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  1. Alebricks

    Winter Village diorama 2017

    The bases are made up of 48x48 gray baseplates and the others 16x32. The curved sections are just laying on top of the studs. It would have been too expensive to build a proper base for the entire track :( I know, but I I haven't had much space to use and I wanted to put any set of winter willage in my possession together. For the same reason I believe that even though I will buy the Christmas vignettes I will not put them in this diorama. Maybe in the future. Thank you all!! :)
  2. Alebricks

    Winter Village diorama 2017

    The automated ski-lift is a nice idea! I would have expanded the diorama but I hadn't had enough space at home and this one already occupies a lot, perhaps next year :)
  3. Alebricks

    Winter Village diorama 2017

    Thank you all :) I used three of these pieces taken from the ghostbusters headquarters:
  4. Alebricks

    Winter Village diorama 2017

    Hi all, this year I expanded my collection of winter village sets buying the winter train station and the winter train, so I realized that I had to make a new diorama to integrate them in my diorama. This is the old one: Now, after a lot of work, I'm happy to present you the new one! I used a lot of pieces building three independent modules to make the structure more resistant and easily transportable. Hope you like it!
  5. Alebricks

    [MOC] Council of Elrond

    Thank you! :)
  6. Alebricks

    [MOC] Council of Elrond

    Hi all, this is my first MOC of the Lord of the Rings theme. It needed a lot of work and I'm quite proud of it. I built it starting from the original set and taking inspiration from different mocs that i found on web. Hope you like it!
  7. Alebricks

    My Winter Village diorama

    Hi all, after buying the toy shop and santa's workshop this year I decided to create a diorama on three baseplates 48 x 48 using also the village market that I bought last year and bricklinking the bakery. Hope you like it
  8. Hi all, this is my second public MOC, I built it two years ago, but just now I get the chance to show it to you. Hope you like it
  9. Alebricks

    MOD 2 Palace Cinema and Limo

    First of all thank you very much! I needed a lot of dark tan bricks for the walls because I put windows only on the front of the building, and I used also a lot of plates for the floors. Than I think that I bought more or less 500 extra pieces from Bricklink.
  10. Alebricks

    MOD 2 Palace Cinema and Limo

  11. Alebricks

    MOD 2 Palace Cinema and Limo

    This is my first MOD! I used two set and a lot of bricklink's pieces to build it.