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    Some lego SW disappointments...

    You're right, it is a difference of opinion and I can completely understand why people would disagree with me, especially about the A-Wing from Home One. The thing is, I'm only interested in the A-wing, not a random (and expensive) playset like Home One. Lego should've split up the A-Wing and Home One playset and sold them separately, but this is wishful thinking. Good discussion all around though.
  2. JKooL

    Some lego SW disappointments...

    I guess I just feel like there is nothing left to explore. We're getting ships and vehicles that were only seen in the movies for a fraction of a second (Clone Turbo Tank anyone? AT-TE walker?). I don't buy any of those, I want the main Star Wars iconic ships like x-wings, y-wings (a real y-wing, not a clone wars one), tie fighters, millenium falcon, stuff that Lego hasn't given us in a long time. I know I'm probably the voice of the minority and I can certainly understand that. But my opinion is no less valid than anyone elses. Not wanting a new Millenium Falcon because you happened to be in the right place at the right time over 5 years ago when they released the last one is not a good argument against releasing a new one. These are the last times we had iconic ships, keep in mind we're going into 2010 now. Tie Fighter - 2005 Millenium Falcon - 2004 X-Wing - 2004 and 2006 Y-Wing - 2007 (this is a little more forgiveable) Tie Bomber - 2003 B-Wing - 2000 and 2006 Snowspeeder - 2004 A-Wing - 2006 (Home one doesn't count, in my opinion) Imperial Shuttle - 2001, but you might include 2005's Imperial Inspection - I'm not counting the 2007 Imperial Landing Craft since it's a different ship entirely. Of course I'm only referring to SYSTEM sets. I don't think the Ultimate Collector Series, Midi-scale, or Mini-scale sets have the same wide appeal as a System set, so I don't consider those releases as filling the spot of a true SYSTEM scale set. I also don't consider a similar set, such as a Tie Defender, a replacement for the iconic Tie Fighter. It's nice to have the variety we do, but Lego didn't acquire the Star Wars license so that people could buy random little-known vehicles from the movies, but I could be wrong. We're going on lapses of 3 to 6 years without re-makes or re-releases of iconic ships, the vehicles that the entire Star Wars license was based upon when it was launched, and primarily the reason for its existence. You can make the argument that the Star Wars license now exists solely for the Clone Wars stuff, but that doesn't interest people like me. As long as they have the license, wouldn't it be better to release stuff we know and love alongside newer unknown sets? Only Lego knows.
  3. JKooL

    Some lego SW disappointments...

    I really can't believe there are people arguing AGAINST having a new system-scale falcon! Prof said it best. Everytime Lego releases a new obscure clone wars set, some random droid ship or vehicle, it's money that is staying in my pocket. I'm not interested in random unknown vehicles, give us the Millennium Falcon! I don't buy used sets because of the outrageous prices, and yes - unfortunately I did miss out on all the iconic star wars vehicles. It seems to me that the Star Wars line has just gotten worse and worse as they run out of stuff to build, so why not give us more of what we love, iconic vehicles? Something else to think about, how many fire stations and fire / coast guard boats have we had? I think at least 5 or 6 in the past few years. Lego remakes the same sets all the time, in some cases the next year.
  4. JKooL

    Review: 6983 Ice Station Odyssey

    I got this set for Christmas as a child one year, and it was the most amazing thing ever. It doesn't match up to the build quality of the newer sets, and it is lacking in pieces and variety to make it worth getting more than one for pieces, but back in the early 90's it was a joy to behold. I rate it outstanding, because it was one of my favorite sets growing up.
  5. JKooL

    Pillage the Village II - VOTING - Large Category

    marshal_banana - 2 Derfel Cadarn - 1 I Scream Clone - 1 Infomanic - 1 Briggs Broadside - 1 fonz - 1
  6. Too many good entries, not enough points to go around! Black Rabbit - 1 Paul Cantu - 1 Shmails - 1 Joe H - 1 Tom Bricks - 1 LegoWarlord8 - 1 Dr Steve - 1
  7. I don't like to rain on anyones parade, but I don't think prices for the Winter Toy Shop will go down... I can't think of too many instances where a Lego set that was discontinued or sold out actually depreciated in value.
  8. JKooL

    Pictures of Your Winter Toy Shop

    Here is mine, along with a little Christmas setting I made using the Beach House, Advent Calendar, and some small MOC's.
  9. Great entries by everyone! SirGoldenKnight - 1 Rampant Dingo - 2 Trubal - 1 Tombricks - 3
  10. JKooL

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Where are the winners announced? I didn't see them in this thread or in any other threads.
  11. JKooL

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    I hope I made it in time! This is a great idea, thanks Cop Mike! Here is my Lego recreation of a Charlie Brown Christmas! Inspiration:
  12. JKooL

    Warrant Service

    I have updated and finalized my entry. Good luck to everyone!
  13. JKooL

    Back To Work!

    Hello there! I like the parade marching of all the men in the work force! :) I think this would make a much better medium entry instead of large. If you shorten the platform by 2 studs you will be within the medium range of 16x16. There are some humongous MOCs in the large division that will make it much harder to compete. Also, I think the roadway would look much nicer with some colored tiles to get rid of the studs and make it look more like a road. :) Good luck!
  14. JKooL

    Eldorado Fortress 2009

    This is certainly a treat for the eyes! I really like the wood work on the roof of the cabin, and the stone wall effect. Everything here is brilliantly put together!
  15. JKooL

    Renegade Redcoat Rum Runners!

    That house is amazing. The little round pieces as bricks? Brilliant.