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  1. aawsum

    2018 Lego Trains

    There were 2 train sets this year, I would not expect anything next year. Plus, if there were rumours, you would have read about them ;-)
  2. aawsum

    (MOC) (LDD) Autorack car carrier

    Nice rebuild. I was actually unaware of the 1x2 white wedge you used, so learned something there :-) Some ideas on the build. The white also seems to go through (top of the ladder) on both sides, why did you choose to make that yellow in your build? And i am a big fan of 6 wide, so I know this is difficult, but it would be nice to find a way to lower the wagon closer to the track,
  3. aawsum

    Powered truck via M motor.

    Never heard this before. I have to say I do not drive a lot with pf, but that the motor is making the bogey tilt to one side is kind of interesting. Do you have this at all speeds or only at low speed.
  4. aawsum

    Train Tracking with RFID

    Did you create the antenna yourself? How did you calculate the amount of turns (length of wire) to use?
  5. aawsum

    Train Tracking with RFID

    Yeah I understand slowing the train is a way out, however I was more searching for methods where I could maintain the speed :-)
  6. aawsum

    Train Tracking with RFID

    Agreed, however I do not want to make adjustments to my train motors and use tags that require power from the train. Yeah this is the alternative, however this means more work as I have to isolate track for this. Also it will lead to shortcut issues, maybe this sounds a bit strange but the track power is controlled via an arduino instead of the regular 9V trafo. When a train motor has wheels on both sides of the isolation point this will cause a shortcut and makes the arduino to mailfunction. Also this can be solved, but I would rather have a stable reading so that I can spend time on building Lego instead of finding solutions for arduino issues :-)
  7. aawsum

    Powered truck via M motor.

    This setup runs fine through switches. Torque is wonderful with this motor. I have this in a small shunter and as long as it is build strong it can tow a lot of wagons though any layout. I personally run standard lego layouts, so no wide curves or anything and it runs fine.
  8. aawsum

    Train Tracking with RFID

    Sorry for bumping this topic .... I am testing a setup with an RFID reader and RFID chip. I am using 9V train equipment. Issue I see is the speed of the train. Till around 30% of the speed the RFID reader signals the passing chip, however when I increase the speed there is less accuracy. Is there any experience in the community with this? I am happy to share some more info and what material I am using, but am just wondering for now if I am the only one experimenting. I did do a lot of research in the modeltrain world, however they run their trains at a lower speed then a normal lego train so they do not experience this issue.
  9. aawsum

    Climbing 20 degrees hill

    Clear. Normally a train does not have to go up a slope that steep of course ;-)
  10. aawsum

    Climbing 20 degrees hill

    So what did you design exactly, is there something special on the engine?
  11. aawsum

    Large Layout Questions

    Last year on Legoworld we ran our layout for a week about 9 hours a day. Based on experience from the previous expositions we knew that during the night large vacuum machines run around and throw dust and grease in the air. This all comes down on the track. Same as during the day from the audience and eating places we receive a lot of grease, dust and other small stuff on the track. Last year we cleaned the track in the morning and afternoon each day and covered the layout during the night with a dust cloth. Where in previous sessions we ruined multiple motors and also experienced slower running trains, last year we ran without any serious trouble. So indeed, I think cleaning the track is the most important thing to do.
  12. aawsum

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    Understatement in my opinion. All the questions on interchangeable and powering multiple components via 1 cable or via hubs have not been answered or in a professional way ignored. For now I don't see any reason to move to powered up.
  13. aawsum

    Unfinished projects?

    I have some 6wheel bogeys on one of my trains. I use the standard wheels there. Works perfectly. Bogie_Top by Aawsum MOCs Lego, on Flickr
  14. aawsum

    Arduino Clone and PF Train Journey

    Sorry for bumping the topic. I see you are using a very simple setup to send code via an ir led to the train. I tried the same which works fine, however ... I experience that the IR led has difficulties to send a strong signal towards the receiver. I found it was ok in a straight line but only upto aomething liek 20cm. What is your experience here, it looks in one of your videos that your range is pretty ok.[/s] My bad, you answered this in another post already.
  15. aawsum

    Controlling 9V trains with Arduino

    The IR control of a PF train is real simpel btw. I found a small library on the internet and managed to get a pf train running, where the speed was handled by the arduino via a infrared led. Only issue I have so far is that the signal from the IR LED is very weak and only worked directly in front to a max of 20cm. Still have to manage that, but the control functions worked fine.