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  1. Randamatrix

    REVIEW: 10194 Emerald Night

    The core set only has the train, so there are no tracks if you just buy the Emerald Night.
  2. Randamatrix

    TTCE: Prop-Driven Ralicar

    I would never have thought that a train could be driven by a propeller. As for your moc, I really like it, especially the little headlight on the side.
  3. Randamatrix

    TTCE: London Overground

    That is a perfectly proportioned beautiful train. I like almost everything about it, from the front headlights to the doors. The only thing I don't really like is the windshield wipers. They look to big and bulky, but then again it is Lego.
  4. Randamatrix

    What's your first Train set?

    My first train set was the Train Track Snow Remover. I never really liked it because it seems really unrealistic.
  5. Randamatrix

    Someone's greatly expanded Airport Shuttle

    I agree with Rick and Siegfried, that the person is really just showing off. You mean this one, .
  6. Randamatrix

    Green or Grey?

    It all depends on what I need them for. I find grey plates look much better in a city, but when you leave the city, it's green all the way. Tiling a grey turn green doesn't look very good and having to cover up green is time consuming as well. So I'm not going to vote because I like both in their own way.
  7. Randamatrix

    Best and worst Lego set of the 2000's

    The best set I own from the 2000's is the City Airport. Which is technically a 1994 set, but it was rereleased as a legend in 2004 (when I got it), so I count it as a 2000 set. The worst set I have, excluding one Galidor set, is the Worker Robot. I got it with most of the other Life on Mars sets at a local thrift shop. It is just way too small, undetailed, and it is ugly.
  8. Randamatrix

    Train Tech Building Contest

    In regards to the "only Lego pieces may be used", can we use minifigure arms/hands or remove the wheels from the wheel hubs? Edit: For Category One, does it have to be a passenger or cargo train? Or can it be a work train like a MOW or snow-clearing train?
  9. Randamatrix

    Is your member number a set number?

    I am a Hinges, Couplings and Turntables set. It's not great, but at least it's not bad.
  10. Randamatrix

    Steam vs Modern

    I prefer modern engines for two reasons. The first being that if you are building a modern layout, a large number of steam trains(more steam than modern) would look somewhat out of place. And secondly, my steam trains never come out right.
  11. Randamatrix

    S@H Prices

    I don't really mind the higher price for using S@H. I commonly wait until around Christmas, when they have free shipping on orders over $99.99. There is a Walmart and a Target only five miles away from my house, but they are always crowded. Not to mention the fact that they have a really small Lego selection, so I have to go to S@H anyway. I wish that the Lego store in New York would close though. It is 136 miles away and is therefore almost useless. But since it is there, I have to pay 8.25% sales tax on top of shipping costs when I buy from S@H.
  12. Randamatrix

    Do you think they should make a Star Trek Theme

    Even though I really like Star Trek, I had to say "no". I think that if lego made Star Trek, there would be even less focus on the core themes and we would end up with a lot of <insert that tiresome argument> pieces in order to produce the nice streamline shape of the hull. Also, if the other licensed lines are any sign, the Star Trek sets would be rather expensive. And if that was true, I would rather just make my own.
  13. Randamatrix

    What next for Pick-a-brick

    While I'm very happy with the current PAB selection, I, like TheBrickster, would like to see more train parts. Along with more train parts I would like to see a slight drop in price for the current train parts, as $19.50 for 2 bogie plates, 4 wheels, and 2 buffers makes it hard to make rolling stock without going to Bricklink.