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  1. [pid][/pid]236A This is my second MOC. I've tried to create some nice and compact port with imperial fortress and some piece of town in a port.
  2. PaladinPL

    MOC: Rocky Pirate Island

    Thanks :) Well, I have seen a lot of different LEGO sets and as you can see there are few of them mixed in here (Fountain of Youth or Shipwreck Island elements in captain's cabin). And yes - this is my first time after a long long time I have build something from LEGO. Now I am working on building something bigger (like a city or port) for all my ships (Imperial flagship, Queen Anne's Revenge and Black Pearl).
  3. PaladinPL

    MOC: Rocky Pirate Island

    [pid][/pid]234D This is my very first MOC so be merciful :) I have been trying to build a bigger island for all my pirate stuff.