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  1. aawsum

    Unfinished projects?

    I have some 6wheel bogeys on one of my trains. I use the standard wheels there. Works perfectly. Bogie_Top by Aawsum MOCs Lego, on Flickr
  2. aawsum

    Arduino Clone and PF Train Journey

    Sorry for bumping the topic. I see you are using a very simple setup to send code via an ir led to the train. I tried the same which works fine, however ... I experience that the IR led has difficulties to send a strong signal towards the receiver. I found it was ok in a straight line but only upto aomething liek 20cm. What is your experience here, it looks in one of your videos that your range is pretty ok.[/s] My bad, you answered this in another post already.
  3. aawsum

    Controlling 9V trains with Arduino

    The IR control of a PF train is real simpel btw. I found a small library on the internet and managed to get a pf train running, where the speed was handled by the arduino via a infrared led. Only issue I have so far is that the signal from the IR LED is very weak and only worked directly in front to a max of 20cm. Still have to manage that, but the control functions worked fine.
  4. aawsum

    Long Term Modular Layout, Phase 1

    On MILS and train layouts I wrote a small article. It is in Dutch but pictures tell a lot here: http://www.lowlug.nl/brickbieb/modulaire-lowlug-trein-layout/ We used this building style during our last exposition on Legoworld 2015 (NL) Some pictures can be found here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskhLXRTC
  5. aawsum

    will adding extra motor give more power

    I am running several trains with 2 rc motors especially because I have some inclines where this is needed for traction. On our layout this year we had a horizon express with multiple motors. It ran without issues. Not sure what a reverse polarity switch is or why you would need it.
  6. aawsum

    will adding extra motor give more power

    2 motors will give you more traction so yes this would help.
  7. aawsum

    Long Term Modular Layout, Phase 1

    Nice start. Like UrbanErwin said, the green hill looks organic. Good touch there. The way you build is really solid. I have experienced in my own modular builds that I was trying to limit the use of bricks that are underneath to cut costs. However this always leads to issues afterwards when pushing somewhere to hard or moving elements. Best thing to do is to use old used lego underneath, or cheap bricks in colors that are not used often. This will give you more budget on detailing the outside looks. One small other tip, not sure if this layout is for display purposes, but in the modular layout we have created where UrbanErwin also was participating we made some agreements on how to create the outside border. In our case we always used a black brick as a base which gave a nice line throughout the whole layout.
  8. aawsum

    Controlling 9V trains with Arduino

    So this is really cool. I have been thinking a lot about automating part of the layout we used. Last Legoworld (in NL) we had a big layout but ended up with only one train driving at the same time. We had to switch manually, I think the arduino can do a lot for us here. I really appreciate how you started in small steps, this will definitely help, and yes you finally made me choose between the pi and arduino. I am going to start simple as well, just by doing some basic learning and then start with automation of the train, switches and railcrossing. I think that is enough for now :) As I am a newby, I do have a question. In video 1, you connect the L298N Motor driver to a power supply, what kind of power supply can you use here. Is this just an old 12V powersupply where you cut off the end and used both wires to plug in the L298N?
  9. aawsum

    MOD: Power Functions Tram 8404

    Looking good, although I am wondering what it would look like if you joined cart 1+2 and 4+5, because now there are 5 small wagons. In the past I did a try as well to RC the 8404, and I managed to squeeze both the batterij + RC in the middle cart. It takes a bit more work to switch the battery, but it worked for me. 8404 mod 4 by aawsm, on Flickr
  10. aawsum

    Android App to Check Lego Set price

    In some countries (like Belgium) not all applications are enabled in the market, it also seems there is a restriction depending on the provider you use. Check a local android forum or more advice
  11. aawsum

    Android App to Check Lego Set price

    Wow, this is a really cool app. I just found out about it 3 days ago, and have been using it every day now. Prices seem to be working fine in the Netherlands. Actually I was looking for a simple app/database that I can have on my android where I can save a price of a lego set with the company that sells it. Just to know what the cheapest price is to have a quick look when I run into a set at a local shop I visit. The getprice app is helping me very much in this. Thanks.
  12. aawsum

    Forum Feature Suggestion

    What is the harm to the forum to open it up for tapatalk? I browse multiple forums via tapatalk, and their webmasters activated it within 10 minutes. Besides this it is also free of charge. Can it be discussed between the admins please to enable this ? I would very much appreciate this.
  13. very nice choice for a MOC, can't weet to see it in real (the render already looks great) A small suggestion from my side would be to make the first cart a bit longer, it looks longer in reality as well. For your question, I guess you would need the inverted slope 1x1 that does not exist :) No but seriously, I see some opportunities when you use these and I doubt however if they are available in the right color btw.
  14. aawsum

    REVIEW: 7936 Level Crossing

    Thanks for the review. It does not look like a real special set, but looking at the # of parts compared to the price it might be an interesting set to put on my shopping list. I must say however that I do not really understand the comparison to set 10128. The difference is not in the number of rails, but in the building and the walk bridge :-/
  15. aawsum

    REVIEW: 7684 Pig Farm and Tractor

    Great new pictures. I did not even know the set was available allready. And so close to my country Thanks