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  1. Deinonychus

    A Website like Eurobricks... for clone brands!

    Oh yeah. Every time I think the LEGO vs Clone Brands argument is getting nasty and ignorant, I remember some of the "HO" vs "N" scale arguments I've overheard and it doesn't seem so bad
  2. Deinonychus

    A Website like Eurobricks... for clone brands!

    Ah,I knew that. My point was that LEGO is where we probably all started, so no matter what anyone says negativly about them, everyone had to have enjoyed their Danish bricks at some point. I don't think any of us got into the hobby by starting out with Kiddicraft blocks...unless there are some real old-timers lurking around here. I'd love to find some Kiddicraft bricks knocking around as well. Better yet, a bunch so I could try and build something.
  3. Deinonychus

    A Website like Eurobricks... for clone brands!

    (leaps from the underbrush) The Bloks Forum also looks like 99% of all forums on the Internet. I'm missing your point And to Faefrost's point, some of the regulars are a little "bitter and fanboy'ish", I agree, but it's largley reactionary due to how discussions about non-LEGO brands are treated on other block sites and pretty much everywhere on the web. But what we can agree on is that without LEGO, none of us would be in this hobby, no matter which manufacturer's bricks float our boats.
  4. Deinonychus

    Legends of Chima 2013

    Awesome. LEGO is making a set of Gatorland!
  5. Go to Tee Fury and check out their awesome LEGO Space themed shirt for today. The site offers a new shirt each day for one day only, and at a decent price, so if you want one you can't screw around. I've got a lot of Tee Fury shirts and they're very good quality, especially considering what you pay for them. And of course I ordered this one.
  6. Love the signature (pony power!!!)

  7. Deinonychus

    Review: 5884 Raptor Chase

    Great review. Let's me know what to expect from this when it finally arrives. Unfortunately, it looks like just another in the long line of uninteresting big-tired trucks. Still, it will look nice among the other vehicles in the theme, or being pulled to pieces by a Tyrannosaur. I think the other version of the Raptor looks a little better, but this one is still a nice looking beast, and that new head with the mustache/sideburn print is awesome. That'll make for some good American Civil War solder Minifigs.
  8. Deinonychus

    Review: 5887 Dino Defense HQ

    Actually, owing to the size I'm going to guess that this guy is a Utahraptor ostrommaysorum. Possibly Achillobator giganticus, but most probably Utahraptor. The colors on him look amazing, and I love how his teeth are behind his lips when the mouth is closed. That's something you don't see on many dinosaur toys. Great review and pictures, tells me everything I wanted to know about this set. I'm glad to see it's so modular, that'll help when it comes time to display it on a shelf. Sets like this that you can break down somewhat are great background pieces for a full-theme shelf display. Thanks for the hard work!
  9. Deinonychus

    Dino 2012

    Thanks for that. FedEx is screwing around delivering mine. nothing worse than starting a review and then finding someone has beaten you to it. Guess I'll build and review T-rex Hunter instead.
  10. Deinonychus

    Dino 2012

    T-rex doesn't want to be fed, he wants to hunt.
  11. Deinonychus

    Dino 2012

    Well, if the Raptor Chase and T-Rex Hunter I ordered arrive soon and I can get them together quick enough, I can get you guys a couple of reviews. That is, if someone doesn't beat me to them
  12. Deinonychus

    Hasbro Transformers Kre-O Megatron review!

    Nice review! Megatron was one of the sets I was looking forward to the most, it's good to see I won't be disappointed when I find him. It's also good to see in your pictures that Megatron can attach easily to Optimus Prime's trailer. A little Grand Theft Autobot is never a dull thing. I was very surprised with the brick quality myself. The bricks are indeed a tiny bit waxier than LEGOs, but really, after messing with them for about ten minutes you don't even notice anymore. The clutch is also excellent. I've been putting sets together all week, and the other night I put together a Best-Lock set and the difference was like night and day. It's a shame that between LEGO's expected quality, Mega Blok's exponentially increased quality, and Kre-O's fresh-out-of-the-gate quality that Best Lock can't get their crap together. But I digress Can't wait to see the robot mode, but I totally understand the delay. I built Prime into truck mode and then didn't want to tear down such a beautiful truck...even for the second half of his review.
  13. Deinonychus


    Right. And at this point in Transformers' existence, the characters themselves carry a weight all their own, and Transforming isn't 100% required each and every time. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Action Masters, a series nearly universally loathed amongst Transfans for not transforming, but the line provided action figures of already beloved characters, and Kre-O does the same thing with it's buildable models. However, I've had several different block sets going back to the mid-80's that featured actual transforming robots, and even the ones I'd build as a kid would transform without disassembly. Or just search Brickshelf, transforming models abound. I just figured if anyone could find a way to execute transformation with a block set, and execute it well, it would be Hasbro. But I'm forgiving. I've got five of them now and I love each and every one
  14. Deinonychus


    I'm eager to see what you think, especially if you've acquired a few that I haven't. I've gotten four of them already and like them way more than I thought I would...especially considering the non-transforming thing. After Built To Rule I was hesitant, but I think Hasbro has redeemed themselves.
  15. Deinonychus

    Mars Mission Alien Hovertank

    I was cleaning up some files and rolled across these pics of a MOC I did using Mars Mission Alien vehicle pieces. I never cared for the Aliens in the theme nor their vehicles, but I found it fun to hack my own stuff out of the parts, like my Alien Saucer. I figured the aliens needed a ground vehicle to aid in their war against the space miners. You can't see too well, but the pilot's compartment holds a pair of Alien operators. Enjoy!