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  1. BigOnBricks

    4000013 A Christmas Tale

    Excellent job, thanks! I am going to source the parts, I love this set
  2. BigOnBricks

    MOC: Ancient Greece

    I don't even have's amazing!
  3. BigOnBricks

    10233 Horizon Express

    Very nice, might need 2 of these!
  4. BigOnBricks

    Review: 10228 Haunted House

    Excellent Review and great pics! I ordered this from S@H yesterday. Can't wait to build it.
  5. BigOnBricks

    What're your favorite and least favorite Star Wars sets?

    I just finished building this set and after I was done I looked at it and questioned why I bought it. At least I got it on sale. It is all over the place. It looks sloppy. The minifigs might be the one saving point. I won't be wasting displaying space to keep it out.
  6. BigOnBricks

    Review: 9516 Jabba’s Palace

    The Boushh figure is just amazing! I can't wait to get this set. Nice Review!
  7. BigOnBricks

    10228 Haunted House

    I am absolutely getting this. This set looks amazing!
  8. BigOnBricks

    Review: 7066 Earth Defence HQ

    Great review. This is really a wonderful looking set. I just picked it up and hope to build it soon.
  9. BigOnBricks

    2012 City sets

    Another great year coming up. I must have all of these. I love the wheelbarrow and the bear! I think the forest police station is great.
  10. BigOnBricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    Jabba's Palace could be awesome We better get Leia as Boushh!
  11. BigOnBricks

    REVIEW: 10220 VW T1 Camper Van

    Great review, just ordered this set!
  12. BigOnBricks

    New Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust Exclusive

    This is a must buy set
  13. BigOnBricks

    More exclusive set info

    Must have and will have both! The Post Office is great and I have the other two winter sets so I need to add this one. The VW van is just amazing. The pop up top with fabric is great.
  14. is out of his dark ages and going wild

  15. BigOnBricks

    REVIEW: 10219 Maersk Train

    Great review! Excellent set. I am ordering this week. This is a must have!