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    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Nine

    I assure you, the first statement is the reason why I contacted you, Professor Ching. I hadn't even thought about the other two derivations while asking. And about the third there even a spell like that that would work on ghosts? Does your foe glass only show people who want to harm you? I'm confused as to what it actually does because you said this two days ago: Rhubarb was innocent, but Crudo was not. Did you use your foe glass to find out that they both targeted you on the night of Day 6?
  2. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Nine

    (I'm having personal problems pertaining to my internet bandwith, so I haven't been able to completely read the opening post due to the pictures, and I might have skimmed through what everyone was saying too quickly. Please excuse me if I make any mistakes...) To clarify on the potion, the reason I gave it to you was because I thought Nene was a Hallowed due to her behavior, but when it was revealed that she was an impartial and that you had her voted out for your own purposes, but now you've really proven yourself by performing a hat trick in terms of removing three of the Death's Hallowed!As for the fact that I have not voted out a Hallowed yet, I was only available on the day that Sheila was voted out. My predicament is, for example, similar to one that a Muggle would have while playing one of their 'online Mafia games' on their 'computers'. If they couldn't use their computer for two days, and two 'Mafia' members were voted out, would it mean that the Muggle was also a Mafia member? I don't see how Crudo attempting to raise suspicion of me shows that I could be a Hallowed. Since Crudo is a Hallowed himself, why would he try to raise suspicion of another one of his own? If he was innocent, it would make sense, but even if he was, he could have just told everyone that he was suspicious of me and what he knew. I don't think I've even spoken directly to him yet since this ordeal started.I've also made an arragement with a fellow Hogwarts member Professor Ching, which should prove my innocence by tomorrow if everything goes through. Never mind, Professor Ching has revealed that I spoke to her yesterday. Feel free to talk to me in private later, Jolie - I've got nothing to hide. ----- And I'm having suspicions that Horcruxes could be involved, based on what Jolie was told in private. Didn't 'Bulltoad' have a basilisk's fang in his possession, one of the few items that could destroy a Horcrux? Finally, may Professor Longbottom and Prion rest in peace. (Oh, please ignore the first quote in my post. I must have pasted it again by accident.)
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    Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    I apologize for missing Day 8. I'm just not used playing an online mafia game, and I keep forgetting to go on Eurobricks every day.
  4. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    I hadn't expected day seven to go by so quickly! Currently I'm still on vacation, and I only managed to find time to get on my dad's laptop today. I'll be sure to get on at least once per day from now on. Oh, and that's a funny conclusion for day 7!
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    10214: Tower Bridge

    Ah, so Jamie is behind the gigantic amounts of tan cheese! I should have known. But wow, 556! This set has got to be the one the uses the most of a specific piece in a single color!
  6. Thanks! I'll fix the plate problem (and the rear view mirror - I'm nitpicky too when it comes to things like that so it's fine ) after I get back from my week-long trip to San Diego (and that means a day at LEGOLAND!) I'm about two-thirds of the way done with building the Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer in LDD, but I won't be able to finish it until I get back. Hopefully no one's going to have created their own version by the time I do get back.
  7. Many thanks to both of you! I've already updated the Emerald Night and Space Police Central LXF files with the correct tan colors (the color select tool proves very useful for these mistakes!) and I'm in the process of updating the post for the Volkswagen Beetle. Interestingly, I used the correct color for the LXF file for Echo Base; I don't know why I suddenly switched to the 'cool yellow' color instead. The topic looks very useful! Thanks Aanchir for linking to it and thanks Superkalle for making it. I'll definitely use it later on if I'm unsure about which color is which.
  8. ILikePi

    10214: Tower Bridge

    Does anyone else think that the middle is a bit weak? It's only supported by a baseplate on the bottom and two 4-wide bridges on the top. But other than that, it's a remarkable set! My favorite bit has to be the cute mini cars, and - not to mention - the huge amounts of tan, especially the cheese!
  9. Here's a screenshot of the parts (please note that I used the hide tool to hide a 1 x 8 black brick because it covers the yellow 1 x 1 plate from view): The green plate is the 'angled' one I was talking about. If you used a 1 x 3 brick instead of the three colored parts shown above (red 1 x 2 brick, blue cheese slope, yellow 1 x 1 plate), the angled plate wouldn't be able to be at an angle because it would collide with the 1 x 3 brick. I've tried moving the piece you mentioned above, but nothing happened. Are you sure that the piece can actually be moved? Cadder mentioned having the same problem as me. Ah, good to know. I'll remove the words in the parentheses later on. I'm still not sure which color is tan - this is what it looks like when I hover over the yellow swatch on my computer: prateek said that "Brick Yellow is the tan colour you see either to the right of, or under the regular yellow colour." The color I've highlighted (it's the top left color of the yellow color grouping) is right under and to the right of yellow, and that's the one I've been using. Is the real tan on the bottom left of the yellow color grouping? I know that the 1 x 2 bricks without center pin is usually for transparent colors; I was tired when building some parts of the model, so that was probably why I used the wrong type of 1 x 2 brick. I've already replaced all 14, and I'll have the LXF file and post updated as soon as I find out which color is tan...Thanks for pointing out those mistakes, Superkalle!
  10. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    Sandy, I'm going to be gone for a whole week, starting Saturday. My uncle said that he has a very slow Internet connection, so I don't know if I'll be able to get on Eurobricks from August 7 to August 15. I'll try my best, though! I really wish that I could be more active in the game, as it's starting to get even more interesting than it was before (not that it ever was boring), but my family has had this trip planned since June. I hadn't expected the game to go on through the end of July!
  11. Thanks! I've changed the LXF file so that the 2 x 4 x 2/3 slopes are used instead, and I added a new picture. I'm terribly sorry, Cadder, but I had built the Volkswagen Beetle about a week ago and forgot to post it here - it'll be edited in this post within a half hour. Feel free to create it in LDD and post your own version, though!------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT (August 5, 2010): The LXF file has been updated with the correct tan color. EDIT (August 25, 2010): The LXF file has been updated with the correct bricks in the hood of the car. 10187 Volkswagen Beetle (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: There is supposed to be a red rubber band on the two 'wheels' of the back engine, but since rubber bands can't flex in LDD, I left it out. A smaller piece (a wheel cover) was used for the steering wheel (instead of the Technic steering pulley in the set) because the one found in the model does not exist in LDD. The real set has 11L strings with end studs attached to two headlight bricks on the ceiling of the car (to act as celiing handles for passengers to hold on), but since you can't bend string, I left them out. Inside the hood, I replaced two black 1 x 3 bricks with a 1 x 2 brick, a 1 x 1 plate, and one cheese slope because an angled plate inside the hood would not fit with the 1 x 3 bricks in place. (Scroll down to post #510 for a screenshot) Fixed! I had to remove one yellow Technic half bush from each car axle because they wouldn't fit in due to tiny inaccuracies in the LDD brick dimensions. For the two assemblies in which each of the large, trans-clear front headlights are attached to, I had to use three 1 x 1 round plates instead of a 1 x 1 round brick because the 1 x 1 round brick wouldn't fit inside a 1 x 1 Technic brick's hole. The spare wheel that is supposed to be in the hood of the car is outside instead because there's nothing to attach it to in the hood - in the real model, it just sits inside. The display card and spare wheel (which are included in the real set) are not shown in the screenshot, but they are included in the LXF file.
  12. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    That conclusion is exactly why I don't like reading horror books - the descriptions freak me out It does add extra interest and anticipation to the next day, though!
  13. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Six

    Thanks for telling the truth, Valerie! Well, even if we voted off Jolie and she was an impartial, it would be a stupid move as the Hallowed would be one person less from outnumbering us.So...Sheila is a werewolf. How are we going to be sure which side she is on, though? No one was attacked on the fifth night (and Desiree brings up a good fact from Voldemort's time about the late Remus Lupin, if I recall his name correctly), but a werewolf could be a major threat in the nights to come.
  14. ILikePi

    Review: 3849 Orient Bazaar

    Wow, this set has a plethora of useful and interesting parts! I especially like the perfume sprues - according to BrickLink, the last set to have them was the 2007 edition of Hogwarts Castle, and, before that, a 2002 Belville set! The printed 2 x 4 tile with the item amount to profit amount is also a cool addition that TLG could have just decided to print on the rule book instead of making it a real physical piece. The gameplay for this set sounds fun! The idea of buying items from vendors and selling the items back to the same vendors to make a profit is something I'd like to see in real life. This is definitely going near the top of my list of sets to buy, all thanks to your review, Dunjohn!
  15. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Six

    I will admit that I was the one who gave Jolie the Felix Felicis. I planned on giving it to Jolie because I thought she needed protection after she got everyone to vote off Nene, who appeared to me to be a Hallowed. After it was revealed that she was an impartial, I doubted giving the potion to Jolie, but it was already too late.As for Valerie, I would like her to give an explanation before making a decision to vote or not. I would advise that everyone else who is keen on voting to wait, too, or else she will get sent away without any say in the accusation. As with Madam Kingston, I have full trust in Professor Ching, but I don't want to jump on voting so quickly.
  16. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Six

    We've lost seven innocents so far, and still we haven't caught a Hallowed! This is a disaster. So it seems that Horcruxes - I believe that they are parts of your soul embedded in objects that protect you from dying, even when your body is gone, and that can only be made when you kill a person - are part of the Hallowed's arsenal now. The question do we find the items?
  17. ILikePi

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    The Hogwarts board game is now available in the US - and at a steal for $30! Filch's face looks unfinished. Perhaps (along with the hands) TLG messed up on the picture of him?
  18. ILikePi

    City 2010

    There's no chance that these polybagged versions of the Max minifig will be given away in magazines. It might be a giveaway at the August 14-15 LEGOLAND California club weekend, but definitely not as freebies in the magazine. If they were, then millions (or at least hundreds of thousands) would have to be given away!Also, I believe that the minifigs (without polybags) were randomly given away in February 2010 at LEGO Stores, and you can also buy a keychain version at the LEGO Shop for $5 USD.
  19. ILikePi

    Build-a-fruit raffle competition

    The Orangemobile - serving orange juice to LEGO City since 1978! SPECIAL OFFER! Buy 4 cups of orange juice and get a mug free! Only $100! (I'll leave it up to you to decide what the currency is )
  20. That Über soldier is a spy!

  21. ILikePi

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    The UCS Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter is looking good! I'm going to have to pass on it, but I do like the overall look of the set. It's great how the white stripe in the middle is built with SNOT, and how it comes with a giant astromech head, unlike the UCS Naboo Starfighter which came with a normal R2-D2 dome. I don't mind the stickers, but I have one complaint: the astromech dome is too big! I mean, if someone built a scale Obi-Wan to fit in the cockpit, a complete version of the astromech would be about as tall as Obi-Wan himself!
  22. ILikePi

    Yearly Calender for Lego Events

    Toy Fair (New York, USA) takes place in February. That's when we see most of the Summer lineup of sets! Bricks by the Bay 2010 (California, USA) happened in April. No one knows when next year's will be held, but it should be on the same month! Comic-Con (California, USA) took place this month, June. Usually there are a handful of exclusive, limited edition sets for sale there, as well as one Star Wars product being revealed (this year, the UCS Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter). LEGOLAND California's Star Wars Days (California, USA) happen in August. Can't wait to see what's in store in person this year! P.S. According to this article, "calender is part of the finishing process or device on making clothes or paper to give the material an even or glossy look."
  23. ILikePi

    Best 2010 City set?

    My favorite this year has got to 7848 Toys 'R' Us Truck. The store is a great add-on to the truck, and the blue-white color scheme is much more appealing to me than the yellow of the LEGO Truck. But the best combination would be to have the LEGO Truck's stickers on the TRU Truck! My list of top 5 sets this year goes like so: 7848 TRU Truck 8403 City House 7939 Cargo Train 8404 Public Transport 3180 Tank Truck
  24. ILikePi

    Smashed Boxes

    Here's an interesting tidbit that I noticed while browsing the LEGO Customer Service site: That shows that TLG actually has noticed that some people (including me - see below) have gotten smashed boxes before! I've ordered from the LEGO Shop twice so far: once in May 2009, and once last month in June. For the May shipment, I ordered a General Grievous sculpture and two Public Works sets (on clearance for $30 USD and $1 USD, respectively!) and they all came smashed badly. The General Grievous set's top was pushed in (creating white creases at the corners), and the impulse sets looked as if someone punched the box. I'm guessing that when purchasing multiple sets, there was a larger chance of getting smashed boxes because TLG would have to use the next size if they didn't fit, and that means extra space for the boxes to shuffle around. But last month, when I ordered a Venice Canal Chase during its sale and final hurrah, it came perfectly packed! It looked similar to what Brickdoctor describes above. So that, coupled with TLG's notice on the customer service site, is a sure sign that the LEGO Shop's packaging has improved greatly
  25. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Five

    I have full trust in our crippled librarian, and there isn't really a reason that she would lie. She was attacked by a Hallowed two nights ago, and that is enough proof to me that she is not a Hallowed. I hadn't planned on voting until more evidence was found, but since Professor Ching cannot vote, I would like to vote: Todd "Bulltoad" Bulstrode/Roncanator in her place as I feel that I am obligated to do so as thanks for all those Divination lessons that I found very interesting.