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    Zelda... Lego... Stikfas... the ongoing mission to unite System and Technic Lovers... Yeah, you know.

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  1. Darkness Falls

    Your weirdest MOCs?

    Zamor Bazooka Goreth Weird stuff.
  2. Darkness Falls

    Hero Factory 2012

    Dude, just drop it. Winning on the internet isn't fun. And DV, as esteemed as you are in the world of MoCing and Lego and whatnot, don't assume everyone knows how great you are at MoCing... a gentle reminder would help you not look like a dick.
  3. is excited about Hero Factory!

  4. Darkness Falls

    Hero Factory 2012

    I'm pleasantly surprised by how good Breez looks. I thought I was never going to purchase her from this line, but that picture may have swayed me... she's got a nice Samus Aran look going on now.
  5. Darkness Falls

    Hero Factory 2012

    Yeah, I'm really impressed with the variation in these heroes. Rocka looks way better in dark light than he does in bright light, though. Damn, those energy shields are cool- I wonder what could be made with them. Definitely getting Evo- might get some duplicates- since he's so generic, but in an AWESOME way.
  6. Darkness Falls

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Apologies in advance for the LDD-only creations... I can't really utilize anything else as of right now. If you should be traveling in the Swamplands by night, and stumble upon a tree long dead, surrounded by graves... you may want to look up. Above the blackened tree trunk sits Calpurnis' summoning chamber- atop the whole structure are the summoning staffs, along with the tools of a mighty necromancer. On the bottom floor is the scrying den, where Calpurnis watches his prey as they become lost in his swamp. Calpurnis uses many of these summoning chambers spread throughout Moruth, but this one in particular is his favorite, located in the heart of the swamplands. -1- -2- -3- -4-
  7. Darkness Falls

    Eurobrick's 4th LDD RCB

    Oh hell yeah I'm signing up!
  8. Darkness Falls

    Guilds of Historica Introduction/General Discussion Thread

    Darkness Falls signing up. I'll do whatever I can!
  9. Darkness Falls

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Apologize for my lack of originality with my Avatar- however, I have limited resources while here at college. Shall we? Though Calpurnis thinks quite highly of himself, others try their best to keep away from him. He's partly responsible for most of the rumors and nastiness going on in the Moruth Swamplands. Once a dishonest tax collector, Calpurnis had a premonition that he would get what was coming to him- which he jauntily disregarded. He soon lamented that decision upon contracting leprosy. Seeking a cure, he traveled to the Moruth Swamplands, and upon arrival, discovered an old sorceress with a means of escaping his fate- but she promptly died right before him. Enraged, he broke her staff over his knee, releasing the demon trapped within. In exchange for freeing him, the demon bestowed the powers of the sorceress upon Calpurnis- the powers of necromancy! Calpurnis wanders Moruth summoning minion after minion to his cause- often those poor souls who lost their way and were half-consumed by the monstrous creatures in the swamp. He is accomplished in summoning demons, as well, and is often the cause of many of the "disappearances" in the swamp. He is considered a dangerous ally, but also an unpredictable one. His armies of the undead feel no pain and are faithful to the very end... which has already come and gone... I'll be posting my army soon!
  10. Darkness Falls

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Oh yeah. I figure my name fits this one pretty well. Will have an Avatar up by the end of the week.
  11. Darkness Falls

    Macrofigure Enderman

    What about rage mode? Mouth open rage for the win! As stated prior, I love the hell out of your stuff. This is no different.
  12. Darkness Falls

    [MOC] Lewa Nitro Reborn

    Your building style is absolutely fantastic- I love how you use complex intricacies then layer simplistic armor over it. Over all, there's no much to criticize- the piece clearly has a lot of work put into it, because it certainly shows. Fantastic use of small pieces layered atop one another for the altering of proportions. The only thing I would point out is that the thighs seem a little too short in comparison with the rest of his limbs. Otherwise, great work! A very cohesive piece.
  13. Darkness Falls

    Hero Factory 2012

    The design motif with Split-face pretty much flat-out states that he's a mixture of Xplode and Thunder. The amount of spikes on each side varies, and the jaw is larger on Thunder's side. Also, Toxic Reapa? Totally a fusion of Corridor and Meltdown. Some on, those aesthetic cues are too prominent to be ignored. Both of these, BTW, are going to be bought day ONE. Thornraxx is pretty cool as a homage to Nui-Rama... at least in my mind. Flying shark is a boss. Rocka looks awesome. I'm getting him for a multitude of reasons- mask, green-shield thing, epic weapon. Yep. Furno and Breez, and to a lesser extent Surge, look a little disproportional, because their original helmets are HUGE. Just saying. Also, Furno and Breez- what color scheme? EVO IS AMAZING. METAL ARM. GIANT GUN. BOSS. Almost a perfect representation of a ROBOT. I like it. As for Black Phantom... ugh.
  14. Darkness Falls

    MOC: Jako 2.6

    How has no one commented on this? It's absolutely fantastic. Great blend of colors, and awesome mixture of sleekness and complexity.
  15. Darkness Falls

    MOC: Protoss Zealot

    ...Dammit. Now I want it. PICK UP THE LICENSE, LEGO!