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  1. tyler9011

    PIrate Face Decals?

    Haha yeaaaaaa. No problem tho ;p
  2. tyler9011

    Review: 852751 Pirates Chess Set

    Awesome stuff man, need to get it for myself haha :P
  3. tyler9011

    Reminiscing About 1990s Pirates

    Hey! OMG me too I had this set: 6245 - Harbor Sentry Good old times :P
  4. tyler9011

    Tournament of Retribution III - Unofficial comics

    Holy crap! I LOVED your post. I'm kinda new here but you seriously just made my day. Really cool, keep it up ;)
  5. tyler9011

    Review 4194 Whitecap Bay (part 1 and 2)

    WOW, awesome review keep it up man
  6. tyler9011

    Imperial VS Pirate (Brickfilm)

    Hey, I'm kinda new here and just learning about this Forum. Either way, that video was really Rad. Don't let the amount of views get you down. Keep it up ;) - Tyler
  7. tyler9011

    Cleaning and straightening out your sails

    Just normal or light wash, it's okay then..
  8. I really liked your post and how you described/photos the figures or whatever you-call it. Keep it up ;) - Tyler
  9. tyler9011

    REVIEW: 6245 - Harbor Sentry

    Awesome review!! Thanks a lot :D