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  1. Looking great. I love the way you've got the bonnet to spread out as you move from the front to the back. Really nice. And love the suspension components...real low-rider.
  2. It does indeed look very cool. It looks like it can take some serious weight a tank ;-)
  3. Outstanding ! Some really interesting details. I love the exhaust tubing, the steering wheel, the carbs, and even the rain light. Spot on with the ’70s look. Add a racing number in a circle :-)
  4. Cheers :-) I'll make another video in due course with a tank mounted camera. And assuming the reloading goes smoothly, I'll unload the whole magazine and also drive over a few things to show the suspension. It is under a fair bit of strain, already pretty twisted due to the weight. Also the 4 XL motors on channel 1 receiver are causing a few issues with cutting out. I'll see about ensuring its a V2 receiver. Been taking a little lego time off, to make sure my Lego-widow gets some much needed attention ;-) Next MOC is then trailer to transport it. Just working up my ideas around what power functions and mechanisms that will have. So far I'm buying all the lights and dark grey stuff on eBay lol.
  5. That is where I took my online name from, yes :-) Hehe he was a freebie with a Lego order. So it was either going to be him driving the tank, or getting killed by it. I took the easy option.
  6. Two XL motors turning a cam pushing back against 2 springs from the Unimog suspension :-). If you have a look at my other thread with the build pictures and video, you'll get a better idea how it works. I've modified it since my build videos to increase the motor power and change the gearing. It's now very reliable and very powerful. :-)
  7. Here are a couple of videos....hope they are up to the forum's standards... Videos: In action - Iron Man gets shot. --- The functions.
  8. Cheers......I'm very pleased with it....looking forwards to the final few bits from eBay. Here are some hi-res images. Will make a YouTube vid very soon. 200 - The barrel support brace is in the up position ready for driving. ------ 201 ------ 185 - The torsion beam suspension is under a lot of strain ------ 186 - Side profile with rear bucket in extended position, and turret support brace retracted, allowing the turret to rotate ------ 187 - Maximum elevation approximately 25 degrees ------ 188 - Turret down and stowed, ready for driving ------ 189 ------ 190 - Rear bucket deployed, turret elevated, ready to fire. ------ 191 - with the barrel support brace in the elevated position, the driving lights are visible (there will be 8 in total in this opening), and covered over when in shooting mode, ie, brace retracted and rear bucket deployed. ------ 192 - Comms tower at the rear...basically all the little bits and bobs I could find and stick together....just a bit of fun really. Smoke generators (non functional !) on the top surface at the front. ------ 193 - Functioning chain driven machine gun next to the turret (with the yellow ring at the end) ------ 194 - 4 yellow flashing hazard lights (flashing in pairs) when the support brace is extending or retracting. This is tied to the rear bucket, which also has 2 pairs of flashing warning lights when moving. ------ 195 - Aerials, tubes and other fixtures ------ 196 ------ 197 - Barrel support brace tucks away completely. This was a real headache lol. Battery box blacked out to keep in tune with the tank. ------ 198 - Barrel support brace extended. ------ 199 - More umbilical cords and hoses. ------
  9. Finally finished it, save for a few more smooth tiles coming from eBay. A couple of low quality pictures, while I take some decent images and make a short video. Stats: Length: 71 studs - Body only, excluding rear bucket Width: 36 studs Height: 23 studs – excluding munitions reloader Barrel length: 54 studs Elevation: -5 degrees +25 degrees Weight: 4.760 Kg 13 PF motors 3 switches 8 pairs PF lights 2 Battery boxes 183 181 182 184 179 Videos: In action - Iron Man gets shot. --- The functions.
  10. And do look at how keyhole surgery cameras are moved within the might give other ideas. Really interesting model....watching with fascination.
  11. So you are making a fake gun, but want a good recoil action? How about the action that I used on the machine gun, but with very low gearing and a pressure cylinder to damp the motion?
  12. Where did you get the idea for the movement technique? Keyhole surgery camera ?
  13. Wow. Really beautiful. Love it!
  14. Interesting. What's going to be fired? What kind of power are you looking for? I can't really figure out the annotations? Watching with interest. :-)
  15. Excellent news. Set thread to follow :-)