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  1. I'm back to LDD building, and what better way to announce that than to post a new model? 7263 Temple Escape - Indiana Jones (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: The two BURPs in the set do not have the dark green marbling pattern All stickers/prints are missing/incorrect, except for the 'happy face' skull prints. Three 1/2 Technic pins have been attached to the spears on the wall so that they stay in place The large 'boulder' is missing as it currently does not exist in LDD The two hose pieces that make up the boulder's track cannot flex, and are left to the side (will fix when possible to flex) The two 2 x 2 round bricks at the temple part of the set are attached sideways to the leaves because normally they are just sitting there with no attachments The metallic gold idol has been replaced with a microfigure (incorrect color) The two sets of chrome gold coins are incorrectly colored The door behind the boulder won't fit in the place where it's meant to be, and is left to the side Now I have to update my previous models with the new parts in LDD 4...
  2. ILikePi

    "Bullseye" the Target dog

    It's definitely a printed piece, as well as the other eye (a normal eye print). The packaging says that some parts are made in China (others in Denmark), but I'm guessing that's just the storage box with the gift card printed on it.I found four at my Target on Monday; two were outside, and I had to ask for two to be taken out of the storeroom. It's definitely an amazing deal since it's completely free (provided that you shop at Target often). I'd hurry to Target if you haven't gone there yet; my store is completely out of them now! Oh, and when opening the packaging, I recommend not peeling the plastic wrapping off from the corner, but instead using a razor to slice the part where the plastic meets the bottom edges of the gift box part.
  3. Here's a weird paint bug I just found (not sure if it was already there or already reported - sorry if it was): There's two paintable stripes (if you paint one both get painted, though) on this piece, even though there's nothing like that in real life.
  4. I'm trying to build Temple Escape in LDD, but just 12 pages in, I ran into a snag. I can't seem to find anywhere at all! Superkalle's LDD manager (the latest version of it) says that it's in the group with a picture of a 2 x 2 plate with wheel pins, but that group doesn't exist. Is the piece even in LDD at all? EDIT: Never mind, I found it in the 1 x 1 with clip group! But that non-existent group might be something you'll want to fix, Superkalle
  5. ILikePi

    What did you buy today?

    Today I went and bought four of the Bullseye LEGO Target gift cards. It's an awesome deal since I got 124 bricks for free! The only bad thing is that the 'gift card' part is actually printed on the back of the plastic container used to hold the LEGO pieces, but I can live with that because the model looks great, especially with the 1 x 1 Target logo brick!
  6. ILikePi

    Review: 20018 Mini AT-AT

    I was wondering whether or not to open my set since it's going for about $20 (USD) on BrickLink, but now, I might think differently on that! It's a cute little model that would go well with my ever-expanding Hoth collection. I've already gotten used to the giant bags (filled mostly with Danish air ), and the polybag art is very cool - that's one reason why I like polybags so much! Thanks for the quick review mutley!
  7. ILikePi

    new holiday sets at Target

    Neat, those are some great holiday sets! I'll have to check out Target some time later this week - that free Bullseye is too cute!
  8. After a lengthy struggle, I finally found some Series 2 minifigs at Target! I had to go to two stores, since the first store's Guest Services employee was too lazy to get someone to take the boxes out of the stockroom. But my favorite Target went through for me again, as they brought out two new, unopened boxes for me to peruse when I asked them if they had any in stock! I did have to wait for half an hour for them to come to the Guest Services desk, but when they did, I had a fun 20 minutes of searching for the minifigs I wanted. I ended up getting one complete set and three extra Spartans. I still have to find a way to get the Series 1 minifigs, though. I think I'll have to buy them on BrickLink in the future... Oh, and while searching, I found out that the fastest way to find the minifigs was to flip the box to the back and sift through the barcodes, looking for a pattern that the barcode sheet has. For example, the Spartan has two thin lines then a thick line at the end, so I skimmed through the whole box until I found a Spartan.
  9. Siegfried, the place where you hid the Karate Master was brilliant! It put a smile on my face once I figured out where it was. So far, I'm still missing the Spartan, and I haven't begun searching for the Weightlifter. I've been searching for at least an hour, and I still can't find the former!
  10. ILikePi

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    There isn't any fine print that tells you anything more about it. Here's a direct quote right off the catalog:
  11. ILikePi

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    There's one thing that Nick Wolfe left out about the catalog: it says when you pre-order all six sets, you'll get instructions for an alternate model of the Burrow! There aren't any pictures of that model, unfortunately, so it would be great if someone who did preorder all the sets would show us what the model looks like once their package arrives.
  12. I managed to find the witch picture, after staring directly at it and not seeing it until about five minutes later. Still looking for that elusive Spartan picture, though...
  13. Ooh, your birthday's tomorrow! Got anything planned for your special day?

  14. Hah, same here! That's a really clever way to hide the picture, Siegfried!
  15. Today's search was quite easy - I found it after about a minute's worth of searching! One tip, though - you won't find it easily by just using the search engine. Read the clue closely and you'll see a key word that tells you exactly where to look.
  16. Thanks Calabar! I've fixed the broken links. And I don't hate you - something similar to what I did was bound to happen one day. Also, I've got a new set to post! Many thanks to KimT for the scans of the instructions, the box art (which I used to help make the preview image), and the images of the models (which helped me distinguish the colors of the parts). Fan Celebration V CubeDudes - Bounty Hunter Edition (BrickLink - Brickset) Notes: The light bley 2 x 2 turntable top on 4-LOM has been replaced with a 2 x 2 round plate because you cannot separate the two parts of the turntable in LDD. The dark bley 1 x 1 brick with studs on two sides on Dengar's torso has been replaced with a 1 x 1 brick with one stud on one side because the side stud would not fit in a 1 x 1 Technic brick's hole. A 1 x 1 round plate was added to the connection between both Dengar's and Boba Fett's backpacks and their backs because the 1 x 1 bricks with studs on sides would not fit in the 1 x 1 Technic brick's hole (located on the back of both CubeDudes). All the bounty hunters' blasters - except Boba Fett's - had to be replaced with alternates because the Star Wars mold blasters do not exist in LDD. You can download each CubeDude separately through these links: 4-LOM Boba Fett Bossk Dengar IG-88B It was a really fun build, especially because I had been wondering how CubeDudes were built!
  17. Definitely, but I wish that Valve had kept Wheatley's original voice...

  18. I sifted through my offline gallery of instructions, and I decided to make the 11 mini sets that were in it yesterday. It feels good to be taking a short break from larger sets All the model names are from TLG's customer service page - it's the closest to the official model names that we'll get, since the polybags these sets come in are all blank. --------------------------------------------------- 7808 Yellow Airplane (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file --------------------------------------------------- 30020 Jet (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file --------------------------------------------------- 30021 Parrot (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Note: The brick boundaries of the blue wedge plates that make up most of the parrot's wings are rectangular, and make the parrot appear to float in mid air because of those boundaries. --------------------------------------------------- 30031 World Race Powerboat (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Note: All prints on the minifig are different than the ones in the set, and there is no dual sided head print, back print, and leg/hip print. --------------------------------------------------- 30032 World Race Buggy (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: I added a scarf to the minifig to simulate the dual sided face, which you can see here. The brick boundaries of the tires make the buggy appear to float in mid air. All prints on the minifig are different than the ones in the set, and there is no back print and leg/hip print. --------------------------------------------------- 30040 Octopus (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: The Atlantis key has no printing. --------------------------------------------------- 30041 Piranha (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Note: The Atlantis key has no printing. --------------------------------------------------- 30042 Diver (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Randal already made this model, but I decided to make it myself using the polybag's front as a guide for how the three black droid arms are placed, since the 'box art' is usually more accurate than the instructions. Note: The front torso print on the minifig is different than the one in the set, and there is no back print and leg/hip print. --------------------------------------------------- 30061 Attack Wagon (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: There are no torso prints, front and back. The flame piece had to be substituted for the older version. The black 1 x 1 cone on the wagon is the version with no top groove because the version with the groove would not fit in the spear's pole. --------------------------------------------------- 30062 Target Practice (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: There are no torso prints, front and back. The flame piece had to be substituted for the older version. Only one spear would fit in the crate, so I placed the other one on the ground. --------------------------------------------------- 30071 Army Jeep (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: There is no front torso print, and the face is a different print. Also, the helmet and stand are different (thanks to prateek for the design for the latter). The placement of the antenna of the jeep is in the location shown the front of the instructions. --------------------------------------------------- Oh, and Randal, I noticed that you used light lime (TLG calls it 'light yellowish green') for all of your Atlantis models instead of regular lime. The easiest way to get lime is to download Superkalle's LDD color chart LXF file (in this thread) - the greenish colored 1 x 1 brick all the way to the right of the line of plates is lime.
  19. ILikePi

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Wow, clear pictures already, and I haven't even bought any of the summer wave sets yet! I'm a bit disappointed how the battle packs look to be only one man vehicles (I may be wrong about the Mandalorian one), but I'm glad that there are still four minifigs! The Mandalorian battle pack, although having no variety, is definitely going to be a popular set, as well as the specialized clones and their battle pack! The ARF trooper mold looks great, and it's always fun to get more variety in our clone armies! The Imperial V-wing doesn't look very interesting, but I do like the silver/grey astromech and pilot with black clone pilot helmet! It doesn't seem worth it, though, since the normal V-wing in 2006 is about the same size as it, but this one is definitely going to be $25 USD. I'm looking forward to the Battle of Naboo set! We finally see a return of Gungans, and a droid with torso prints (excluding the rocket droid commando from the January wave). Also, there appears to be a whole bunch of droids in the set! The Bounty Hunter Gunship contains some cool bounty hunters, but the ship looks pretty small - I'm guessing that only one minifig can fit in it. It's interesting how the assassin droid now has a special printed 1 x 1 round brick (which looks odd, since the head is one plate higher). I don't know much about the three new Jedi minifigs in the shuttle, but they do look nice. The shuttle itself, however, looks odd with its studs on its wings. None of the sets actually disappoint me; they just aren't interesting enough for me to put on my list. I rarely buy any of the January sets except for the battle packs, but next year, I might have to get the Naboo set too!
  20. This looks like it's going to be fun, and also a great way to get members to look at some topics that they might have never seen before! Many thanks for giving all of us a chance to win a free minifig, WhiteFang! One question, is there a certain title that we should put on our PMs, like "Mystery Treasure Hunt Entry"?
  21. Two LXF files have been updated - 10194 Emerald Night and 10187 Volkswagen Beetle. I've added the 1 x 10 plate that was missing previously, and the 1 x 3 bricks do fit now! Thanks Thanks for pointing that out! On my computer, it's difficult to rotate large chunks of parts, so I managed to fix the problem by placing an axle holder on the floor and moving one of the train's tan axles (the ones in the middle of the front wheels) into it to get it to be at a neutral tilt.And here's my latest model... ---------------------------------- 4999 Vestas Wind Turbine (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: The tools that go in the van are outside instead because the 1 x 4 bricks with grooves that they are on do not fit in the 1 x 2 plates with door rails, which are inside the van. There is no string for the yellow and blue gas tanks, as string cannot bend. The gas tanks cannot attach to the hand truck because there is no real connection. In the real model, the gas tanks just rest on the hand truck. The light bley 1 x 1 tile with gauge pattern on the gas tanks is just a blank tile instead as the print does not exist in LDD. The 1 x 1 horizontal clip that is supposed to connect the hand truck to the rest of the tools is placed on the underside of the hole of the 3 x 2 plate, instead of being upside down on the top of the hole because the latter is not a possible connection in LDD. The two white 1 x 2 tiles with mail prints have been replaced with a different print. They have also been left outside of the mailbox. The chairs on the patio are placed off of the baseplate because they just sit loosely on the real model. The turntable on the top of the wind turbine has been flipped upside down because two white axle and pin connectors wouldn't fit on the dark bley side. One gear at the top of the turbine has been omitted completely since it does not exist in LDD, while another has been removed because it would not fit in between two Technic bricks. All electronic items (excluding the Power Functions battery box) are not present in the model. The battery box is placed outside of the baseplate because in the real model, it sits in a shell of bricks, with no actual connections.
  22. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: The End

    Wow, the entire game was much more complicated than I thought! And wow, it must have been interesting to be the Master, WhiteFang, with your gigantic list of inherited items! I was thinking that the Basilisk's fang had to have something to do with an alternate way of winning, but when I brought it up twice about the possibility of Horcruxes being involved, everyone just ignored me. You're lucky that I happened to protect you the day WhiteFang cast the Killing Curse on you! But if you did get everyone to vote off WhiteFang, there could've been a chance for us to win as his Grimoire might have been revealed as he became convicted, which would have allowed me to destroy it with the Basilisk's Fang!
  23. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: The End

    Wow, what an ending! I have to say, the Death's Hallowed really fooled me with all they did - especially voting against their own members! Congratulations to WhiteFang, Shadows, Inky, and Lord Arjay! I was especially impressed with how well you were playing the game, Lord Arjay - you would make a fine addition to any future mafia game! Here's a quick list of how I used my night actions: Day 1 - cast Protego on Sheila Bones/Matn Day 2 - cast Protego on Eloquence Malleus/Shadows Day 3 - cast Protego on Tea Ching/iamded Day 4 - used Felix Felicis on Jolie Jadis/Lord Arjay, conspicuously Day 5 - cast Protego on Brigelda Hearth/WhiteFang Day 6 - cast Protego on Jolie Jadis/Lord Arjay Day 7 - cast Protego on myself Day 8 - cast Protego on Jolie Jadis/Lord Arjay (no effect as she disappeared during the night) Oh, and my role PM:
  24. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    Aww, I hadn't expected to get voted out when I was gone. Oh well, it was fun - thanks for giving me a chance to play, Sandy! I think I'll stick to spectating these games instead of playing in them, though.
  25. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Nine

    If you vote me off today, it could spell the doom of you tomorrow. It would mean a loss of three innocents, so tomorrow could be the day the Hallowed take over. Hold on, I hadn't responded to this because I thought you were referring to the night of Day 3 - there were no killings that night either.It looks like I have no other choice but to reveal my night actions before the votes start coming in (I have to go somewhere later on in real life). I was the one who had cast Protego on you. It's the only spell I've completely mastered, and the only other item I had in the beginning of this ordeal was that bottle of Felix Felicis I gave to you.