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  1. I love that 1950s alien attack theme for the brains.
  2. while i doubt we'll probably ever see an HF/Bionicle Crossover...I salute your use of the word Shazam.
  3. pocketmego


    It's the head. The death-like skull behind the plate glass. Reminds me of so many blank faced Who aliens inside space suits. Ambassadors of Death (Pertwee), Silence the Library (Tennent), and of course Matt Smith's killer Astronaut. Add the silver and blue lightning color scheme and the lightning...and yeah...who vibe.
  4. I get the impression sometimes that LEGO is kind of worried about HF getting too popular? Limited advertising, not much multi-media crossover, 1 or 2 short films per wave (and those only actually air on TV once). And those bags take up a little tiny spot on the Lego shelf, often next to HUGE displays of other things, like Friends, Chima, and of course STAR WARS. No sets costing more than $60 tops. Why do they treat this line like they would prefer if not to succeed? I wonder what they would do if it suddenly blew up into a huge successs? Are they even prepared to go into super-heavy production and produce more sets and models? I would add more to this discussion, but I'm honestly perplexed. I really would like to get more opinions and thoughts on the matter.
  5. I believe a proper HF show might boost the lines popularity and show off its true potential.
  6. pocketmego


    WOW!, you kicked the doors off with this one. It has a cool Doctor Who vibe about it. There is honestly nothing bad I can say to this one. Home RUN, AMIGO!
  7. pocketmego

    MOC - Hero Factory - TOA Factory: BARRY O'NUA

    ;) LOL, you know. That's not bad.
  8. pocketmego

    What's Up With The Hero Factory Media Center?

    This line is swinging more and more into it's own ways of doing things and with the closing of Bionicle Story, TLG is obviously going in completely new directions with its figure lines. Why spend money on all this supplemental material. when one 20+ minute episode, a couple of kid-books and some commercials are all you need to sell toys. I don't like to say never, but it is extremely unlikely LEGO will ever again do a multimedia push the likes of which Bionicle saw. The media center is one more casualty, I'm afraid. Although a comic that tells original stories for HF would be nice.
  9. pocketmego

    [MOC] Black Shogun

    I wasn't sure what to expect. Some fist firing , super robot? But, no, you went for a more literal translation of Shogun. That Head is brilliant. Just a good job all around. Your ability to design is exceptional, my friend.
  10. pocketmego


    So far sounds fun.
  11. I'm glad you guys dig him. I might try another one at some point. I need to think of a good job, though.
  12. pocketmego

    Bionicle Autopsy: Did Hero Factory Kill Bionicle?

    I guess you're right. But, to be honest. It's been a mini-series and 4 or 5 20 minute movies and I am already dead sick of some of these people.
  13. pocketmego

    HF Whats Left?

    Everything you say here is pretty dead on. With the exception of maybe a better back armor solution, it's hard not to feel like LEGO has ultimately perfected the character building system. It matches LEGO bricks in terms of addictive snapping together pieces and parts and the possibilities are extremely extensive. Hero Factory's biggest weakness is the very cardboard storyline its wrapped around.
  14. pocketmego

    Bionicle Autopsy: Did Hero Factory Kill Bionicle?

    Timing on a Bionicle re-boot seems such an issue. Wait to long and there would be no real reason to re-boot it at all. Do it too soon and people will do nothing but compare it. I'm not for continuing where it left off, actually. The mystery and fun of the original Bionicle toys and story were to see where it was going. I'd be much more about Star Trek style reboot. Retell the story in a fresh new way. Old fans will look in to see what's different and new fans will be experiencing it all fresh. This would also justify new building systems for the toys...etc. Although, I think Lego might be headed to severe BURNOUT with HF. If HF has a ready made concept for selling freshly made characters, they should consider a yearly storyline with a roster change every year. The concept is SO CLOSE to Japanese Super Sentai shows anyway, they might as well just follow that formula and be done with it. New Villains and fresh NEW heroes every year.