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    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Three

    I'm wondering, what was that burning feather? Was it some type of Gryffindor artifact?
  2. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Three

    Two more losses in the night! I hope that Angela is okay, and I mourn the loss of Francis. If we vote this time, we'd have to vote off one of the Death's Hallowed, or who knows what they would do this night. I'm terriblysorry for not being there yesterday when we were voting. I was in the bathroom at the time, and missed out on all of it. (I couldn't get on EB during the time of voting) When I was in bed early last night, someone Stupefied me, and I was rendered unconscious for the rest of the night. Who could have done that? Another innoncent aiming blind spells? A second impartial?
  3. Thanks a whole bunch for telling us about this, dluders! I was wondering what BrickJournal magazines were like, and, at first glance, they look well worth the money! I might have to buy a printed version the next time I visit the LEGO Store. Can't wait to read through the magazine!
  4. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Two

    That was an interesting innocent and one neutral gone. It seems that Brandon was attacked by the Death's Hallowed, as the assailant used the Killing Curse on him. I don't want to be too intrusive, but it would be nice if you could tell us what (a monster, a person, etc) had petrified you, Angela. That way we would know what else we are up against. May both Oraman and Brandon rest in peace.
  5. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    Sandy, I'm sorry for telling you this a bit late, but I'm going to be visiting Los Angeles, California for the weekend for my grandpa's birthday. There's a big chance that I'll have internet access while I'm there, though. I'm sorry for any inconveniences I may have caused!
  6. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day One

    I do know that my family's pride had been stained during Voldemort's reign, but with him gone, many have changed - most of them may still be rude and mischievous, but they are not evil. Plus, I (and many others currently residing in the castle) was not even born yet when Voldemort was still alive. I don't mean to be impolite, but if you think that my Uncle Draco may still reside on the path of evil, why not ask Mr. Potter himself for his opinion of him? I do recall my uncle telling me of how he was in the same year as Mr. Potter. They were rivals during their years at school, but they have made peace with each other when Mr. Potter saved my uncle from his death.
  7. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day One

    I'm sorry to contradict you, Madam Kingston, but I wouldn't be so conclusive that only faculty may have taken part in the attack. My uncle, Draco Malfoy, told me of how in his sixth year he almost killed Albus Dumbledore - the most powerful wizard of his time, and former headmaster of Hogwarts. He could not bring himself to do it, however, and deeply regrets even attempting the deed.Excuse me, headmistress, but is the school under lockdown? Will we be receiving any more help or protection from the outside world before the "Death's Hallowed" attacks again, or are we to fend for ourselves?
  8. Done! And thanks, Ratshot! :)

  9. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day One

    (quaking with fear) I hope P-Professor Lastrada is...o-okay! He was my f-f-favorite teacher. Who's g-going to t-take his place while he's...g-g-gone? (sniffling) Madam Hearth is right; if we can work together while maintaining our peacefulness, we should be able to undermine the "Death's Hallowed" and bring them to justice.May the three deceased students rest in peace. We have to make sure that Professor Lestrada doesn't join them
  10. Thanks! Do you want me to delete your first comment, Inky? Unfortunately, emoticons don't work...

  11. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    I love doing tutorials, so let me give you a hand! First, go up to the top right where that box is. Click the arrow pointing down (it's to the right of your profile photo), and then click "my settings". On the tabs under "your options", click profile. Then, on the list on the left, click "change signature" or "change avatar", depending on which you want to do. And then you update them with your character's name/character's picture. I hope I was clear enough!
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    The Lego Kit

    Wow, that's a cool concept! It's nice and easy to use - when I first saw it, I thought that a complicated process was going to be invloved for creating a minifig. But all you have to do is just drag the parts up there in the's fun to play around with! Hopefully others submit more designs for even more customization. One quick note, in the "gloves and hands" section, you misspelled "weapon".
  13. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    Loki Malfoy reporting in for another year of magical learning! It'll be very interesting to play as a member of the Malfoy family in my first mafia game.
  14. The BrickMaster AT-AT looks very interesting - I'm glad I ordered a subscription already! It's odd how TLG is advertising the VIP program like this, with the bars next to each and every price tag; just saying that you get 1 point per dollar would have worked. I'm eager to receive my copy of the catalog! It's nice to be able to plan on what to get without having to go online
  15. ILikePi

    What did you buy today?

    I bought 5971 Gold Heist and 7197 Venice Canal Chase today at my local LEGO Store. Gold Heist was only $10 USD (MSRP $20), and Venice Canal Chase $28 (MSRP $40). For Venice Canal Chase, I had to use the store's shop-and-ship policy to get the set shipped to my house, because they had no IJ stuff at all. Oh well, at least I got free shipping, and the sale price! An employee told me that Indiana Jones was going to be discontinued soon, so if anyone is planning on getting any of the sets, I would really hurry. Unfortunately there weren't any collectible minifigs; I've yet to see a box, or even a bag with my own eyes.
  16. Please note that I had to use the BrickLink catalog for this custom "brick" because Peeron only lists the tauntaun as separate pieces, and not as a complete assembly. Tauntaun, Complete Assembly (64800pb01c01) from LEGO Star Wars 7749 Echo Base: LXF file It comes in both white and light bley because the prototype was in white, and the real version is in light bley. It doesn't come with a place to hold the reins, but comes with two "teeth" instead. Saddles can fit onto them just fine. I take no credit at all for the design; it was created by LEGO designers as seen in LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary. (I have no idea at all how to add custom backgrounds, so I used the "building guide mode" to get a blue one. )
  17. Like many others, I was really surprised at this set! Previously, I only thought of it as a great big mountain of old light and dark grey, but now I see that it's much more than that. It is truly a sight to behold. I don't think that I'll ever purchase this set, though; my brain definitely exploded - multiple times - during your extremely detailed build process! I counted about 70 sections of greebles total - that must be at least 1000 pieces worth of greebles! If I ever decide to get a UCS set, I'll have to settle for something less challenging. I'd like to know your plans on this set: are you going to find an alcove to display this beast or are you going to disassemble it and store it away? P.S. The last picture is hilarious
  18. ILikePi

    The Chaos at Hoth

    It's actually pretty simple to deeplink, I'll show you how to do the "main picture". I'm assuming that this is your main pic, right? So, at that link above, click "all sizes", then "medium". Then right click the picture and click "copy image address" or "copy image location". Then go back to EB, edit your post, and click this picture: . After clicking it, paste the copied link into the box and click insert image; it should look like this: [img=] If you want to link the image to your Flickr photostream, grab the photostream link, highlight what you put on your edited post (you can see it in the codebox above), and click this: . Then paste the link to your photostream and click "insert link". The code should be like this: [url=""][img=][/url] Your final result will be this, a picture with a clickable link: And then you repeat the process with the rest of the pictures. I hope my tutorial was clear enough.
  19. ILikePi


    Whoah, that is way too cool! I love how you put all of the scenes under the theatre as cut-outs, very clever! My favorite detail is the back, where you used countless 1 x 1 printed letter tiles to recreate the scrolling text at the beginning of each movie P.S. Luckily there isn't a minifig limit in the entries; I count over 100!
  20. ILikePi

    What did you buy today?

    I ordered a Brickmaster subscription yesterday, mainly for the buy 1 get 1 free LEGOLAND ticket. The six LEGO sets, two $5 off LEGO Shop coupons, and 6 magazines are a free bonus! EDIT: Interestingly, while checking out, it said that I was eligible for the LEGO Toy Story activity book, even though I didn't make a TS purchase. I'm looking forward to seeing what it is, though, since I haven't seen any pictures of it yet.
  21. ILikePi

    REVIEW: 8092 Luke's Landspeeder

    I've been putting this set off for a long time, mainly because I'm waiting for a sale, but your review has motivated me to buy it in the near future! While the set may seem a bit small, I think it's well worth the $25. You get four main characters in ANH, and the only minifig I already have out of the five in the set is R2! So it's definitely a justifiable price in my book. I do agree that Ben and Luke's faces don't look accurate (Luke even smiles when he's about to be eaten by a wampa and when he's on a Lambda with his father right next to him, transporting him to his doom! ), but I can deal with it since it doesn't bother me a ton. The landspeeder is a nice and sleek ship! Dark red is always welcome, and looks great on the speeder. It's obviously a huge improvement from the vintage versions of it, but after seeing Rapseflaps' screencaps, it does seem a bit too elongated. It's also odd how tan was used, but maybe the designers tried out different shades of red (sand red is discontinued, right?) and settled with tan instead because there wasn't a suitable shade. Another excellent review, Clone O' Patra!
  22. ILikePi

    Happy Father's day!

    Today I helped to wash my dad's car. After that, I put on tire foam (it makes the tires look shinier and cleans them) and polished the whole car. Now it's super shiny! Yesterday, we took my dad out to Elephant Bar for an early dinner (because he didn't want to wait in long lines )!
  23. ILikePi

    Steam Gaming Thread

    IGN has three videos that show all of the clips that we've seen, plus the cut out parts between, Wheatley and the revival of GLaDOS, and funny cartoons illustrating each of the new features! Enjoy! Nope, the orange one increases your velocity while the blue one make surfaces bouncy.
  24. They're completely sold out at my local TRU and Borders, and the manager at the TRU said that there were 88 bags left at a TRU 16 miles away. I don't think I'll be able to go there, though, so that means I won't be able to get a single figure. I really wanted to get a whole set. And no, I won't buy them online. EDIT: Inky told me that they sold out at that TRU in less than an hour. Definitely the work of a greedy scalper.
  25. I ran into a couple of errors when building Echo Base in LDD: This bug involves these three parts: - - When inserting the three parts together like this... ...the lightsaber blade can go right through the top stud of the 1 x 1 brick with studs on four sides. When you save the file and reopen it, you get this error... ...and the 1 x 1 brick with studs on four sides gets removed. Lightsaber hilts won't fit into Technic pin joiners Barraki eye pieces won't fit into 3L Technic pins with studs I'm sorry if any of these bugs have been reported already; I don't visit the LDD forum often.