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  1. BrickBox

    A Mercedes Actros Heavy Rescue

    Not quite, actually it is this one: But I guess the flexible hose could work as well, although it might bend when you put too much stress on it.
  2. BrickBox

    A Mercedes Actros Heavy Rescue

    Thanks Ecclesiastes and lightningtiger, I'm glad you like it. That's an interesting view, I haven't seen it from this perspective yet. Also, minifig equipment is my secret passion, as you can see from all my other mocs
  3. I added the LDD file for a new MOC, the heavy rescue: Download link can be found in the first post.
  4. BrickBox

    A Mercedes Actros Heavy Rescue

    V-LF-15E Hello everybody, I'd like to share with you a MOC I had sitting around almost finished for about 3 months now, and that I last week finally took the time for to finish and take some pictures. So here it is: a european heavy rescue fire truck, based on Mercedes Actros and with a back mounted integrated crane. You can find pictures of my inspiration here. I think of all my builds so far, it is the most detailed, and I spent much more time designing it in LDD than using actual bricks to put it together. Especially for the driving cabin and the windshield I tried many different variations before I settled for one. I found this particularly difficult because I didn't want to use one of the generic Lego windshields (I somehow dislike them). I also used larger wheels than on my previous models, and I think they actually work quite well with this kind of large truck. Please let me know what you think of it and if you have any criticism, suggestions or questions. Enjoy! You can find my LDD file for the model in this thread later on. As you can see, there is more than one use case for the crane: Bertha had to be rescued from a pit again!
  5. BrickBox

    Cars for my MegaMOC 2012

    I guess I'm late to the party, but let me just say that all those creations are really stunning! That fire truck is my favourite (naturally), followed closely by your take on the iconic VW camper. I just recognized the 50's 60's gas station from your mega moc on flickr, I really loved that one when I first saw it. Keep it coming, there's so much great inspiration in your mocs. Now I really feel the need to find some time for building again...
  6. BrickBox

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    11) The Fisherman's Surprise (Clockwork Robot) Entry (Build by JackJonespaw) 1 Point 14) Raph's Shack (Mechanic) Entry (Build by Tommi) 1 Point 15) Through the Wormhole (Celtic Warrior) Entry (Build by Space Terrapin) 1 Point Good luck!
  7. BrickBox

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    30) Alien Entry (Build by Oky) 1 Point 31) Sleepyhead Entry (Build by watersnap) 1 Point 39) Bandit Entry (Build by Diidy) 1 Point Great builds everyone!
  8. BrickBox

    My first modular: A townhouse

    Hi Bregir, welcome to the site, I think that's a very solid modular build you introduced yourself with. The front facade is nicely detailed and pleasant to look at. The flowers at the window are a nice touch. However, I'm not so fond of your use of the brown log pieces. Their texture implies a wall of vertical wooden beams, which I think looks a bit odd with such a town house. I also think that the blue and yellow colors don't match that well with the rest, the colors lack a bit of cohesion imo. But overall definitely a very nice build, especially considering it's your first MOC and you probably had a limited amount of bricks to chose from. Would be nice to see some more angles of it. You can upload more pictures to flickr or brickshelf (you need to create an account there first) and then link to them from your post. See here for a nice tutorial on this. Edit: here is another tutorial on how to upload images to brickshelf.
  9. BrickBox

    MOC: Avenue Residences

    Like everyone else already said, that's wonderful work! I really like your approach of a modern style modular. It's a welcome change from the style of art nouveau, neo classical and the like we see with most other modulars. My favourite detail are those plate-built walls, they add a lot to the building's appearance.
  10. BrickBox

    MOC - 1950's Australian Suburban Street

    Well to be honest I don't have a clue about Australia, let alone Australia in the 50s, but I do think that tram No. 1 and 4 look pretty nice and would both match your street scene. Colorwise I would also go with those, i.e. brown or reddish brown as the main color.
  11. BrickBox


    Hi BLUscout, it's nice to have you aboard! And don't worry about yourself too much, this site is about Lego and what you and others do with it, not about your writing skills
  12. BrickBox

    Hello from england!

    Well hello there XXLrocka, I hope you'll have a fun time here at EB! Don't forget to check out the non-bionicle / non-hero factory parts of the site from time to time, it'll be worthwhile. Enjoy your tea ice cream
  13. BrickBox

    Hi from Italy

    Welcome at EB Maurice. Should you ever be bored of just collecting those nice little bricks, then definitely try your hands at some MOCing, it's the best thing you can do
  14. BrickBox

    My name is...

    Welcome Johan, enjoy your stay at Eurobricks! No surprise the modular buildings brought you back to Lego, if it wasn't for them, my own coming out of the dark ages might just have been followed by another dark age (btw., I agree with your wife, Green Grocer is the best modular to date).
  15. BrickBox

    The Wasabi District

    Those traffic lights and the kiosk are very well done, I like them. You should definitely scatter some of those kiosks around your streets. About the roads, did you consider brick building them with snot technique instead (like in this thread)? This way you just need black/white bricks and plates, which might save you some money compared to all the tiles for your current approach. Just a thought, not sure how feasible this really is since I don't have any experience with it myself.