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  1. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Batman: Jurassic Brunch

    Who knew that LEGO Batman dates back all the way to the Jurassic period?
  2. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Heroes for Hire

    These heroes are for hire! Thanks for watching!
  3. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Battle Arena - Batman vs Captain America

    much appreciated. wish I could get the same camera movement with the DSLR as with the webcam. way too big though
  4. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Batman: Justice League Tryouts

    thanks dude
  5. Batman tries out for the JL... This is based on my entry into the LEGO Batman Movie Rebrick contest
  6. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy

    The Guardians of the Galaxy are saving the universe, again.
  7. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Moon Knight - Blood Moon

    WARNING: contains 100% REAL fake blood! Also, no minifigs were harmed in the making of this video Cheers!
  8. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Moon Knight - City Chase

    much appreciated
  9. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Moon Knight - City Chase

    So a new video is out...speeding onto your screens! (see what I did there? :P) Thanks for watching
  10. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Justice League - Batman vs Two Face

    Much appreciated!
  11. LEGO Justice League Episode 3! Nuff said
  12. Red Hood throws down with the Punisher in this new LEGO Battle Arena matchup.
  13. Hey everyone, The second episode of the Justice League series showcases Batman, Nightwing and Green Arrow in their pursuit of discovering the person behind the bombing of one of the Penguin's warehouses. Nightwing and Green Arrow even pay the Penguin a visit at his nightclub to have a little chat with him. Hope you enjoy!
  14. AtlasAnimationz

    LEGO Battle Arena - Bane vs Bane

    In this brand new series, your favorite comic book characters go toe to toe to see who's the better man/woman. First up, original Bane vs TDKR Bane.