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  1. (1/2/2013) I can always be found on Steam!

  2. (July 12, 2014) I can always be found on Steam!

  3. (Novemeber 6, 2013) I can always be found on Steam!

  4. Definitely, but I wish that Valve had kept Wheatley's original voice...

  5. Done! And thanks, Ratshot! :)

  6. Enjoy your time in LEGOLAND, starstreak! I bet you'll be surprised with the revamped design of the forum here when you come back. ;)

  7. is currently on a break from Eurobricks. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to tell me something! (3/25/12)

  8. Neat, profile comments can be posted!

  9. Nope, they don't. I just did a test and my post count stayed the same.

  10. Ooh, your birthday's tomorrow! Got anything planned for your special day?

  11. Thanks! Do you want me to delete your first comment, Inky? Unfortunately, emoticons don't work...

  12. That Über soldier is a spy!