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  1. tiggerkiddo

    Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    +1 for fred67 Thanks for the trade!
  2. Okay...I updated my listing with some Series 7 minifigs...and if it will help me get what I want, I may add a Wolverine figure to my list as well. My listing!
  3. tiggerkiddo

    2012 City sets

    This will sound weird but I'm glad the summer City sets aren't anything to write home about because I already know I'm buying the entire line of LOTR and Monster Fighters (Probably in one giant shopping spree) when they drop and my budget can't handle more than that...=p The big mine set looks kinda cool though, I may have to get that down the line.
  4. tiggerkiddo

    Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    + for Cornelius Murdock Thanks for the trade!
  5. My list! Added a couple more figures from Series 5.
  6. My list...again! Updated with some more Series 6 (Minotaur/Genie/Bandit/Highland Warrior/Genie)
  7. tiggerkiddo

    Classic Town Sets For Sale...

    Man if you do not end up selling that Sail n Fly Marina and I can sell this big Technic set, I am sooo tempted.
  8. tiggerkiddo

    Mostlytechnic's buy/sell/trade thread

    Interested in some of those Series 6 minifigs. If you're interested, I have a few Technic sets.
  9. tiggerkiddo

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    My store (Denver/Lakewood) had some 1x2 log style pieces in brown and dark bley. I got some of the dark bley and filled an entire cup with the brown. Obviously both pieces are no longer there...alas.
  10. My list! Updated my list with some Series 6.
  11. I did the feeling method and came out with three Opera singers....opps! I think my feeling techniques aren't very good. I did get a genie and a robber so that's good I suppose!
  12. tiggerkiddo

    REVIEW: 3932 Andrea's Stage

    Cosign on the taking of photos being the most time consuming part. It can almost take 10 shots just to get one right. Love how well the photos came out, these are some pretty colorful sets! I agree about the boombox but perhaps its one of those ones that lets you plug in a MP3 player (No that's not really a great excuse)? Love the little comic at the end!
  13. tiggerkiddo

    Lucky LEGO finds

    For 60 bucks, I got off Craigslist (one ad) 8448 Super Street Sensation Supercar Dune Buggy No instructions for them but they're all complete. The Super Street Sensation is a pretty cool Technic car. Bought it to flip so I could buy more Lego but the temptation to keep it is strong. Very strong indeed. If I don't sell it for the price I want, I'm perfectly fine with keeping it.
  14. tiggerkiddo

    REVIEW: 3932 - Andrea's Stage

    Oh dear, we already got the black diva...=D I kind of like the design of the set, the piano looks decent and the stage isn't half bad but is it just me or is that boxart not very flattering to the character? The Andrea figure sure looks a lot better than how she appears on the box...=(
  15. tiggerkiddo

    Review: Friends: 3936 Emma's Design Studio

    lol, man do these sets have quite a few useful pieces. Nice job on the review, I appreciate the shot with all the pieces, gives you an idea how well they seem to pack these sets with handy pieces. I also love how quickly this theme is getting reviewed, lol!