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  1. kwulfe

    2016 D2C sets

    I think this article reflects the beginning saturation with Lego sets because there were so many good and excellent sets published in the last years. The more of these sets you have, the less you can appreciate them. You begin to feel bored. Less is more! Lego has reached such a high level of quality with so much love for details that they are maybe a victim of their own success at the end.
  2. The Best of this Set is the packaging. It is a real eye-catcher and creates the feeling of "Want this". The build itself is rather underwhelming. I don't matter for the Minifigs. Lego means creating buildings and constructions and not collecting Minifigs. Although I have to admit they are beautiful.
  3. kwulfe

    Moc builders vs Collectors, Lego civil war!

    In general I open every new set I get in my hands. But currently I have about 100 MISB sets in my inventory because space to present them is limited. I have some older MISB sets like Fort Legoredo and Space Monorail where I am always in a huge conflict when I look at these wonderful packages and touch them. Shall I open, build and play with them or preserve the feeling of having these sets in virgin condition? Sometimes I also think about longer before I open the seals and bagsof a set because I am scared about all the dust which will get into a every small gap of my builded sets. I have only one single glass cabinet to protect my builds from all this horrible dust.
  4. kwulfe

    Lego Ultra Agents 2015

    @JasonEffex I used the bay. I am very pleased.
  5. kwulfe

    Lego Ultra Agents 2015

    Bought all new sets from Korea and US. Everything worked perfect for me .
  6. kwulfe

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Brillant review! Many thx for this. This set is a quite good addition for a town plan. But I won't buy it cause it looks to much as a set designed for children and because the tracks for the tram are missing. Maybe I can't resist when I see it with 30% discount ;-).
  7. Thx a lot for this great review of an outstanding Ninjago set. I am very happy that I bought it yesterday for a good price (€80). Otherwise I would have regreted it in future. This is the best set of the whole Ninjago theme in my opinion.
  8. kwulfe

    Jurassic World 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    This is what I think here too. One movie, one wave of Lego sets. When the sets are created with love and passion, then one wave is enough for me and I am pleased.
  9. kwulfe

    Lego shopping in Berlin?

    Spielzeugladen an der Kaisereiche z. B. Regards, Klaas
  10. kwulfe

    Which set should I buy?

    Would be an easy choice for me. Arkham Asylum is a milestone in Lego design. Grap it before its gone!
  11. kwulfe

    Could 2014 Make Lego Fans Bankrupt?

    So many excellent sets were released so far this year and many more will come, that 2014 is by far the most expensive LEGO year for me since I came back out of my dark ages in 2012. My problem is that I started with SW, but then I realized that I also like sets from other themes too, like Super Heroes, Architecture, Modular, City, LotR, Hobbit, Creator, Trains, ... In addition I also bought some older sets this year like the Death Star some months ago. In total, I have spent in the last two years more than EUR 5K for this hobby. We will see what the future will bring.
  12. kwulfe

    MOD: 10197 Fire Brigade XL 64 studs wide

    Personally, I prefer the Fire Brigade as a single set, because I don't like the asymmetry in the front of your MOC. But that is only my personal opinion. I really envy you your two sets because FB is a fabulous Lego set
  13. kwulfe

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    Magnificient interior! I really love it. Btw, there seems to be something wrong with the upper most stair, as mentioned before (1x3 plate missing?)
  14. kwulfe

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    No, the Ecto-1 doesn't fit through the door. I have bricklinked this beautiful building
  15. kwulfe

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    Absolute adorable design. Congratulations. I have checked a little bit how much it would cost via brickink. This dark orange color makes it quite expensive. But with red color scheme it is too similar to the Lego fire brigade. Hope we can see pictures when your interior design is finished. Best regards, Klaas