makes sense of why the star wars April wave are up on s@h! Thank you for that. Also I saw a Instagram post with the boxes with their *not to go on shelf before march 31st* label, so it seems completely confirmed :)
  13. I'm becoming doubtful of the endgame release date, it's not listed as coming soon on shop at home and i don't see them releasing on the 31st when double VIP are still available.
  14. In regards to the hall of armour, are people counting Igor and the hulkbusters? Not as suits but will they be including them in their halls, and if so how?
  15. Wasn't the scuba basically mark 37 from the mcu?
  16. Ugh, I waited till I got home and it's been taken down. :(
  17. Does anyone know when these sets will hit the shelves?
  18. From the article " Everything that I have derived from this information, therefore, of course, only speculation. And I'm honest: This is definitely also "Wishlisting" in the game, because I would like both sets mentioned" so it's still just speculation and wishlisting. I'm saying that not to call you out or be argumentative, I just don't want people getting their hopes up.
  19. Do you have the piece numbers?
  20. Also, why so late in the run. Really hope he pops up in an advent calender or something, but that's unlikely. Just wish we knew how common or not he is.
  21. Hey, yep Paige tico is in both, it's just the pilot that is swapped out, all the promo picks are the same, but with finch instead of the pilot. I think my second pic (from amazon) didnt load or something? Annoyingly the box art appear the same, so he's only present in two of the pics.
  22. I was wrong. The pics on have the old version with yellow stripes, have the blue striped helmet. So it appears they are using up to date images, and Legos official site is using older images.