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  1. Ah, thanks for telling me! I had no idea.I already own this set myself, but I thought it would be interesting to make a brick-built tauntaun based off of the preliminary brick-built version that was shown in LEGO Star Wars - The Visual Dictionary: 7749 Echo Base LXF file A whole bunch of changes were made because of missing parts and connections that only work in real life: The tauntaun had to be brick-built; I used this picture (at the bottom left) from the Visual Dictionary as a reference when building it. The cannon of the defense turret is supposed to have a lightsaber hilt connecting the two round pin joiners, but I had to use two Technic half pins and a lightsaber blade instead to connect the joiners. The inside of the defense turret top has two of this piece, but they would not attach to the 3L Technic axle with stud, so I substituted each one with two 1 x 1 round plates instead. This half cylinder piece does not exist in LDD, so I substituted it with a larger version instead. Snowtrooper helmets don't exist in LDD, so I used blank stormtrooper helmets instead. I built the model according to the box art, as it portrays the set the way it was meant to be built more accurately. In this case, the turret is on the left of the bunker and some of the cheese slopes on the top of the bunker are rotated. The hose in this set does not exist in LDD, so I used a different type instead. It can't flex, so I just placed it on the ground. (The hose has been replaced with the correct piece and color, but still cannot flex) The torso prints for Han Solo and the rebel troopers don't exist, as well as Han's face, so I used different designs. The rebel troopers wear aviator goggles instead of the newer type. SW blasters don't exist in LDD, so I used megaphone blasters and a space gun instead. A 4 x 4 black turntable base for the turret was not used because it would not fit with the 4 x 4 round plate. Oh, and the tauntaun had to be modified slightly to fit Han Solo on it. I've included a bonus light grey brick-built tauntaun, which is unmodified to my knowledge.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, but I'm not sure what you mean - I only made one post in this topic, so there's no other posts for me to edit! Do you mean that you want Randal to edit his own post with my final LXF file?
  3. ILikePi

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Wow, the Lambda shuttle looks stunning! It's one of my most favorite ships in the Star Wars universe, and this LEGO set recreates it perfectly. I love the features, especially the opening cockpit, and how it's large enough to fit 4 minifigs! The only thing I wish the set had was an interior. So much could've fit in there... Yes, just because of its sheer size I don't think I'll ever buy this set. Thanks, backbone! After watching that video, I guessed that the "Polish friend" was Dmac. In the video, Misterzumbi (I'm presuming he's the guy in the video) said that the shuttle was 65% his own original design and 35% Dmac's. It's nice that a LEGO designer would give official confirmation and recognition that he had help from an AFOL. Oh, and now I finally know who designed the Hyperspeed Pursuit set in Space Police! The license plate on the skull interceptor reads "ZUMBI", and the designer said he worked on Space Police a bit. I'm eagerly awaiting a review of this set! EDIT: Thanks, grogall, for the high-resolution pictures!
  4. ILikePi

    10.000 members

    Who would've thought that Eurobricks would become one of the most popular LEGO forums out there? This is definitely a momentous achievement. Great presentation, too! It's nice to see all of the things about and of Eurobricks over the years, especially the Brickset article screencap of how perfect Clone O' Patra's review was. This is definitely the best forum I've seen, and I'm happy to take part in this celebration. The admin/moderator team is both funny and omnipotent, and there are many interesting features all over the site, like the Reviewer's Academy and mafia games. Looking forward to the years to come! You never were, with all of your outstanding reviews.
  5. ILikePi

    MOC: Containment

    WOW, that is way too cool for words! It's simply stunning with all of the tiny little details all around. :wub: My favorite part is how you integrated nnenn's piece (the mini rubber band holder) into a statue being chiseled. That is way too brilliant. This may be one of the best MOCs I've ever laid my eyes on!
  6. Nope, they don't. I just did a test and my post count stayed the same.

  7. ILikePi

    Steam Gaming Thread

    Sorry for reviving this topic, but gameplay videos of Portal 2 were revealed at E3 yesterday: And one other video that can't be embedded due to limits: (Embedding videos doesn't seem to work anymore, unfortunately) Run down test chambers, anti-gravity tunnels, spring platforms, lasers than can destroy turrets, vaccums that suck panels out of walls, special liquids that go through portals, spiked smashing panels, new catchy phrases, NPCs, co-op mode...what more could you want? I'm really excited about Portal 2! Apparently the story and co-op modes are 2 times as long as Portal, so that means 4 times the gameplay total when compared to Portal! What are your thoughts? EDIT: Here's a old page with lots of information about Portal 2:
  8. Enjoy your time in LEGOLAND, starstreak! I bet you'll be surprised with the revamped design of the forum here when you come back. ;)

  9. EDIT: Can the topic name be changed to "Website affiliations"? Thanks! I've been wondering about this for a while, and have decided to ask it now because I'm planning on buying something from the LEGO Shop; is it possible for Eurobricks to set up some website affiliations with sites where LEGO can be purchased online (like the LEGO Shop, Amazon, Toys 'R' Us, Target, Walmart, etc.) and with a percentage of the profits going to fund EB? Websites like the Brothers Brick, Brickset, and FBTB have those types of links, but I'd like to support my most frequented and favorite website by buying online stuff through links from EB. By the way, here are two articles about this: TBB - Brickset Thanks!
  10. ILikePi

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    A new series? That's great! I've been watching a little bit of the older episodes every day this month on Nicktoons because of my renewed interest. I don't like the look of the movie, though. IMO, Avatar just doesn't work with real people. The bending looks very cool, though. Looking forward to hearing more about the new series - maybe it might even come with a revival of LEGO Avatar!
  11. Thanks for the information, Asterios! Actually, legitimatealex just put the wizard minifig on the plate, which belongs to his other cheerleader minifig.
  12. Neat, profile comments can be posted!

  13. ILikePi

    Major board upgrade

    This upgrade is interesting...there's both pros and cons to it. It does look much nicer and more contemporary than the old one, and I do like the profile pages - especially the feature that allows you to comment on someone's page. One cool thing I also found is that you can enable a "rich text editor" that works similar to Microsoft Word in that it doesn't show stuff like "{b} {/b}" but instead applies the change to the words themselves. Here are some things that I don't like: A whole bunch of buttons are moved around, like the numbered list and bulleted list ones The quick list of emoticons is gone when making a post! Most parts of the forum are pretty bright in terms of color, and it hurts my eyes in this forum (Website & Forums). It might just be my screen, though. Acronyms don't work on links (including signature ones, as you can see in Big Cam's and my signatures) anymore! All links have been replaced with the acronym "External Link" when hovered over. I'll poke around to see if there's any other problems... EDIT: Siegfried, you might want to resize your profile picture; it's huge!
  14. ILikePi

    LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

    Thanks for the videos, theriddler! There's quite a large amount of complicated puzzles and humorous stuff in the game by the looks of the gameplay videos! I especially like how Hogsmeade is portrayed. I can't wait to try out the PC demo!
  15. Thanks for fixing and finishing what I started, Randal! By the way, I'm only one person, not a 'they'. I've fixed it, and added a second refrigerator box on the outside (with the three 1 x 1 round plates that are supposed to be in the box) for easier reference of the accessories of the set.8214 Lamborgini Polizia (Racers - Lamborghini) LXF file A couple of changes I had to do because of missing parts in LDD: The brick with clip holding the stop sign is supposed to be this piece, but it doesn't exist in LDD so I used two 1 x 1 plates and this piece. The engine exhaust pieces at the back would not fit onto the 2 x 12 plate the instructions said to put onto, so I added 1 black 1 x 1 round plate to each of the pipes before placing the pipes themselves on. When indexing it, could credit be given as a two person collaboration (for example, "by ILikePi and Randal")? Randal helped do a whole bunch in the model.
  16. ILikePi

    City 2010

    We already know about this - whung found it 4 days ago and posted it in the City 2010 topic.
  17. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia Sign-Ups

    I'd love to play - the idea of a Harry Potter mafia game sounds very interesting! I'll only be gone for a day or two right at the beginning of July, but after that I'll have plenty of time on my hands. 1) What is your experience with mafia games, here and elsewhere? I've actually never played a mafia game at all before due to time constraints, but I have watched many in action, like Prohibition Mafia and Infection - they were very interesting to watch. A Harry Potter-themed game would be a great way to get to know more about the world of mafia games! 2) What is your relationship with the Harry Potter -franchise? I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter! It's my second favorite LEGO theme, the first being LEGO Star Wars. I plan on buying the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter sets from The Burrow and down on. I've read each book twice so far, and I have watched some of the movies (I watched 4-6 recently, but I watched 1-3 a long time ago so I wouldn't count that as watching). I also love the (It excites when I hear it in an unexpected place, like a planetarium or on a website ). I've played one of the Harry Potter games before, and from that, alongside the books & movies, I remembered spells like Alohomora (key-opening spell), Wingardium Leviosa (spell that makes things float), the three Unforgivable Spells (Crucio, Avada Kedavra, Imperio), Expecto Patronum (Patronus spell), Petrificus Totalus (petrifying spell), and Expelliarmus (disarming spell).Looking forward to see who gets chosen!
  18. ILikePi

    Which set should I buy?

    I think you should get the minifigs first - they won't last long (stores are pretty low on stock from what I hear), and you have at least a year to get the Lunar Limo or Tank Truck if you want to.
  19. Were they at normal price? If so, I'll have to check mine out soon!
  20. ILikePi


    This is brilliant! The brick-built droid looks very cool (I love the use of a droid torso for the neck!), and the STAP is nice and sleek! Did you ever think of also making a tactical droid? The body looks like it would work quite well. By the way, what does all of the Aurebesh on the pictures say? I don't want to look it all up.
  21. ILikePi

    BrickArms Combat 2010

    Will's made some really cool products this wave! I especially like the spy carbine and sawed-off shotgun. Thanks for the information, badger!
  22. I'm about three-fourths done with a LDD version of 8214 Lamborghini Polizia, but a section of the front won't attach on! I've tried moving the hinges ever so slightly, but they won't fit without removing some other parts. Can anyone help? The instruction page: The LDD model (click to download the model): The blue outlined part is where I need the unattached piece to go onto. If someone can fix it, please post a file of it on here so I can finish the model. Thanks!
  23. ILikePi

    10155 Maersk Line Container Ship

    I don't like how this is basically a complete rerelease of an old set design, but still, it's is a very cool set. Tons and tons of Maersk blue (), and a nice ship to boot. I'd love to get this, but there's way too many other sets for 2010! Hopefully this will drive down the inordinate prices on BrickLink!
  24. ILikePi

    City 2010

    Wow, I wasn't expecting an alternate version of the LEGO Truck! This TRU Truck definitely looks much cooler than the normal one, and will definitely be a collector's item in the future. Is this the first set to have TRU's logos on it? But since this is a TRU exclusive, Americans can expect the set to be at least $10 more than the LEGO Truck. I guess I'll get this at the LEGO Store then...
  25. It's great to see more surveys so that we can connect with TLG and so that the community can get what we actually want! Here's my input: No, I personally buy these types of sets because of their overall look and with the intention to keep the models built. I buy the sets from individual appeal; I only purchase the sets that look very appealing, and not just because it's a LEGO Direct set. I would love to see Mount Rushmore and the White House (a version larger than the Architecture one and with minifigures). I have more ideas, but I don't remember them as of this time. I would love to see models like Cloud City (Star Wars), Echo Base (Star Wars), a post office (City), a bank (City), amusement park (City), zoo (City), an accurate LEGO Store (City), a hospital (City) and a scale model of a family home (City). There may be other items I would like to see, but I can't recall them right now... I think it's awesome how a company like TLG actually wants to get feedback for future models and preferences from its true fans!