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  1. Winter Village diorama 2017

    Hi all, this year I expanded my collection of winter village sets buying the winter train station and the winter train, so I realized that I had to make a new diorama to integrate them in my diorama. This is the old one: Now, after a lot of work, I'm happy to present you the new one! I used a lot of pieces building three independent modules to make the structure more resistant and easily transportable. Hope you like it!
  2. [MOC] Council of Elrond

    Thank you! :)
  3. [MOC] Council of Elrond

    Hi all, this is my first MOC of the Lord of the Rings theme. It needed a lot of work and I'm quite proud of it. I built it starting from the original set and taking inspiration from different mocs that i found on web. Hope you like it!
  4. My Winter Village diorama

    Hi all, after buying the toy shop and santa's workshop this year I decided to create a diorama on three baseplates 48 x 48 using also the village market that I bought last year and bricklinking the bakery. Hope you like it
  5. Hi all, this is my second public MOC, I built it two years ago, but just now I get the chance to show it to you. Hope you like it
  6. MOD 2 Palace Cinema and Limo

    First of all thank you very much! I needed a lot of dark tan bricks for the walls because I put windows only on the front of the building, and I used also a lot of plates for the floors. Than I think that I bought more or less 500 extra pieces from Bricklink.
  7. MOD 2 Palace Cinema and Limo

  8. MOD 2 Palace Cinema and Limo

    This is my first MOD! I used two set and a lot of bricklink's pieces to build it.