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  1. Merkurius

    Old leaflets

    I mean the folded single sheets, in the early eighties often only showing city or classic space. In the mid-80s, there was single sheet folder divided into 6 squares a side, showing all themes. City, space, castle, technic...
  2. Merkurius

    Old leaflets

    There are a couple of sources of instructions and year catalogues on the internet, but all the small leaflets that follow the sets? Is there any source/inventory of these?
  3. Merkurius

    [MOC] Classic train - 12v Shell Terminal

    Finally. After some hours work and with your good ideas, a new version of 7833 Shell terminal is here. Now with new control platform (with reel), and a brand new tanker car. I tried some colours for the tank, but actually think that blue was pretty good. Also added a couple of barrels. Please excuse me for somewhat bad image quality.
  4. A few days ago, I made a decision. I've tried to build big houses, buildings and trains and have never been satisfied. I and new pieces and colors doesn't match and when I am collecting 12v trains and buildings and was a kid in the 80s it was actually a pretty easy decision: My mocs will look as they are taken from a LEGO catalogue from 1982-86. So, here is my first try. The brand new 7833 Shell terminal from 1984! It's still only build digitally, but I think I'm going to buy the pieces to build it in real, too! Any ideas and thoughts are welcome. Be mercyful :-)
  5. Is there a place where I can register my sets and get statistics of the pieces I own? What part do I have most of? In what color, etc, etc. Peeron have some of this, but in very annoyingly way. On Rebrickable i can see all the parts in all my sets, but not sort them..
  6. Merkurius

    New Bricklink Format

    I dont like the new Bricklink at all. Most of the functions I use are made much harder to use and everything takes much longer time. But one thing is completly catastrophical and makes it almost impossible to shop: When visiting a shop, I select one of my Wanted lists. Then, I want to see only how many bricks of each kind I need JUST FOR THE SELECETD WANTED LIST. I dont want to se ”Total wanted qty”. If I need Blue brick 2x2, 10 pieces for my Wanted list X, I dont want to have to click on ”View all” and look how many I need for Wanted list X. I have already selected Wanted list X, and dont want to see how many Blue brick 2x2 I need for Wanted list Y, Z or U!
  7. I was about to "clean up" my old Classic space and old Technic sets and realizes how hard it is to tell the difference between light grey from new awful light bluish grey or medium stone. Does anyone have some idea how to do it or any little trick? I dont want to destroy classic space beauties with ugly bluish bricks.
  8. Merkurius

    How Many Trains Do You Own?

    7710 7715 7720 7722 7725 7727 7730 7735 7740 7750 7755 7760 and a half 7745 Stations/wagons 7813 7814 7815 7816 7817 7819 7821 7822 7823 7824 7834 7838 7839 7866
  9. Merkurius

    12v layouts, track geometry and rules

    I have a point almost farest away, simply because I have to, to be able to connect the inner loop. Sadly, that point will very seldom be used. How can I use it in another way? I really have to edit my profile to show all my trains. I have a bit more than just 7710..
  10. Merkurius

    12v layouts, track geometry and rules

    Its some fleece blankets, really cheap (appr. 1, 5€ each). Tested my 7740 tonight :-D. But how am i going to manage 5 trains and 4 points without crasching?
  11. Merkurius

    12v layouts, track geometry and rules

    I have actually two stop lights but havent thought of where to put them. Can you explain a bit more? I going to have two or three transformers since the motor is slowing down when it's to far away from the transformers "connect-point". This is basically all track I have (some more straights with interruption). I have five motors=trains to drive simultaneously. Thanks a lot for advices/ideas!
  12. Merkurius

    12v layouts, track geometry and rules

    After some cleaning of the basement, I was ready to go and here are the result so far:
  13. Merkurius

    12v layouts, track geometry and rules

    This is how it turned out. (For the moment..)
  14. I am struggling with my 12v layout plans in my basement. I have now some space for a more or less permanent layout, but I cant figure out how to put my tables in a good way and at the same time create an interesting track layout. I've been googling for days for some 12v geometry info (I always seems to end up with a half straight section to much), how it is possible (and inpossible) to connect two tracks together, vertical/horizonal etc. Of course, I can make a pretty good layout but it has to be maintainable, i.e, I have to be able to put an off-track train on-track again and so on, and I dont want to have the landscape on the floor either. Does anyone know some resources for 12v geometry, does/donts, layout hints etc? (If needed, I have pics of room and tables for use in Bluebrick)
  15. My rarest brick is actually not a brick. It is the instructions to