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    <p> Lego Harry Potter. I recently purchased the Quidditch set and some CMF. </p>

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I like to Review. I've done a lot of reviews here, as you who are viewing my profile may or may not know. Heck, how do I know if you read reviews at all, pay any attention to who posted them, or any of that sort of thing. Maybe you just are here to whine about rising Star Wars prices.

So what're you still doing here reading my profile? The Star Wars forum isn't in here.

Anyway, below you'll find a list of my reviews, compiled by yours' truly: me. I think that's all my reviews; if I forgot about any, oh well. I try to update the list when I make new reviews, like my Belville review that nobody read. What, you want to read it? Go check the list.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will spend as much effort reading reviews as you did reading this message. Or go read Star Wars Funnies. That's mostly pictures.

Patented Clone O'Patra Reviews, Mostly Academy Certified

Spongebob Squarepants

3825 Krusty Krab

Prince of Persia

7573 Battle of Alamut

Pirates of the Caribbean

4182 The Cannibal Escape

Monster Fighters

9464 The Vampyre Hearse


4884 Wild Hunters

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