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About Me

Hi, I'm ILikePi, or, as many call me, Pi. You won't be seeing much in terms of personal info here - this about me page is all about LEGO!

Currently this is a work in progress; I'm still figuring out what to add in!

I have been a fan of LEGO ever since 2007, when I bought three sets that sparked my interest: 6205 V-wing Fighter, 7654 Droids Battle Pack and 7890 Ambulance. However, I first discovered the online LEGO community in late 2008.

Before those three sets mentioned above, I also had 4347 Auto Pod and two brick buckets, but those weren't interesting enough to get me to delve deeper into the world of LEGO.

I'm a huge fan of licensed LEGO themes; most notably Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Toy Story and Harry Potter. I'm also a huge fan of LEGO City and the LEGO Direct sets.

Other than Eurobricks, I also frequent many LEGO fan sites and blogs, e.g. FBTB, The Brothers Brick, and Brickset.

Feel free to visit my Flickr photostream, my Brickshelf gallery, and my LEGO collection on Brickset. Thanks for reading!


I've written a few reviews over the course of my membership at Eurobricks. Most I'm not proud of, and would like to change drastically, but unfortunately I don't have enough time to do that, much less write new reviews nowadays. Here's a list of reviews I've done:

Star Wars

Chrome Black Darth Vader

LEGO Star Wars the Visual Dictionary Event Overview

7654 Droids Battle Pack & 7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack Dual Review


6239 Cannon Battle

8396 Soldier's Arsenal & 8397 Pirate Survival Dual Review

Mafia Characters

I played Loki Malfoy, an innocent Slytherin student in Sandy's Hogwarts Mafia (voted out on Day 9). I have to admit, it wasn't a fun experience playing as a character, even though Sandy's Mafia game was one of the best I've ever seen. I dreaded logging on every day to say something in the Day threads, and I was glad when the game finally ended. I didn't actually do much in the game; it was my first, and I had no idea what to do! Anyways, it's going to be a long time before I play another game.