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  1. lugnut

    [MOD/MOC] Expanding the 10254 Winter Holiday Train

    Here is your cocoa tanker built ... with some mods for the bricks that I had ... and some steam for the stack!
  2. lugnut

    [MOC] Bikes Shop Modular

    WOW! this is AWESOME!!! Can't wait for the building instructions to become available! I'm really digging that elevator ...
  3. lugnut

    [MOC] Fairground: Space Octopus

    Wow!!! Nice!!! I can't wait to add it to the the Mixer and the Ferris Wheel! I feel a reverse engineering challenge coming on ...
  4. lugnut

    10937 Modular Building: “An Alternate Asylum”

    Check the last picture on his Flickr page ... you might find a surprise
  5. lugnut

    [MOC] Fokker F.25 Promotor - 60064 alternate

    I like it a lot!!! Thanks for providing the instructions on Rebrickable.
  6. lugnut

    Expand the Winter Village Contest V – Voting

    10. 6kubyi6 - 1 14. Parks and Wrecked Creation - 1 18. ShaydDeGrai - 1 21. Kristel - 1 26. Cara - 1
  7. lugnut

    Modular Police Station

    Nice Police Station - in LDD and in brick!!! The outside has nice contrast in colors and architectual features and the inside details are fantastic.!!! I'm missing a Police Station in my modular city - would you consider sharing the LDD file? Brick On!!!
  8. lugnut

    Massive 10 lego train frontal crash

    That was awesome!!! You can't do that with other kinds of model trains other than LEGO ... without having to cry about it afterwards anyway ...
  9. lugnut

    MOC: Park Ranger Crew Cab Truck

    Nice build! How did you make the emblem/shield on the side of the truck?
  10. lugnut

    MOC: CiTY Front Loader Garbage Truck (6 stud)

    This is an excellent build with nice functionality! ... any plans to build it with actual bricks?
  11. lugnut

    REVIEW: 70802 Bad Cop's Pursuit

    So, I lengthened the bridge enough to add the Constitution train from the Lone Ranger series, added some gators/crocs, and now have Western Emmett hanging off of the cow catcher ... making whole scene out of it!
  12. Wow! Nice! I like the hot rod club (and the yellow hot rod) most of all.
  13. lugnut

    (MOC) The Lego Movie: Western Escape!

    Nice mix of LEGO Movie and LEGO Lone Ranger ... I've been thinking of doing this, and now I'm inspired!
  14. lugnut

    Dark Orange Clinic and Sand Green Home

    The clothesline is a really clever detail!
  15. lugnut

    Modular Hardware Store - LDD MOC

    I really like the outside ... but the inside is what makes it for me!!!