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  1. Another amazing creation, Nannan and Tyler! I'm as speechless as everyone else, but let me say that I really enjoyed the lead-up to the reveal. It was saddening, but very well done!

  2. Wow, I can't believe that this happened all of a me it's like the announcement of Nate Neilson, except worse as I knew more about Dieter and talked to him a few times back in 2009 and 2010. He was a great member here on Eurobricks, and I'll miss his presence in the community. Even though I currently am not active here, I still feel saddened by the great loss his family is feeling.

    May he rest in peace.

  3. Just got mine today, and I was impressed on how cool of a mini it was! I haven't opened it yet, mostly due to the fact that it's worth so much on BrickLink, but like the mini AT-AT, I'll have to reconsider opening and building it!

    Thanks for the review, Inky! :sweet:

  4. Error found: 8128 Cad Bane is not a set, maybe you meant Cad Bane's Speeder. Oh and BTW, the poll accepts apostrophes, just look at some of your poll choices. :wink:

    Huh, that's odd. When I first posted the poll, most choices with an apostrophe deleted themselves. :wacko: I'll go ahead and re-add them, thanks! :sweet:

    BTW, Pi, you mixed up Cade Bane with Cad Banes Speeder :tongue:

    Oops! :grin:

    Oh, and I forgot to add my choices! Here they are:

    Favorite set: 10201 UCS Imperial Shuttle - I fell in love with the design in mere seconds after seeing the first pictures of it! :wub:

    Favorite 'good' minifig: Senate Commando Captain Jayfon - I've always wanted a Senate Commando, and having a captain is just icing on the cake!

    Favorite 'evil' minifig: General Grievous - It was a hard decision between this and Boba Fett, but I went with Grievous because I just love all of the intricately printed limbs he has.

  5. gallery_101_23_908.jpg

    With KimT's permission, I've made a poll asking everyone about their most favorite LEGO Star Wars set of 2010, and their most favorite new good/evil minifig of 2010. So, let's get the votes rolling!

    (I've excluded 'gear' items as most are just keychains)

    EDIT: I just found out that polls don't take apostrophes which are immediately followed by a character :hmpf_bad: Feel free to report any mistakes you find in the polls.

  6. Wow, this was a brilliant scene to remake in LEGO! I didn't expect anything like this to ever be made, especially because of the gridded walls and ground. But you've managed to do it with SNOT panels all over the place, and the overall effect is stunning! :oh:

    As always, you've amazed everyone again with your wondrous MOC, ACPin!

  7. Wow, I agree with prateek, this is definintely a huge step up from the first year of Atlantis sets! I was expecting some odd and gap-filled sets for the next wave of Atlantis, but this is much more promising - each one looks equal in awesomeness to the Temple of Atlantis!

    That angler/lantern fish looks hilarious with those bulbous eyes! That's a definite must get for me. :laugh:

    The new temple is also very cool! I see a ton of useful and unique parts smattered all over. :oh:

    2011 is definitely a new era of beautifully crafted underwater sets!

  8. Ah, another year for deals and winter shopping! I don't think this was posted yet, but Brickset had a post of a bunch of Black Friday sales:

    I'm not even sure when Black Friday is (is it the last Friday in November?) but I do know that in the USA you all go shopping crazy and there's loads of offers to be had.

    Yellowcastle and I will try and keep you up to date as news of them comes in.

    Good sources are or (Thanks shoobathelemur)

    Target: (Beginning 4AM 11/26 and while supplies last): Galactic Enforcer (5974) and Trolls' Mountain Fortress (7097) each $64.99; Additionally, receive $10 Target Giftcard with $100 or more purchase (valid 4AM thru 10AM 11/26)

    Toys R Us: (Valid 10PM 11/25 thru 1PM 11/26): City Garage(7642) $70.34, Gateway of the Squid (8061) $28.13, and Hyperspeed Pursuit (5973) $38.49.

    Toys R Us: (Valid 5AM 11/26 thru 1PM 11/26): Creator Family Home (6754) $41.99, Police Command Centre (7743) $34.99, Power Miners Titanium Command Rig (8964) $73.49, Duplo Fire Station (5601) $41.99

    K-Mart: (No Info Yet):

    LEGO Stores: (11/26 while supplies last; store hours vary): Receive a Discount Scratcher at checkout worth 10%, 20%, or 50% off of your purchase

    They use a random scratcher system; you're guaranteed 10% off and can get up to 50.

    It's almost always 10% off; I recall either the employee at the store or Inky telling me that only one person got 20% off last year, and none got 50% off. Inky did get 5 extra Pick a Brick boxes, though! :laugh:

    But still, it's one of the best deals the LEGO Stores have to offer, since you can get exclusive sets - like the winter themed ones - for 15% off with VIP card!

  9. Wow, I didn't even know that there was a Battle for Geonosis and Mace Windu's Starfighter set! After some examination, my favorite first wave set though is still the Battle of Naboo. The Gungans look greatly improved, and there's a bunch of battle droids!

    Mace Windu's Starfighter and the Battle for Geonosis look like they would both take second place in my book. I've always wanted those blue STAPs, and a Captain Rex minifig. Plus, that command droid looks promising!

    You only have one vote. Voting for all of them anihillates the point of this topic and makes it harder for me to keep track of the votes.

    Lord Embo

    Why not just ask a moderator to make a poll?

  10. I'm back to LDD building, and what better way to announce that than to post a new model? :laugh:

    7263 Temple Escape - Indiana Jones (BrickLink - Brickset)


    LXF file


    • The two BURPs in the set do not have the dark green marbling pattern
    • All stickers/prints are missing/incorrect, except for the 'happy face' skull prints.
    • Three 1/2 Technic pins have been attached to the spears on the wall so that they stay in place
    • The large 'boulder' is missing as it currently does not exist in LDD
    • The two hose pieces that make up the boulder's track cannot flex, and are left to the side (will fix when possible to flex)
    • The two 2 x 2 round bricks at the temple part of the set are attached sideways to the leaves because normally they are just sitting there with no attachments
    • The metallic gold idol has been replaced with a microfigure (incorrect color)
    • The two sets of chrome gold coins are incorrectly colored
    • The door behind the boulder won't fit in the place where it's meant to be, and is left to the side

    Now I have to update my previous models with the new parts in LDD 4...

  11. ANYWAY... to anyone that has it, can you confirm it's a printed piece and not a sticker? Thanks.

    It's definitely a printed piece, as well as the other eye (a normal eye print). The packaging says that some parts are made in China (others in Denmark), but I'm guessing that's just the storage box with the gift card printed on it.

    I found four at my Target on Monday; two were outside, and I had to ask for two to be taken out of the storeroom. It's definitely an amazing deal since it's completely free (provided that you shop at Target often). I'd hurry to Target if you haven't gone there yet; my store is completely out of them now!


    Oh, and when opening the packaging, I recommend not peeling the plastic wrapping off from the corner, but instead using a razor to slice the part where the plastic meets the bottom edges of the gift box part.

  12. I'm trying to build Temple Escape in LDD, but just 12 pages in, I ran into a snag. I can't seem to find 41854.gif anywhere at all! Superkalle's LDD manager (the latest version of it) says that it's in the group with a picture of a 2 x 2 plate with wheel pins, but that group doesn't exist. :wacko: Is the piece even in LDD at all?

    EDIT: Never mind, I found it in the 1 x 1 with clip group! But that non-existent group might be something you'll want to fix, Superkalle :wink:

  13. Today I went and bought four of the Bullseye LEGO Target gift cards. It's an awesome deal since I got 124 bricks for free! The only bad thing is that the 'gift card' part is actually printed on the back of the plastic container used to hold the LEGO pieces, but I can live with that because the model looks great, especially with the 1 x 1 Target logo brick! :sweet:

  14. I was wondering whether or not to open my set since it's going for about $20 (USD) on BrickLink, but now, I might think differently on that! It's a cute little model that would go well with my ever-expanding Hoth collection. I've already gotten used to the giant bags (filled mostly with Danish air :laugh: ), and the polybag art is very cool - that's one reason why I like polybags so much!

    Thanks for the quick review mutley! :sweet:

  15. After a lengthy struggle, I finally found some Series 2 minifigs at Target! I had to go to two stores, since the first store's Guest Services employee was too lazy to get someone to take the boxes out of the stockroom. :hmpf_bad: But my favorite Target went through for me again, as they brought out two new, unopened boxes for me to peruse when I asked them if they had any in stock! I did have to wait for half an hour for them to come to the Guest Services desk, but when they did, I had a fun 20 minutes of searching for the minifigs I wanted. I ended up getting one complete set and three extra Spartans. :sweet:

    I still have to find a way to get the Series 1 minifigs, though. I think I'll have to buy them on BrickLink in the future...

    Oh, and while searching, I found out that the fastest way to find the minifigs was to flip the box to the back and sift through the barcodes, looking for a pattern that the barcode sheet has. For example, the Spartan has two thin lines then a thick line at the end, so I skimmed through the whole box until I found a Spartan. :laugh: