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  1. I had a quick look in a BigW I don't normally visit yesterday (Seaford, SA), and they had the UCS B-Wing on clearance for $150 from $298. It looked like they were keeping the sets out the back instead of on the shelf so I have no idea how many were left (if any). If you're desperate for the set it might be worth a quick phone call to your closest BigW.
  2. I've seen them in BigW South of Adelaide.
  3. I just walked past the local Myer and there was a $10 off for every $50 spent offer. They seemed to have most of the new city sets in stock for anyone who wants to pick them up for less than RRP. Also, if anyone is interested in the Aragorn, Mouth of Sauron or Gandalf the White figures from the Black Gate LotR set let me know. I haven't bought any big sets in ages and would love an excuse to buy two of the Black Gates and join them together...
  4. I've got no idea whether it applies at all Myer stores, but Myer Noarlunga (SA) had $10 off for every $50 you spend until the 11th of August. It definitely applied to Lego, but it may have applied to all toys - I can't remember sorry.
  5. Ok, so the kids and I had a bit of a look at Marion SA yesterday: Kmart and BigW: Coast guard chopper $35 Monster truck transport $35 Formula 1 transport $35 Cargo truck $35 Target: Tilt-rotor cargo transport $59 Most (if not all) of the new Star Wars at what looked like RRP Myer: Some of the new city sets at RRP Most (if not all) of the new Star Wars at what looked like RRP Star Wars Republic Gunship at $159 instead of the $179 RRP. I hope that helps saves someone a trip. Forgive me if I get a name wrong here, but during my travels I saw Jabba's Sail Barge, the Gunship, AT-TE, Yoda vs Dooku fight, black starfighter, and I'm pretty sure some of the smaller droid ships. It's the first time in a while I've looked across the Star Wars section of a Lego shelf and thought "cool, I reckon I'd like to get a few of those". I'm definitely more interested in the models though, so it might be time to start looking into a way of selling off the minifigs from sets (the kids already have plenty of little Star Wars figs to play with) to help fund the models...
  6. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" - Hanlon's razor You'd think it would be worth BigW listing the savings in their catalog as the price off of RRP, not just relative to their usual (slightly discounted) prices. Some of them don't look like that much of a good deal unless you know what they're worth at full price.
  7. I noticed that on the Target website... Seems a bit cheeky, but I suppose it's just an innocent mistake.
  8. I don't suppose you remember roughly how much you saw the LotR pirate ship for in the Myer catalog? It's at BigW for $128 which seems reasonable for a pirate ship, but it'd be a shame to get it and discover it was a fraction of the price in a few weeks time.
  9. Brickus is the user that posted a couple of posts up; they're discussing a 'Buy one get 60% off the next' offer that is on at Myer today.
  10. I just saw the Lone Ranger train at BigW (Seaford SA). It was $128 I think.
  11. I was just in Kmart and picked up an Uruk-Hai Army set for $39. They also had Jabba's Palace for $129, and a the new petrol tanker and tow truck sets for $24 each.
  12. Just picked up the Orc Forge set from BigW, so it's not a target exclusive after all. It seems a bit expensive at $64, so maybe it's worth holding out for the sale they're advertising at the BigW entrance...
  13. Whup

    What is your favourite LOTR set?

    I've just voted for Helm's Deep, although I've been impressed with all the sets I've built so far. I usually only buy sets that stand out to me here and there, but I think I'll end up with all of the LotR sets. Weathertop isn't my favourite looking set, but made up for it with what I thought was an interesting build (and a rock solid construction).
  14. I can confirm that Myer Marion (in South Australia) had several of the Lotr sets out yesterday. I bought Helm's Deep and the Urukhai Army set. A bit pricey, but I haven't bought a Lego set for myself in ages. They also had a few of the Weathertop sets there, but I didn't think I'd push my luck with my lovely wife...
  15. Wow - I didn't realise the LotR sets would be out so soon! Does anyone happen to know the Aussie RRP for Helm's Deep? $200 doesn't sound too bad really...