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  1. NOTE: This review was started on April 13, 2009, and the text and pictures are not as good as I would want them to be (some parts of the text may also be outdated). My future reviews will be much better. Today I am bringing you the first of three (or more) dual reviews of Star Wars battle packs. I am doing dual reviews so that I can point out the differences in each battle pack, so you can decide on which one you want more if you can only get one (although that won't be of much importance, since these battle packs are already discontinued). The Droids Battle Pack was my first Star Wars set. It was also what got me into LEGO, along with the V-wing fighter set (yes, the "f" in fighter is lowercase ), and the 2006 City Ambulance set. It is still one of my favorites over the years, mostly because of the amount of minifigures and the use of SNOT. Droids Battle Pack Set Name: 7654 Droids Battle Pack Theme: Star Wars (Episode III) Pieces: 102 Minifigures: 7 (Yay! ) Price: 9.99 USD/8.99 GBP/9.99 EUR? Year: 2007 Brickset BrickLink Peeron Brickset quote: Box Front The front of the box is similar to all of the other 2007 LEGO Star Wars sets. There is a picture of Darth Vader's helmet in the top right, along with the number 30, which stands for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. Also, there is are the numbers 77-07 inside the "0" of "30", which stands for the years that Star Wars existed (and continues to exist). It goes to 2007 because this set was released in 2007 (I can't remember which wave, though). Back The back shows four droids and three super battle droids. This back is very misleading, as there are only two megaphone blasters, while this picture shows four. More on that later (at the accessories and the extra parts section). Also, the odd thing is that this set came in the type of box where you just cut open the seals, instead of the thumb-punch type, while the Clone Troopers Battle Pack came in the latter. Instructions Here is the front of the instructions, which is the same as the box art, except that there are no words and the like, except for the set number and the LEGO Star Wars logo. The whole instruction booklet (including advertisements) is 24 pages long. The size of the booklet is about 8.75" X 5" (20 cm X 12.5 cm). Here are the minifigure pages. Here is a page of the instructions. In this picture, you can see how the color of the bricks keeps changing from page to page. I think that this is already fixed for the 2009 sets. There are some advertisements for the LEGO Club and LEGO S@H. This is what you get when you buy four or so of each battle pack, something I would never do. Here is the parts list. Click the picture to see a huge version if you're blind. Parts Here are all of the parts, sorted neatly and in the same order as the parts list. Minifigures The Droids Battle Pack includes seven droids, which I really like. However, I can see how someone would start hating them after getting too many. They can't stand easily, and the arms tend to crack after a while. Battle Droids Here are the battle droids. These are my first and the only ones I have (for now at least). I really like all of the detail that was added, so I provided a side picture. However, it would have been nice to have a clip on the back, so you can attach an antenna or something. I also don't like the molding mark on the leg piece. It would have been much better if it was on the back part of the leg piece. Super Battle Droids The super battle droids are good, but not as good as the normal battle droids. The reasons why are because: the many (four) visible molding marks the empty back how the arms break so easily how the legs come off so easily I have had two arms break already (one is shown in the back picture), but I got them replaced by customer service. However, they have only been in four sets (excluding the metal blue colored one and including the super battle droid with the blaster arm) so far, which makes them pretty rare. STAP The STAP (Single Trooper Aerial Platform) is a fun little model that includes some trans-clear parts to make it "hover" in mid-air. Unfortunately, the foothold of the STAP is attached to the trans-clear pole piece, so modifications will be needed if you don't like the trans-clear pieces. There also exists two newer blue Clone Wars style STAPs - one in the Clone Wars AT-TE walker, and a polybag impulse set that was given away in a UK Daily Mirror promotion (the odd thing is that the polybagged set has no sticker on the 1 x 2 tile in the front, while the one in the AT-TE does). Here are the parts used to build the STAP. There are 18 pieces in all. There aren't really any special parts in the STAP, but there is a black 1 x 1 brick with studs on all four sides, one dark bley cheese slope, and two light bley lightsaber hilts. Here is the finished model. It looks really cool for something this small. Droid Transport Carrier The Droid Transport Carrier is a repulsorlift carrier (which means that it can "hover" in mid-air). There is almost no armor, and this transporter usually has a few STAPs escorting it. There are also front cannons and lasers to defend the troops that are getting out of the transport. It is non-canon (does not exist in any official Star Wars media). That means that this is a model that the LEGO designers made up. Build The bulk of the transport is built on two 4 x 8 plates. Also note that there are some boat studs on the bottom so that the vehicle can slide easily on carpets. I wouldn't recommend moving this set on any hard surfaces, because the boat studs will get some severe scratches. You then add two "megaphone" blasters (with trans-neon orange 1 x 1 round plates) and the front armor plate - which, according to Wookieepedia, is blaster-proof. After that, we start a "sub-model" of the front pilot cockpit and the two lasers and blaster cannons. The laser and blaster holders, which have a small amount of SNOT) are attached to the larger piece... ...which is then placed on the main transport. The front has a 2 x 2 turntable so the pilot can move the guns on the front. I also like the usage of light bley lightsaber blades and hilts for the lasers on the front - it makes it look much more interesting than just having a 1 x 1 cone or another common piece! Extras Finally, we have the extras. For a $10 USD set, there is a good amount. Next, we'll move on to the Clone Troopers Battle Pack! ----------------------------------------------------------------- One day, in the summer of 2008 (this was before I knew about the online LEGO community), I was in Walmart, going shopping for things with my mom and brother. After they got the stuff they came for, we decided to visit the LEGO section. I was just looking to see if there was anything good, and was not planning on buying anything. However, that changed when I saw the last box of the Clone Troopers Battle Pack on the shelf. I knew that the set was already discontinued by then (it was removed from LEGO S@H), so I had to get it. Clone Troopers Battle Pack Set Name: 7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack Theme: Star Wars (Episode III) Pieces: 58 (Boo! ) Minifigures: 4 Price: 9.99 USD/8.99 GBP/9.99 EUR? Year: 2007 Brickset BrickLink Peeron Brickset quote: Box Front On the front, we get an interesting forest background. This box has the same things as the Droids Battle Pack. Back The back shows the minifigs. There's a great variety here! Also notice that this box is the "thumb-punch" variety, while the Droids Battle Pack is the "sticker-sealed" variety. Instructions Here's the front of the instructions. The whole manual, from front to back, is 24 pages long (9 pages are advertisements). The odd thing is that the Clone Troopers Battle Pack instructions manual has lots of pictures of other sets, while the droid one has nothing. Here's the minifig page... ...and a random page. With a quick glance at the parts list for this set, you can quickly see that there aren't very many interesting pieces in this set. Here's an odd mistake in the parts list page - the torso is backwards! I have no idea how I noticed this. Also notice the white lines in the background. I am guessing that they can be found on all instruction manuals for sets produced from 2007-now that have this background inside. However, it is harder to see the white lines in the new 2009 battle packs. This is what you get when you buy about 4 of each battle pack. (This is the exact same picture as the one on the Droids Battle Pack instruction manual.) There are also four pages showing pictures of sets, but I will just post links to them. The odd thing is that only the Clone Troopers Battle Pack instruction booklet has these advertisements. 7659 Imperial Landing Craft and more 7658 Y-wing Fighter and more 6210 Jabba's Sail Barge 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer LEGO Club and LEGO S@H advertisements The back page, which shows some boxes of LEGO Star Wars sets released in 2007. Pieces Here are all of the pieces sorted out just like the parts list. Minifigures Front From left to right: Clone trooper, clone shock trooper, clone Star Corps trooper, clone trooper. Back We get some interesting back prints here! The weird thing is that the shock trooper has a darker "control panel" print. Also notice that the LEGO designers actually made the Star Corps trooper's back print a little different! Side view (so you can see the helmet detail) Accessories Unlike the Droids Battle Pack, you get 4 of the "new mold" blasters, instead of megaphone blasters. You also get a pair of electrobinoculars (when I first bought this set, I actually thought that it was a detonation pack like the ones in Star Wars Battlefront II ) Blaster Turret The blaster turret is made up of 17 pieces, if you count the minifigure. Otherwise, it is made of 12 pieces. It is a nice little model, and, like the STAP, would make a good impulse set. It even has some SNOT in it. A smaller version of this turret was available as part of the C001 LEGO Star Wars Clock. Build After just 6 steps, it's already finished! I provided a picture of the finished turret on the instruction manual to prove it. Front view. I didn't like putting the blaster on the cone (it made it too high), so I removed it and put it on the side to act like extra ammunition or an explosive. Side view Back (without minifigure) This is what the back looks like, without the minifigure. Here you can see the cone piece that I didn't use, and the headlight bricks that hold up the mudguard piece. The mudguard piece gives the turret a nice curve, and also provides a defense for the user. Speeder Bike This "speeder bike" is very badly designed for a 2007 set. It looks too simple and has almost no armor. It would have been much better if it looked like its predecessor, the BARC speeder from 7261 Clone Turbo Tank. Build This is what the speeder bike looks like after 4 steps. There are 11 steps total for the speeder bike. This is what it looks like on step 11 (finished). Small Modification and Side View Here is a very small modification that I made so that the driver can actually hold the handles. I also gave the back gunner two guns instead of one, since the trans-blue cones on the sides look like front guns to me. This picture also serves as a side view. Other views: Top Front Bottom Rear Box Art Mistake There are two box art mistakes on the front for the speeder bike. Here they are. For the first mistake (yellow), one of the bottom pieces is missing. The second mistake (red) is almost the same, except only half of the part is missing. The result is a bar piece floating in mid-air under the speeder bike. Weird, huh? (A close-up of the second box art mistake can be found here) Clone Trooper This is just a normal clone trooper with a short blasters and a pair of electrobinoculars. Unfortunately, the clone cannot use the binoculars, since his helmet is too big. Not very convenient. This is probably the best you can do with the pair of electrobinoculars: turn the clone's helmet to the side, and move the binoculars so that it looks like the clone trooper just finished looking through the binoculars. Extras I tricked you - there actually are no extra parts! That's a first for me. 3: Comparison STAP versus Blaster Turret I have to say, both are very well designed. SNOT is used in both, and both are very sturdy. The STAP wins just by a small amount, though. Droid Transport Carrier versus Speeder Bike The droid transport carrier wins by a landslide. The speeder bike has a horrible design for a 2007 set - even the BARC speeder from the Clone Turbo Tank (released in 2005) is over two times better than this version! 4. Ratings Okay, now for the ratings of the sets! First, the Droids Battle Pack: 7654 Droids Battle Pack Pros: seven minifigures good price-to-parts ratio many large pieces for a battle pack Cons: no "actual" minifigures megaphone blasters two weapons to four battle droids ratio no straight battle droid arms Ratings: Build: 8/10 (The build was pretty fun, and I did like the use of SNOT on both the STAP and transport) Design: 8/10 (The STAP is well designed for a 2007 set, and the droid transport is very sturdy) Minifigures: 7/10 (Although there are seven minifigures, they are not actual ones. However, the inclusion of the pearl dark grey super battle droids [which can only be found in three sets] makes the minifig choice more diverse) Playability: 7/10 (You can swoosh the STAP around, and the transport has some fun moving parts) Price: 9/10 (Definitely worth $10 USD, and the price-to-parts ratio is under the "golden rule," which is 10 cents per piece) Reviewer's Tilt: 8/10 (It is a great set overall, but the colors are pretty bland) Overall: 7.8/10 Conclusion This was the my first LEGO Star Wars set, and it was probably what got me into LEGO Star Wars, and later, the other themes. I would definitely recommend getting it if it were still available, but unfortunately it has been gone for about two years. ------------------------------ 7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack Pros: back printing "new-mold" blasters a large variety of minifigures (3 types) turret is well designed Cons: horrible price-to-parts ratio odd-looking minifigures (in my opinion) speeder is badly designed (basically some parts slapped onto a long plate) Build: 7/10 (It was a pretty simple build, but the use of the mudguard piece on the turret was clever) Design: 6/10 (The speederbike is horribly designed, but the turret is nice) Minifigures: 7/10 (I don't really like the look of two regular clones, but the red and yellow ones make up for it) Playability: 7/10 (There aren't any moving parts, but you can swoosh the speederbike around) Price: 6/10 (58 pieces out of 100 is about 6 out of 10, so it gets a 6) Reviewer's Tilt: 6/10 (The speederbike looks ugly, and the clone trooper helmets aren't well designed in my opinion) Overall: 6.5/10 (It does include some great minifigs, but the piece count and design are horrible) When I first opened it, I was quickly disappointed when I learned that there were only 58 pieces. However, now I am grateful that I got it, as it has completed my battle pack collection. Now I like it much more, but still not enough to pay $10 for. Unless you really like these clone troopers, I would not recommend getting this set. All pictures used in this dual review (and many that weren't used) can be found in my Brickshelf folder. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the review of the 2008 battle packs!
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    MOC: Assassin Droid

    Hi everyone. A few weeks ago, I made an assassin droid using parts (including some extras) from the Assassin Droids Battle Pack. I know, it looks a bit like the normal ones, but I just wanted to share it with you guys. Also, my pictures are a bit blurry, but that's because there wasn't much sunlight yesterday, when I was taking pictures. Here it is: Front view: It can hold a maximum of 7 guns. Side view: Back view: You can also turn the shoulders: You can fold the front arms up for storage or deactivation: Here's how the gun is made: Here's how each arm is made: And finally, here it is riding a horse: So, what do you guys think?
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  4. Hey guys, a week or so ago I saw a commercial advertising General Mills cereal with free LEGO Racers in them. I knew I had to get some of that cereal! Five types of General Mills cereals have it: - Cheerios - Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Cookie Crisp - Lucky Charms - Trix Although the pieces were made in China, they still feel like high-quality plastic. I think that this is a promotion only in the US, sorry Europe and other continents. Ok, on to the pictures! I decided to put clickable pictures, since this is my first topic Here's the box, with the advertisement. Here's a close-up of the ad. Box back. Here's a close-up of the "Driver Stats". Close-up of the racers... You can see that the racer is at the bottom of the cereal I had to get my mom to help me push it out without killing the cereal Here's the car, wrapped up with all the plastic baggy goodness Here's the car compared to a minifig. You can see that I got the blue one. At this point, I stopped to do my homework, and opened the wrap after I finished as a reward Yay! Cinnamon Toast Crunch! I think the last time I ate it was like 3 years or so Yup, it sure is enlarged to show detail Here's the sticker sheet. I refuse to call a DSS because LEGO would never put printed parts on a free LEGO set... The back of the sticker sheet; it tells you where to apply the stickers. Here's the car without stickers. At this point, I had to get another bowl of cereal Here's the bottom of the car. The set number can't be 7190, since that's one of the Millenium Falcon's numbers. The whole car is two pieces. If you have all six, you can make over 200 combinations (according to the box)! The top can fit on backwards The "build time" was around 5 minutes if you work carefully. Those stickers are hard to put on! The two sides after stickered. Front after stickered. Used up SS. The pilot is doing a move in The Matrix The pilot's getting ready for the annual go-kart race Double-decker bus And here's a picture of the top part backwards again. When I was eating dinner a few hours ago, I dropped the car by accident. I then found out that there are three parts to the car, not two! There third part is a 2 x 7 chassis. Here's a picture: And a picture of a "hot rod" : PART 2: A week or so ago, I got a box of Trix with the banner on it: This time, the car is on top of the bag instead of inside the bag. Yay! Rainbow cereal! Close-up of the bagged car. You can see that I got the police car (yay! ). One bag taken off... Close-up on the back of the sticker sheet. This car has a grey chassis. And the front... Back views (unstickered) Here's the fully stickered set. You can see that I messed up the one on the windshield, so I had to put some glue on it... The racer uses some of the same stickers as the police car in 8152 Speed Chasing: It also looks similar to it. I bet that it was based on that police car. More views: Front-top view Back-side view Side view Front view Mix-and-match: Top pieces, Side view Chassis Backwards police car Backwards top pieces What did I think about these sets? They're great! :) After all, who doesn't like free LEGO? Probably anti-LEGO people. My mom got the cereal on sale for $2.50 instead of $3.50. It's like paying $2.50 for the set! These are probably also new molds! I'm probably going to get more cereal! I want that got the police car , but of course I'm not going to get all 6 cars. They're random for every box. Thanks for reading my first topic! Feel free to click any of the pictures to post comments on that certain picture (if you have a Flickr account).
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  7. is currently on a break from Eurobricks. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to tell me something! (3/25/12)

  8. Hi guys. Today, I went to Toys R Us, looking for Space Police III sets. Well my TRU had everything new but that. Then I saw some LEGO clone brand sets, and thought, "Toys R Us sells clone brand LEGO toys? " I then looked at some of the sets. They all looked pretty badly designed, but the prices were much better than that of LEGO. I then decided to get this tank set, to see what they were like. Okay, now lets get this review over with... Set Name: N/A Theme: N/A Pieces: 240 (Not sure if this is real) Minifigures: N/A (Just three bootleg figures ) Price: $10.99 USD at TRU Year Released: 2007 I don't know... Brickshelf Gallery This review won't have that many words because I don't have much time to write stuff. Box front. Note how the company put the words "Works with other brands" (obviously LEGO ) and "CONTAINS EVERYTHING! (see back of box for details)." That means that they know that people will think that they didn't include everything. They just included these three bricks for no reason. I'm not sure if they're part of the 240 pieces. Top Right side Bottom (Note that this set is for ages 7+) Back (Shows what's included) Left side The whole back of the box flips open. Inside, there is...more cardboard. Perhaps to make the set seem big? There is some random writing on one of the pieces of cardboard. To me, it looks like the number 58 and a Chinese word. The cardboard flipped over. The "sticker sheet". This isn't really a sticker sheet, more of a black and orange design printed onto sticker paper and cut into random shapes. I obviously won't be applying these. On the back, there is some text reading "HuaSheng". Perhaps it's the company that printed this? Here are the contents. The odd thing is that this brand's plates (the smaller ones) have grooves on them, like LEGO tiles. Instruction sheet front. Note how each step is so demanding for a 7+ year old playset. Also they tell you to assemble each minifigure, although they already come assembled. Back of the instruction sheet. On here, you also also asked to assemble the hinge joints included in this set, but they already come assembled too. Now, this is something we don't see from LEGO that often anymore (at least I've never seen it). The parts that have already been placed in previous steps are grayed out. Parts spread out in the included cardboard. Interesting parts. I will go through them under this sentence. (1) These are some 1 x 12 dark green pieces. (2) Some weird dark green hinges. (3) Some pearl silver accessories on a sprue. (4) Some weird dark green (DkGr) "cannons" that go on the tank. The bottom studs for them are very loose. (5) Weird DkGr hinge. (6) Some odd DkGr inverted slopes with "vents" on the slope part. (7) A few DkGr clips that and hold minifig utensils. (8) Some weird old grey and black 1 x 2 bricks with a bit of a "slope" on the sides. (9) A black antenna. (10) A weird black turntable that is different that LEGO's version. (11) Rubber treads that are bent badly. (12) Old grey tire spokes. (13) 8 cool grey brown sandbag pieces. The box art shows them as metallic copper... (14) Some large circular pieces. (15) Another sprue with pearl silver accessories. These figures are a bit shorter than minifigures. The arms and hands move too easily. There are hips, but they are covered by the torso. Back. The vests have different designs. Wow, they even printed the figure's lip on the neck. The other two figures have no printing under the vests. Here is a comparison between Best-Lock's flesh color and LEGO's flesh color. LEGO's looks much better. Build Here is the build, after every step. The build took 1-2 hours, but that was just because I was taking pictures, and halfway through the build, there was a trail of ants on the floor that I had to vacuum up. The "cannon" pieces just fall off if you turn the set upside-down. The 1 x 2 sloped piece with no other pieces on it (the one by itself) comes off way too easily. There are lots of extra accessories that aren't shown on the box. Extra parts. There's a whole bunch of big ones. Some of the extra parts, like the trans-orange 1 x 1 plates, are 100% of the parts found in the set. All of the accessories. Wow, a 7-8 foot tall gun? Since the tank is hollow, you can fit all the accessories inside for storage. The complete set. Left Back Right Bottom This set was pretty good (for a bootleg), but I wouldn't recommend buying this set, unless you really need parts to make a creation that needs some random bricks in the middle or something, or if you want to get some useful parts, like those eight sandbags. Although this set is a good price, the parts are low-quality. The figures aren't good, either. You should save your money for the new sets coming this summer. Sir, remember, you can't drive that far. WHAT? Sir, you can't drive that far. WHY? Remember, the tank's going to---BANG The tires exploded (That's what happens if you move the tank too much).
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    Happy Birthday ADHO15, Admiral Croissant, and badboytje88!

    Looks like I logged on at a good time; happy birthday to all three of you, especially ADHO15! Thanks for all the help you've given to me over the years I hope you three have a fantastic day!
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    Another amazing creation, Nannan and Tyler! I'm as speechless as everyone else, but let me say that I really enjoyed the lead-up to the reveal. It was saddening, but very well done!
  11. ILikePi

    How Many Minifigs do you own?

    It's been a looong time since I've checked my minifig count, and now it's up to 170 according to Brickset, give or take a few loose, uncataloged ones!
  12. ILikePi

    30055 Vulture Droid mini review

    Wow, that's a great-looking mini set! It'll definitely be going in my collection of ever-increasing mini models sooner or later. It sounds like you had a fantastic time at LEGOWorld, Superkalle!
  13. ILikePi

    2011 LEGO Cars 2 Discussion

    Wow, those Cars are looking good! I was expecting them to be just one piece like the Duplo ones, but having multiple pieces is very cool - and the fact that they still look great is a bonus!
  14. ILikePi

    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    Wow, I can't believe that this happened all of a me it's like the announcement of Nate Neilson, except worse as I knew more about Dieter and talked to him a few times back in 2009 and 2010. He was a great member here on Eurobricks, and I'll miss his presence in the community. Even though I currently am not active here, I still feel saddened by the great loss his family is feeling. May he rest in peace.
  15. ILikePi

    Review: 20019 Slave I

    Just got mine today, and I was impressed on how cool of a mini it was! I haven't opened it yet, mostly due to the fact that it's worth so much on BrickLink, but like the mini AT-AT, I'll have to reconsider opening and building it! Thanks for the review, Inky!
  16. ILikePi

    What did you buy today?

    I bought the last new Clone Troopers Battle Pack at Target today with my Christmas money. The clones are highly-detailed and very cool!
  17. With KimT's permission, I've made a poll asking everyone about their most favorite LEGO Star Wars set of 2010, and their most favorite new good/evil minifig of 2010. So, let's get the votes rolling! (I've excluded 'gear' items as most are just keychains) EDIT: I just found out that polls don't take apostrophes which are immediately followed by a character Feel free to report any mistakes you find in the polls.
  18. They can't, Oky Wan; see this thread:
  19. ILikePi

    2011 Atlantis sets

    Wow, the box art for Angler Ambush is beautiful with that dark blue background! It's one of the best box arts I've seen. I'll be eagerly waiting for your review!
  20. ILikePi

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Voting Topic

    Huh, that's odd. When I first posted the poll, most choices with an apostrophe deleted themselves. I'll go ahead and re-add them, thanks! Oops! Oh, and I forgot to add my choices! Here they are: Favorite set: 10201 UCS Imperial Shuttle - I fell in love with the design in mere seconds after seeing the first pictures of it! Favorite 'good' minifig: Senate Commando Captain Jayfon - I've always wanted a Senate Commando, and having a captain is just icing on the cake! Favorite 'evil' minifig: General Grievous - It was a hard decision between this and Boba Fett, but I went with Grievous because I just love all of the intricately printed limbs he has.
  21. ILikePi

    Domino Squad Final Run

    Wow, this was a brilliant scene to remake in LEGO! I didn't expect anything like this to ever be made, especially because of the gridded walls and ground. But you've managed to do it with SNOT panels all over the place, and the overall effect is stunning! As always, you've amazed everyone again with your wondrous MOC, ACPin!
  22. ILikePi

    2011 Atlantis sets

    Wow, I agree with prateek, this is definintely a huge step up from the first year of Atlantis sets! I was expecting some odd and gap-filled sets for the next wave of Atlantis, but this is much more promising - each one looks equal in awesomeness to the Temple of Atlantis! That angler/lantern fish looks hilarious with those bulbous eyes! That's a definite must get for me. The new temple is also very cool! I see a ton of useful and unique parts smattered all over. 2011 is definitely a new era of beautifully crafted underwater sets!
  23. ILikePi

    Black Friday 2010 (US)

    Ah, another year for deals and winter shopping! I don't think this was posted yet, but Brickset had a post of a bunch of Black Friday sales: It's almost always 10% off; I recall either the employee at the store or Inky telling me that only one person got 20% off last year, and none got 50% off. Inky did get 5 extra Pick a Brick boxes, though! But still, it's one of the best deals the LEGO Stores have to offer, since you can get exclusive sets - like the winter themed ones - for 15% off with VIP card!
  24. ILikePi

    Which is your favourite 2011 set with pictures?

    Wow, I didn't even know that there was a Battle for Geonosis and Mace Windu's Starfighter set! After some examination, my favorite first wave set though is still the Battle of Naboo. The Gungans look greatly improved, and there's a bunch of battle droids! Mace Windu's Starfighter and the Battle for Geonosis look like they would both take second place in my book. I've always wanted those blue STAPs, and a Captain Rex minifig. Plus, that command droid looks promising! Why not just ask a moderator to make a poll?