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  1. I bought a full retail box batch no. 143B0 (European). Actually you can check the batch number on Lego brown box (side) and green retail box (bottom). I managed to complete 3 full sets plus extra - 1 fisherman - 1 pilot - 1 samurai - 2 sumo - 2 mummies - 1 tennis player - 2 race car drivers - 1 gorilla man - 1 baseball player Clearly distribution is much different than some other reported but I am happy to be able to collect 3 full sets. I was checking two cheat sheets in the process and still 25% of bags had to be recognised manually. Some of the patterns from cheat sheets where applicable to different minifigs (eg. Alien vs. Elf). Now I have to sell 1 set and some extra minifigs, but looking at auction sites I should be able to lower my average price per minifig singificantly.
  2. Staszek

    Exclusive Train 10219 Maersk Train (Exclusive 2011)

    This is absolutely great news. I hope PF is just standard expansion and hopefully done better than in 10194 EN. I would actually put it stronger - if this is not PF ready set, it means train PF is just a total failure. I fully agree this is a 'buy at least two' type of set, especially if you can at least double payload wth PF without any issues. Finally, I see this as at least £100 set unfortunately.
  3. Staszek

    After the storm

    Splendid splash!!! Great job!
  4. Staszek

    What's your first Train set?

    Same as aawsum = did not have any trains when I was a kid and as I came back only recently I skipped 9V era. If it counts, my first train was Airport Shuttle monorail, which was very quickly followed by RC trains.
  5. Staszek

    Best Monorail

    I voted for 6399 - Airport Shuttle, part of the reason is visible in my signature. Apart from that one it is also one of the most missed sets in the City lineup (I think there was a vote for the most desired come back and I am pretty sure Airport Shuttle won). The sci-fi sets are perhaps a little bit underestimated, I think they have great playability and tracks not available in Airport Shuttle. Monorail, though really great set standalone, is huge challenge in terms of larger City scenes - the monorail tracks just don't go along well with other sets. Still you can find some great MOCs based on monorail - see here - great modern use of monorail. Holodoc - great maglev train!
  6. Staszek

    CITY: Extremely random photos from Lego City!

    ACCURATEin All your updates are a true inspiration! I follow your posts since last year and it is truly amazing how your City is growing ! Especially since we restarted with LEGO around same time… I could go on and on with wows (and what you show fully deserves it), but I will focus on one major, major achievement you have just presented! This is THE BEST implementation of monorail EVER. I was looking for good examples, and you just seem to show this by accident. Man, this deserves a separate topic in the Train Tech!!! Please post it there ASAP. These blue cars with LED and the way it is combined with the City layout - priceless. Kudos.
  7. Staszek

    Night out on the Modular Street

    Very nice street. It makes mine look pretty dark It looks like lights are a theme of the day! See for reference reply by Patrick in Train Tech, where he shows some technical details of lights in his train layout - last post on this page
  8. Staszek

    Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    I am definitely going to use this in my layout. Interesting why TLG do not have these micro leds in the offer, only bulk lights. Nothing to use as street lights for example.
  9. Staszek

    Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Patrick Your website is an ultimate inspiration to all train fans! I especially like your approach to layout building though I am probably too orthodox in my layout thinking to go without baseplates under track Your Christmas setup is great! Could you give some details about all this lightning? Is it all based on '70 and '80 system or a separate invention? BTW, your train collection is just stunning. I should probably skip on with my signature here ...
  10. Staszek

    Train Tunnels

    I have very fresh experience with a tunnel in the curve. I am building a mountain with a tunnel in the corner of my layout, maybe with eye catching castle of church on top. I need to go back to Bricklink for another order of slopes in grey.... Since it is back-corner, I plan to keep it open in the back, in case of derail....
  11. Staszek


    A very strong hand shake to all Lego train fans from Warsaw, Poland. I am back to Lego after almost 20 years in the Dark All these years ago train sets were totally out of my reach but now it is a serious come back. 18 month after my rebirth as AFOL my layout in progress is still growing. At the moment it is 2.5mx2.5m, one level, but I am trying to balance forced perspective with modular buildings in front and classic feel up and in the back with RC trains and monorail. Right, I got lucky and bought used but flawless monorail, and over last 12 months collected large stock of monorail track. Since my layout is supposed to be on knee-level table, monorail will be essentially underground with on-the-ground stations thanks to monorail climbing ability. I know it is very challenging; I could not find an example of a very successful implementation of monorail with City and classical trains. I also spotted SantaFe and bought it at right price, though I am struggling to find some wagons which would not be ridiculously expensive. I find it a little bit difficult to pay same price for a wagon as for a modular building! You can see my train collection in my signature. I'll keep you posted once I feel my layout is closer to my Grand Plan than to just a collection of unmodded sets... not to mention unfinished tunnel being built from my first ever Bricklink order All the best!!! Staszek
  12. Staszek

    Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium

    This set looks great, I really like color scheme (green parts!!!). I hope for interesting interior, though revolving door already looks nice. One thing which probably was not mentioned before: it is a corner building, isn't it? Then it looks like TLG is closing a block of modular buildings, right? From Cafe Corner to Grand Emporium? I truly hope that modular buildings line will continue with one year frequency we had to date. Anyway, I am definitely getting this one this year.
  13. Staszek

    REVIEW: 10210 Imperial Flagship

    Outstanding review. Thank you! I am a City/Train man, but as soon as I learnt about Pirates being discontinued in 2010 I bought the entire new Pirates line. Imperial Flagship is stunning. I am so getting it next year!!!
  14. Simply stunning. Congratulations.
  15. Staszek

    TTCE: Roundhouse and Turntable

    Let us know when you have more pics available. Very nice roundhouse, I would love to see more details and the turning mechanism as well.