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  1. brickgrrl

    Winter Village Alternative Build Competition Proposal

    Sounds like fun, but maybe you could allow use of either the old or new set inventory?
  2. brickgrrl

    MOC: Blue Shores (Modular Building)

    This is lovely! My first thought was: Ugh, sand blue. That's gorgeous, but totally unaffordable. Then I looked at what I'd actually need (especially if I didn't care about the stripes on the sides), and it is actually quite affordable. You got a lot of color out of not very many bricks! Are you selling directions? :)
  3. brickgrrl

    Help with modular brick colours / names

    Nacho, both Bricklink and Brickowl will let you pull up set inventories, which can be very helpful if you have some of the color and want to know what it is called. Good luck! Watch out - Bricklink doesn't use the colors Lego does, which makes ordering from Bricks and Pieces treacherous sometimes!
  4. brickgrrl

    MOC City panorama

    Kivi, Sorry to bump this old thread. I've looked at your gorgeous roads, and they're almost exactly what I'm trying to do (with train track recessed in SNOT roads), but I cannot for the life of me figure out how you made the transition from road to track without a half plate offset. Any hints? What part am I missing here? I've got a huge pile of brackets and snot bricks and technic, and cannot work it out!
  5. brickgrrl

    Brickgrrl's town-on-two-shelves (perpetual WIP)

    The dark red building's facade is kristel's, from her free instructions, with minor modifications, as built by the 8 yo KFOL -- it's actually on my to-do list for more modifications - I think I want the stories one brick shorter, and the door assembly is flimsy - not sure if that's the KFOL's error or the original directions. But yeah, it's a real looker, isn't it? I'm working on collecting enough bricks in nougat (?) to give it a neighbor. Edited to add: here's the link to kristel's directions: - you'll see that we swapped in white for the solid color sides.
  6. brickgrrl

    Brickgrrl's town-on-two-shelves (perpetual WIP)

    Sure! There were once stairs that came up the back, but in order to fit it on the shelf (those modulars are only 16 studs + 8 studs of sidewalk, not the usual 32 total), I removed the stairs that accessed the first level deck, so there'll be no photo of the back today. :)
  7. brickgrrl

    Brickgrrl's town-on-two-shelves (perpetual WIP)

    Sure thing! It's nowhere as structurally sound as the great designs you and sin and others came up with on and there's definitely evidence of use of table scrap and cheapest-available, but it works, and it's sturdy enough for my two year old to stand on the table and whack at it. The modulars are on plates (not base plates) with some small added plates underneath the main plate(s) to cause them to sit snugly in their spots, with a couple studs to keep the corners from curving up. The substructure felt really flimsy going together, and then I got enough assembled that it was no longer flimsy, and it really isn't going anywhere. Eventually, I'd like to replace the girders in front with arches (as you can sort of make out in the first photo). And I want to make the subway station worth looking at. This is my inspiration: , although my platform will have to be narrower due to the need to fit between two tracks.
  8. Please forgive the extreme WIP nature of this post. If I wait until it is "done" to share, I'll never get there. Here (if my attempt to link works) is my progess so far on a town on two (back to back) shelves. I have 16 inches on one side, 12 on the other, plus the depth of the wall. .... I think I'm eventually going to raise the buildings over the track on both shelves -- unless I'm going to narrow the backs of the bigger modulars, 16 inches isn't much space for a modular, street, and train track, even if I set it up for street running. But oh my, the bricks. What you see on the one elevated side is not nearly as finished as I want it!
  9. I'll have to try the hairdryer. Both of mine are hanging open.
  10. brickgrrl

    MOC: Local Art Shop facade

    What a great MOC! Did you consider using the windows with the rounded tops? Seems like it would get you slightly closer to the original...
  11. brickgrrl

    Modulars with open-back?

    I've definitely thought about it. If you watch a child playing with a modular, the fact that it has to sit in multiple parts on the floor (instead of staying put where it is) is rather odd... Of course, even better than open back would be hinged back. Know I've seen photos. Haven't done it, tho!
  12. brickgrrl

    Modular standard for elevated city?

    I don't think you hijacked it at all! :)
  13. brickgrrl

    Modular standard for elevated city?

    This is great stuff. Wish I had room for the smoother turn. I got 64x36 (not a typo) for a straight section assembled this morning. I'm using multiple layers of 2x plates as I don't have much technic, but I was pretty happy with apparent stability. Photo soon! I'm not going to modularize the lower portion, although it is a great, very elegant idea. But I don't need the ability to move it easily, and it reduces the part count a lot. My removable modular buildings on the narrow shelf are going to be 24 studs deep. 16 for the building and 8 for the sidewalk in front. And then the road and small median at the edge are permanently attached to the train base.
  14. brickgrrl

    Modular standard for elevated city?

    Here's my space: The narrower shelf is only 12 inches (37 studs), so I definitely need a subway if I'm going to fit buildings, too. Still haven't decided on the wider side yet, which is about 52 studs deep.
  15. brickgrrl

    Modular standard for elevated city?

    Wow. I went to bed, and look what happened here! Time to dig through my bricks and see if I can get some of this into bricks -- will certainly need some ordering but I might have enough for a test module. I laid in a pile of 2x16 plates when I was buying girders, but I don't have much in 1x16 bricks, technic or otherwise. Hmm. In case others thinking about it adopt W's suggested turn: I don't think there's actually enough clearance -- some of the trains swing really wide. I have a 7 year old who might actually enjoy testing train turning requirements. We will report back once the sun is up here in Virginia. Not like we are going anywhere today anyway!