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  1. Drachmyre

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    As I would take the recreation of this as more of an act of entertainment I see why people do it. However, my own personal feeling is unless it's going to cost me twice as much to buy the original is just isn't worth it. 1. You won't have the original instructions, and if you add is to the cost it's going to kill the budget. 2. It won't be an original set. As much as I love my Lego hobby I do see it as my emergency fund if I end up unemployed. So you spend 500 to build a 600 dollar set. Five years from now you have 400 worth of Lego... Or you have a 1200 dollar lego set. Just my opinion, but you have to factor e value increase in the original set. Now, if you want to modify the crap out of it and have fun... Go for it however.
  2. Drachmyre

    Traveling to Athens and Rome

    So, I'm headed over in June and might be interested in dragging some Lego product a long with me to trade for some insight of a local on places to see or eat outside of the tourist places, information about transit etc. drop me a line if you are in Italy or Greece and might be interested. T.
  3. 19 Uruk Armies. I got them for 5 bucks each and really haven't decided what I want to do with them. Monster fighters sets castle and train because I got them as doubles on a really good clearance. Plus the zombies set I can't bring myself to open for no good reason besides it seems uncommon now. The UCS B-wing. Lets face it...who doesn't have one.... Might end up as the coolest Christmas gift to some random person this year in toys for tots. I still have almost all the "free" sets Lego gave out with purchase this year... As none have them have been castle theme ish.
  4. I'd go for a premium membership. I don't post a ton, but I do read, and will eventually sell here when I get to the 100 post thingy. I'd almost suggest the "premium" membership be required for the posting of for sale posts. Regardless it bothers me when people complain about paying for things they use on the Internet. I don't understand the expectation that the Internet is free. It isn't free to keep up. I see this all the time on forums, games, news, etc. I'd also be up for donating a couple of lego items I have kicking around if someone wanted to run a raffle for expenses.
  5. Drachmyre

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I'm not seeing it listed on the TRU site... Link anyone?
  6. My horror story revolves around shipping mostly. I bought off eBay a HUGE set of castle theme, mostly fantasy era. Anyway, they were all put together, with no instructions. The person then sent them too me. 4th CLASS, after I paid for priority. T make a long annoying story short they mailed it to the wrong address. So the post office marked at undeliverable and returned it to the sort facility in Denver, who then decided to try to deliver it and send it back to Salt Lake City again. They returned it to Denver, who returned it to Salt Lake City. EIGHT times they did this. After 3 months I finally managed to get ahold of this large box which you can imagine the condition it was in. LEGO actually trickled out of the box as they handed it too me. Needless to say, the "assembled" sets were not in a good state, so most of it ended up in the bulk sort bin, with a bunch of fantasy army bolder minifigs. All other eBay annoyances come back to the "pay for one shipping method and they send it way cheaper and slower and claim it was an accident." Even bricklink people do this too me on occasion.
  7. Drachmyre

    VIP Event - What to expect?

    Except more people want the LEGO site. Oops did I go there?
  8. Drachmyre

    Sharing with your kids?

    They have theirs and I have mine. They can play with most of mine... One set only at a time. We also have a ton of bricks I sort and then they un-sort.
  9. Drachmyre

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    They are already on eBay. Sad.
  10. Drachmyre

    VIP Event - What to expect?

    So they reward people with stores and the people who use the online service aren't included. Odd but oh well. Plus the SLC store hasn't been open very long. I can't just imagine getting in line and buying a about 300 minifigs one at a time for next year. :)
  11. Drachmyre

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Just eyeballing the 90 minutes I was there, I'd say about 5 or 6k an hour on Saturday. At which point It seems like a management error to not have an additional staff purely for the PaB wall. Having worked retail management in the past I give them a break for being new, but they are going to be miserable through Christmas is they keep the store staffed the same way. Plus you will lose your own employes in the process.
  12. Drachmyre

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Going to make another quick stop at the SLC store today to see what they may have gotten stocked again. They had 3or 4 empty bins for several hours yesterday. Then back to Nevada. Hopefully ill get back in again this year, but paying the gas just to come really offsets any savings of the PaB wall.
  13. Drachmyre

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I was a little disappointed with the salt lake store today. One of the employees told me they don't check the back for customers on the PAB wall on the weekends as they are too busy. I told them thanks, as I drive in from Nevada and will never be able to come any time but weekends. Still way to many pastel 2x4 bricks IMO.
  14. Drachmyre

    AoM: Farming Eagles Phase I

    There is a lego net in the troll warship they hang the dwarf in. I could be folded into a carry able net.
  15. Drachmyre

    SDCC disappointment

    I'm not sure how they did it, but it would make a ton more sense to give out raffle tickets or something on the exclusive and give one out every hour or such. Keep the traffic moving in and out and attention on the booth.